The Sikorsky MH-67 Pave Mare is a Very Large Cargo Helicopter in operation Mithril and possibly under development for the United States military based on the Designation which is similar to the real USAF MH53 Pave Low.


Which was used for Combat search and Rescue (CSAR) and All weather Infiltration and extraction as well as resupply of Special operations Forces. As part of the Pacific Fleet of Mithril they operate under the call sign Gabo. The Helicopter has the ability to haul M9 Gernsbeck and or a large number of passengers. It may have 4 large Gas turbine engines and be a rough equal to the Soviet Mi 26. These Helicopters resemble a hybrid of the Sikorsky CH53E and Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe however scaled up considerably. MH67 are equipped with a under nose mounted General Dynamics GAU-19/A 12.7mm gatling gun, ECS as well as Radar and infrared optics.

MH-67 ECS mode

The Helicopter resembles concepts planed for the US army dating back to 1996 that never materialized. These Helicopters have 7 blades on a folding rotor head and 5 point landing gear. Loading can happen from either a rear or side mounted ramp, hatches on the sides of the nose or AS docking from below.

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