Welcome to my profile!

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Hello and welcome to my profile, I am Kelhsy Bladesong and I'm a huge fan of anime especially Full Metal Panic! which I have been following since the early 2000's, that's why I am the Administrator of this wikia. Even if I might not be the fastest with adding more information to this wikia seeing as my work and family might be a handful, I am really passionate with what I'm doing here and I hope this wikia can help you look up information about the Full Metal Panic! universe, if you're a fan yourself and feel like contributing something, just do it! After a lot changes in my own personal life I am looking forward to working on the wiki more, I apologize for any and all inconveniences my absence might have caused.

I'm easier to reach on Discord (Kelhsy Bladesong#2578), don't hesitate and write to me!

Things I am doing/planning to do...

  • Adding information and just generally cleaning up the wikia.

Some of my favorite characters

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