The Fallen Witch (堕ちた魔女, Ochita Majo) is the ninth episode of the anime series, Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory


On Anchorage, Alaska, a vagrant and disoriented Tessa is found by the authorities and hospitalized. While inquired by Doctor Witt, a psychiatrist, Tessa claims that after escaping Merida Island, her subordinates eventually deserted and abandoned her. Not believing her story, Witt orders Tessa to be transferred to a mental institution, but both are captured and brought to Leonard's aide, Lee Fowler. In the occasion, Tessa reveals that she was faking her condition and her story to lay a trap on him, and her forces confront Lee's men. Lee barely escapes, and warns Leonard, who is maintaining Chidori under his custody in Mexico. Meanwhile, in a secluded Polynesian island, Sousuke finally awakens and Lemon informs him that he was unconscious for fifty-six days since his confront with Kurama at Namsac. Soon after, the island is attacked and a weak Sousuke is forced to lie down on his bed while hearing the gunshots.

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