Favorite weapon?

Is it possible that sousuke's favourite Armed Slave weapon is the Boxer Shot Cannon?In the anime,whenever he is seen operating ARX-7 Arbalest he wields the shot cannon and as such could be his favourite A.S weapon. Should this be listed under the trivia section? 06:44, December 8, 2011 (UTC)PhoenixStorms

I think it's actually mentioned in the novels that that is indeed his favourite weapon. But I'd have to do some digging to confirm SakuraFanelia (talk)


If he was 15-18 years or something (spending a few years in high school), shoudn't he b 6ft at the last season at least since he is growing. Can't b still the same?

Characters page?

Why isn't there a "Characters" category page? It'd be much easier to look up characters this way. SakuraFanelia (talk)

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