Rotten Repose (腐敗のまどろみ, Fuhai no Madoromi) is the sixth episode of the anime series, Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory


With Lemon as their sponsorship, Sousuke keeps winning in the AS league, until both him and Lemon are arrested under false charges by the local Chief of Police, who demands Sousuke to join a scheme of rigged matches in exchange for his and Lemon's freedom, but Sousuke asks to take part in the underground league instead. Upon being informed of the situation, Nami refuses to help, as the underground league features life or death matches with real weaponry, until Sousuke decides to tell her all the truth, including the fact that the underground league is his only clue to Amalgam's hideout, and she agrees. Meanwhile, the Police Chief is contacted by Kurama from Amalgam, who tells him to beware of Sousuke.


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