Zaied is an antagonist appeared in Full Metal Panic!. He is a mercenary and AS pilot who work together with Gauron to battle his former friend, Sousuke and Mithril's Indian Ocean Corps at Helmajistan.


Sagara Souske

Zaied and Souske, whom Zaied knew as Kashim, fought together as comrades in the Afghan guerilla forces. As both of them were child soldiers, they became friends, with Zaied also acting as a mentor and protector to the younger Souske. The two eventually became separated for unspecified reasons, with Souske eventually leaving Afghanistan to fight as a mercenary around the world, and Zaied presumably staying behind.

Souske returned to Afghanistan as a member of a Mithril task force to hunt down Gauron, who was identified in the region by Mithril's intelligence division. It was revealed that Zaied was working with Gauron to smuggle nuclear weapons. Upon discovering that Souske was part of the task force, he resolved to oppose Souske even if it meant killing his old friend, citing his desire to be on a winning side for once in his life of turmoil. In the ensuing battles, Souske eventually realized that it was Zaied who, exploiting his knowledge of Souske's habits, had saw through his plans and led to the destruction of his Mithril allies. Upon realization, Souske tried to communicate with Zaied, who ignored his transmissions. Souske lamented at his old friend's hostility and faced Zaied in a final showdown and eventually neutralized him in an Arm Slave battle, thinking he had killed his former comrade. However, Zaied, who was still alive but mortally wounded, later turns up in his severely damaged Arm Slave in a sneak attack on an unsuspecting Souske, who is defenseless after a fight with Gauron. As the helpless Souske is waiting for his death, Zaied points his gun up and away from Souske, sparing his life before dying himself from his mortal wound.


Zaied is shown to be working with Gauron to smuggle weapons across Afghanistan. They seem to be on business terms, with no hostility shown towards each other even though Gauron asks Zaied to fight his old friend.