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Xia Yu Lan (夏玉兰 , Xià Yùlán/シャ・ユ・ラン, Sha yu ran) is a fictional characters. A Chinese-born assassin, raised by Gauron alongside her elder twin sister Xia Yu Fan. She and her sister were ordered by Gauron to finish off Kaname Chidori in order to mentally break down Sousuke since Gauron knew that he was attached to her ever since Sousuke was assigned to be Chidori's bodyguard. Later in Japan, she was killed by Leonard's man-size Arm Slave bodyguard named Alastor by strangling her to death, her corpse being used by Gates to mock Xia Yu Fan. She wears a vest with red linings on it.

Early on, Yu Lan raises her disgust with Gates, the earliest in Balic when Gates shoves the barrel of his CZ-75 pistol in her mouth when Yu Lan mocked his sympathy for a dead Amalgam commando when he shot him in the head without a second thought.

In combat, she used dual machetes. Aside from this, she is an expert in using throwing knives and is fairly proficient in the use of small arms. She appears in Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid.