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Xia Yu Fan (夏玉芳 , Xià Yùfāng/シア・ユ・ファン, Shia yu fan) is a fictional character. A Chinese-born assassin raised by Gauron and the "eldest" of the Xia siblings. She and Xia Yu Lan were given the last orders by Gauron to finish off Kaname after being crippled by Sousuke's Arbalest. Yu Fan is a proficient Arm Slave pilot, using a Zy-98 Shadow Arm Slave before using a stolen Chodarl in central Hong Kong. However, she is also good in using small arms and is an expert in unarmed combat. She wears a trench coat with green linings on. She ended being killed by Gates when he use Xia Yu Lan's corpse to mock Xia Yu Fan starting a short feud in the battle.

In the last episode, Yu Fan reveals that the Xia siblings were at odds with Amalgam, mostly for wiping out their town in China during the Second Chinese Civil War. Xia Yu Fan is working with Gates along with her twin sister Xia Yu Lan. She appears in Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid.