The Sikorsky MH-67 Pave Mare is a Very Large Transport Helicopter in operation with Mithril and the United States military. It is large enough to transport and drop an Arm Slave as well as several passengers.

In Mithril service, the type is given the call-sign "Gebo".


The MH-67 resembles design concepts planed for the US army dating back to 1996 that never materialized, similar to the RAH-66 Commanche that forms Teiwaz attack units.

The MH-67 is functionally based of the Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe with an enclosed cargo module attached, with the final product scaled up to suit the significant payload required to freight Arm-Slaves.

The unit has the ability to fly for long distances and periods of time, as demonstrated by two units flying for 40 hours from the Atlantic ocean to Siberia with few stops for refuelling. They can also perform the return flight from Merida Island to Tokyo on a single tank of fuel.

The MH-67 features twin engine design with significant levels of noise reduction, as is highlighted by the types ability to sneak up and deploy operatives and AS without detection until it is right over the drop-zone.


In Mithril service, the MH-67 is equipped with a under nose mounted General Dynamics GAU-19/A 12.7mm gatling gun, ECS as well as radar, infrared optics and other sensory equipment.

Mithril MH-67 with ECS enabled

The helicopter is frequently fitted with an internal cradle for Arm Slave transport and deployment.

The MH-67 has seven blades on a folding rotor head for storage in tight spaces such as the hanger of the Tuatha de Danaan, and five point landing gear. Cargo loading is usually from the rear, with personnel access hatches provided on the sides of the nose. A bomb-bay style door in the floor of the helicopter's transport module allow for AS docking and deployment to be provided, and the MH-67 Arm Slave cradle allows for AS deployment from either the bomb-bay or rear cargo door while in flight.


Thanks to its ECS, sensory equipment, armament and long flight endurance, the MH-67 is utilised by Mithril in a number of roles. These include:

  • Close Air Support
  • Freight
  • Interdiction
  • Mechanised Infantry Support
  • Paratroop Support
  • Search and Rescue
  • Surveillance
  • VIP Transport

Notable Missions

The MH-67 is the workhorse of Mithril's covert movements, with operation from all divisions. In the hands of the West Pacific Fleet, the type has an extensive record outside of a cargo role.

Conflict in the Balic Republic

Several Gebo pilots navigated their helicopters between the tight buildings of Taboli city in order to deploy a strike team of Arm Slaves and recover over a hundred ethnic refugees before they could be executed by government forces.

First Attack on Merida Island

High altitude flying MH-67's were used to monitor the incoming attack of Amalgam forces, allowing the West Pacific fleet to prepare defensive measures and buy time for escape. One MH-67 was tasked with delivering the ARX-7 Arbalest to Sousuke Sagara in Tokyo during the incident for its safety, and shot down while on approach for drop-off in spite of the pilots efforts to suppress enemy forces with the GAU-19/A.


Two MH-67's were used to support Mithril operations at Yamsk-11. One performed the delivery of the M9 of Kurz Weber to a sniping position, and one remained on standby awaiting the deployment of the ARX-8 Laevatein.

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