Type 96
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Type 96
Manufacturer Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces
Primary users Japan
Status Active
Developed from M6 Bushnell
Variants Type 96 Kai
Real World
First appearance Behemoth Awakening

The Type 96 is a design modified from base M6 design, similar to the relationship between the F-2 and F-16.


The Type 96 is the standard Arm Slave used by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. It was modeled after the M6 and shares many similarities. The Type 96 has bulky armor plates, which limit its speed and mobility, but its simple design and controls makes it easier to maintain and repair. The Type 96 can be modified to accommodate two pilots.

Operational History

When Melissa Mao deactivated the ECS on her M9 Gernsback in Tokyo to distract police forces, a request for backup went to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. An Airborne unit from Narashino equipped with the Type 96 was sent. The Plan-1051 Behemoth destroyed the M9, and the unit attempted to stop the Behemoth. Due to the use of its Lambda Driver, their weapons failed to damage it, and every Type 96 in the unit was destroyed.


Type 96 Kai

Type 96

Type 96

General characteristics

  • Crew: 1
  • Height: 7.8 meters (Type 96: 8.1 meters)
  • Weight: 14.3 tons
  • Power Source: MGT 1201 Gas Turbine Engine


  • Maximum Operation Time: 140 hours
  • Top Speed: 125 Km/h
  • Maximum Jump: 18 meters

Armament 2x M2 12.7mm Browning heavy machine guns Optional Armaments KDE 35mm Rifle ASG99K 76mm Cannon



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