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In the fields "title" and "full name", use Japanese name order (family name first) for Japanese characters and western order for other characters (given name first).

This template automatically adds the page to Category:Characters.


Code for easy copying:

{{Character Info
|image     = 
|caption   = 
|full name = 
|age       = 
|nationality     = 
|known relatives = 
|affiliation     = 
|first appearance = [[]]
|last appearance  = [[]]
|seiyū =
|va    =
|other information =

Example full usage:

{{Character Info
|title   = Name LastName
|image   = Filename, without the "File:" prefix
|caption =
|full name = LastName Name
|alias =
|nickname =
|age = Number
|date of birth = Month Day, Year
|date of death = Month Day, Year
|height = XXX cm
|weight = XX kg
|blood type = O, A, B, or AB
|nationality =
|known relatives=
|call sign =
|id number=
|student number=
|affiliation= List of organizations. Separate using <br/>.
|weapons= List of weapons. Separate using <br/>.
|first appearance= Wikilink to episode or novel.
|last appearance= Wikilink to episode or novel.
|other information=

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