Rk-92 Savage
Manufacturer Ryaka Design Bureau
Primary users Soviet Union
People's Liberation Committee
Status Active
Developed from Rk-91 Savage
Developed into Rk-96 Savage II
Variants Rk-92M Savage
Rk-92U Savage
Known Pilots
Sousuke Sagara
Real World
First appearance Whispered

The Rk-92 Riveni (Ливень) Mithril name "Savage" is a second generation Arm Slave operated by the Soviet Union, the People's Liberation Comittee, Amalgam and various other terrorist organizations. Mithril uses it for OPFOR training.


The Rk-92 Savage was developed from the Rk-91 Savage, though it differs in having a gas turbine engine rather than a diesel piston engine. It is a mass produced Arm Slave from the Soviet Union. It is the most ubiquitous AS model amongst modern communist nations and has also seen use by terrorist and crime organizations. The Savage has less armor than many European and United States Arm Slaves, but it does have increased maneuverability. The best features of the Savage are without a doubt its low cost and high availability relative to other AS models. Variants of the model and spare parts can almost always be found on the black markets.

Operational History

Front line Soviet Army unit; a common Arm Slave in the hands of terrorist organizations. One of the titular second generation Arm Slaves created by the Soviet Union in 1992 after the Gulf War, the Savage is a mass produced unit used by the Eastern bloc. It has also been exported to other communist nations, including North Korea and North China.



Rk-92 Savage

General characteristics

  • Crew: 1
  • Height: 8.1 meters
  • Weight: 12.5 tons
  • Power Source: Gas turbine engine, 985kW/1300hp


  • Maximum Operation Time: 150 Hours
  • Top Speed: 130 km/h
  • Maximum Jump: 20 meters


  • 2x 14.5mm machine gun

Optional Armaments

  • Loginov BK-540 37mm Rifle
  • Grushin AT-16 "Spawn"(M)
  • Zeya B3M "Groum" HEAT Hammer



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