"Speck" was the nickname of Corporal Speck, who was member of Mithril's Western Pacific Fleets Special Response Team (SRT). His call-sign was Uruz-8.


Speck was a mercenary soldier who served in the US military prior to joining Mithril. He was elevated within the West Pacific Fleets SRT after the Perio Islands Incident as a replacement of former members who revealed themselves as traitors during that mission.

Speck had extensive Arm Slave (AS) piloting experience, and formed one of the core members of the greater SRT mechanised infantry, alongside Roger Sandraptor and Castello.

His first notable deployment for Mithril was to prevent the escalation of the Hong Kong Incident by taking down a rogue Codarl-m type Arm Slave creating tensions between North and South China.

After engaging the enemy, Speck's M9 was damaged and disabled by return fire, however he was able to be recovered alive and his AS repaired.

Speck served during the defence of Merida Island during Amalgam's first attack on the base. Realising that Mithril's position was heavily compromised after a Missile strike damaged the base, Speck inferred having a mutiny against Teletha Testarossa by taking rifles and storming the command centre, and joining Amalgam in order to survive. After heated argument with other SRT members, notably Ben Clouseau, Teletha appeared and rebuked Speck, saying she never issued an order to sacrifice himself, rather that she gave a direct order for him to survive.

After having a change of heart, Speck valiantly defended the base as part of a four-man diversionary attack on one of three Behemoth ASes. When he realised that Kurz Weber needed a second attempt to snipe and disable the giant unit, Speck scaled the machine and forced its pilot to focus it's Lambda Driver on his AS, resulting in him being crushed to death. The window allowed Weber to carry out a second shot on the Behemoth which successfully destroyed it.

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