Sabina Rechnio (aka Sabina Refunio) was an Amalgam agent working for Leonard Testarossa, where she was a close confidant who provided intelligence support and safeguarded Kaname Chidori after her capture.

She was of Polish descent, and short, with short blonde hair and glasses over her green eyes.


Sabina was from Lodz, Poland. She had a broken childhood and grew up in destitute poverty. Her mother sold her to a police officer, who used her to perform sadomasochistic acts. Sabina reached her breaking point and killed him, before hunting and killing her mother.

A mafia body in Warsaw saw her killing abilities and took her in, before she was saved by Leonard Testarossa. Through his actions, she was deeply enamoured by him, and often she referred to him as "Lord Leonard", and worried over his welfare. She had a strong contempt for Kaname Chidori due to Leonard's affections for her, but was also her safeguard at his request.

It is indicated in the novels that she may be a whispered; as she feels certain events involving Leonard, is a similar age to him, and is technically brilliant; especially in electronic warfare - where she developed systems that could easily hack latest generation combat systems:

"She first attacked the six "Zy-98 Shadows". To her, the cutting-edge electronics of the new machine were as simple as a baby raised in a sterile room"

Sabina first appeared when Leonard deploys his Belial Arm Slave (AS) to Tokyo to engage the ARX-7 Arbalest of Sousuke Sagara. Due to Sousuke's reputation for defeating the top Amalgam AS pilots of the time, she was fearful for Leonard.

After Leonard easily defeated the ARX-7, Chidori surrendered herself in order to save Sousuke from further harm. Sabina was placed as her lead protector, taking her back to Mexico. In Sabina's private discussions with Lee Fowler, Kaname learned that Sousuke was still alive and pursuing her.

When Mithril forces attacked the Mexican base, Sabina, alongside Fowler and Wilhelm Casper, counter-attacked in the Erigor type AS. Sabina's AS was specialised in electronic countermeasures and out-performed the similar functions of Melissa Mao's M9E.

During this battle a separate rival Amalgam force comprised of multiple Lambda Driver equipped AS arrived and attacked the base. In the ensuing confusion, Leonard was injured by Chidori, and Sabina and her counterparts were forced to withdraw back for evacuation.

Sabina was then placed in charge of preventing Chidori's capture, frequently relocating her to many locations around the world. They ultimately settled in a terrorist training camp in Sri Lanka, where Chidori was subjected to poor conditions and became very sick. It was here that Chidori learned of the deep malice Sabina had for her, based on jealousy for Leonard's affections.

Sabina led parts of Leonard's forces to Afghanistan (Helmajistan) to capture a Soviet Nuclear missile base and launch codes. A Russian counter attack comprised of Shadow and Savage type AS was easily defeated by Sabina after she hacked their control systems and made them destroy one another.

When a Mithril attack to prevent the launch of a Nuclear missile was made, Sabina had a rematch with Mao and began overpowering her. As she was about to apply the killing blow to Mao's damaged M9E, a surprise sniper shot from Kurz Weber damaged her AS, allowing Mao to then attack a gap in it's Lambda Driver field and destroy it.

Heavily wounded from her ASes destruction, Sabina escaped down to the command centre of the missile base, where on sensing Leonard's defeat she launched an ICBM at Merida Island in a last ditch attempt to kill Kaname. After launching the missile, she was gunned down and killed by Mao.

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