Welcome To The Jungle (WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE) is the fifth episode of the anime series, Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory.


Three months later, in the small country of NAMSAC, Lemon, a photographer, is saved from some bandits by Nami, a teenager who leads a team who intends to take part in the local AS league. However, in revenge for Nami's interference, Dao, the leader of the bandits, murder Rick, the pilot for her team, and while looking for a replacement, she is approached by Sousuke, who offers himself to the post. Sousuke defeats Dao in his first match with ease, but just as he and Nami are going home, they are attacked once again by Dao's thugs who are defeated and routed away by Sousuke. For their safety, Sousuke and Nami then start living at Lemon's hotel room.


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