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Known Whispered.

Whispered are those who are capable of creating Black Technology, devices that are far more advanced than those of present time. They exist because of an accident in a Soviet experiment using an Omni-Sphere on December 24, 1984.  All Whispered were born in December 24, 1984 at 11:50.

All Whispered have an incredibly advanced intuitive knowledge of all fields of math, science, technology, engineering, and each Whispered possesses specialized knowledge in a single area of Black Technology. Because of this, they are able to create high-tech devices that are far more advanced than those of the present time. These are called Black Technology. In order to verify if a person is a Whispered, Organizations like Amalgam abduct Whispered to test their scientific prowess.

Not only do they possess such advanced knowledge, Whispered can also "Resonate", or talk to each other in their minds. This can be done over great distances and even in a short period after death. However, if two or more Whispered connect too long or too deeply, their personalities will become inseparable.

Known Whispered: