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13:49, April 4, 201436.png (file)514 KBInatadaiki (I'm an insurance)
13:48, April 4, 201432.png (file)535 KBInatadaiki (Arbalest's first time activating Lambda Driver)
13:47, April 4, 201428.png (file)538 KBInatadaiki (Arbalest Landiing)
13:46, April 4, 201426.png (file)377 KBInatadaiki (Kaname and Sousuke's argument )
13:44, April 4, 201418.png (file)518 KBInatadaiki (Sousuke came to free Kaname)
13:43, April 4, 201412.png (file)366 KBInatadaiki (Kaname warming up to Sousuke)
13:42, April 4, 201410.png (file)302 KBInatadaiki (KGB Officers)
13:40, April 4, 201412312433.png (file)598 KBInatadaiki (Chidori Kaname's File)

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