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Yang Jun-Kyu (Korean: 양준규, Yang Jun-Gyu/Japanese: ヤン・ジュンギュ, Yan Jungyu) is a member of Mithril 's Special Response Team, or SRT for short. He is typically tasked with bodyguard duties for Tuatha de Danaan's high-ranking officers, and also serves as a field soldier on SRT operations.


Yang is the third son of an auto repair shop owner, and lived near Daegyu, South Korea. He had an appetite for racing, but was conscripted into the army. There he was noted as a talent and pulled into the Airborne forces where he was then mistakenly drawn into a top secret war. After this he began a life of wandering.

"How'd I end up playing mercenary in a place like this?" His mind answered; "Because I was broke..."

Yang joined Mithril as a mercenary by completing it's training camp in Belize (aka Beruga) in a disciplined but unassuming manner, as noted by his former Mithril instructors.

“It’s him, that Korean. The guy who passed last year. The one who wasn’t motivated, yet did things flawlessly.”

He was assigned to the West Pacific Fleet's Special Response Team (SRT), where he has the rank of Corporal. His call sign in Uruz-9.

Yang is seen by his colleagues as a highly competent commando with specialisation in VIP protection, paratrooping and counter-terrorism, although he is also perceived as being overly trusting. Unlike many of his SRT colleagues he is not proficient in the use of Arm Slaves.

Yang is often responsible for protecting Teletha Testarossa as her bodyguard. In the novel version of the A21 incident (Rampaging One Night Stand), Yang accompanied Tessa to the military facility in Japan where the young AS pilot Takuma Kugayama was being held. When the facility came under attack from an Rk-92 Savage, Yang protected Tessa from an exploding window and was wounded by several shards of glass in his back.

Despite his severe injuries, Yang led Tessa and the captive pilot to an escape vehicle and took them as far away as he could manage before almost passing out from blood loss. Tessa dropped him at a telephone booth and called an ambulance for him before escaping to Sousuke Sagara's residence in Tokyo.

After recovering in hospital, Yang made it back to Merida Island and rejoined the SRT.


Yang deciphering the "Cretin's Paradox" commands from TDD-1 while leading Team Topaz to safety.

In the anime, during the Nanking Tunnel hostage incident, Yang was involved in leading a team of SRT commandos designated the name "Topaz", working in coordination with "Ruby". Team Topaz navigated the tunnels and beat several traps set by the terrorists to eventually reach the hostages, but when the operation was found to be an elaborate ruse masking the attempted capture of the ARX-7 Arbalest, members of the Ruby team were killed by Amalgam agent Xia Yu Lan who was hiding among the hostages. With Melissa Mao and Team Topaz repelling her attack and forcing her to flee, the remaining SRT team found themselves trying to fight their way back to the surface with the four remaining hostages. Yang, with Team Topaz and the remnants of Ruby were the first to escape the tunnel to safety.

Yang also participated in the search for the rogue Codarl-m during the Hong Kong incident. Paired with PRT member and close friend Woo, Yang discovered a corpse left by Gauron's proteges, which had a clue to lead Sousuke to his location written on it.

Later during that mission, Yang was tasked with tracking Sousuke after he abandoned the search for the AS. After finding him and tailing him to Gauron's hideout, he attempted to coerce the despondent Sousuke back into piloting the ARX-7, which Yang had guided to drop on Sousuke's location. After Sousuke refused to pilot the ARX-7, Yang drew a gun and threatened to shoot him, as he displayed the traits of an Amalgam mercenary.

"You wanna to talk like a terrorist, then I'm gonna treat you like one".

When Kaname Chidori also arrived at the scene after being guided by the drop of the ARX-7, Yang and Woo were threatened by her and left the scene.

During Amalgam's first attack on Merida Island in Invisible Victory, Yang was part of the SRT force ordered to protect the base from the incoming assault forces. While unable to join the AS team, he was tasked with the personal protection of Tessa during her escape from the base's command centre to the Tuatha de Danaan. During their escape Yang and Tessa engaged several Amalgam soldiers, and Yang was shot and wounded. He was about to be executed before Melissa Mao ambushed and killed the aggressors, thereby allowing himself and Tessa to reach the safety of the submarine where he was able to make a full recovery.

Having fully mended, Yang was then active as ground forces along with his buddy Woo in the attempt to capture Lee Fowler in San Francisco.

Being a loyal member of the remaining Mithril force, Yang was next seen in the West Sahara where he was sent as a messenger to inform the nomadic Mithril training team of TDD-1 based reinforcements, to help fight against an overwhelming Amalgam force of Main Battle Tanks, Arm Slaves and infantry sent to wipe them out.

Yang was also active in the Mithril attack on the Soviet nuclear base in Afghanistan (aka: Helmajistan) leading a group of SRT soldiers to storm the facility. In spite of their C-17 transport aircraft being shot out the sky, and his close friend Woo getting severely injured in the same incident, Yang and most of the team parachuted to the drop-zone and carried out their attack to prevent a nuclear missile launch.

Yang was last actively seen preparing a Mithril assault team to storm a US air base on Okinawa, in order to extract SRT member Sousuke Sagara who was being held captive by the US military.