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The Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Commanche is an American designed Scout/Attack helicopter used by Mithril's Pacific fleet under the Call signs Tawaz.

Development of the Commanche began with experiments in 1982 under the LHX program, with a actual prototype being built in 1993. Commanche has a 5 bladed main rotor, a fenestron style tail rotor and reverse tricycle retractable landing gear powered by a LHTEC 800 gas turbines. The tail and rotor design was chosen to reduced the Aircraft's sound profile. It is piloted by a crew of 2.

Commanche IS equipped with a sophisticated Millimeter wave radar mounted above the main rotor and Optical arrays. It is armed with a 20mm three barrel light weight XM301 rotary cannon, it's standard armament is stored in 2 internal weapons bays with 3 weapon hard points each, additional weapon could be added in the form of externally optionally mounted stub wings. RAH66 weapon hard point are designed for a mix of 70mm unguided rockets, Antitank guided missiles or Stinger Air defense missiles.

Mithril RAH 66 Comanche are equipped with ECS and are part of the embarked forces of the Tuatha de Danaan.


  • RAH 66 Commanche is something of an Anachronism to the FMP Timeline. The Helicopter was designed around a reduced Radar Cross section, a technology that never came into being in the FMP time line due to the advent of the Electronic Conceal System
  • The Manga iteration of Full Metal Panic does not use the RAH 66 instead, the AH64 Apache is used.
  • On February 2004, the RAH66 was canceled by the US army in real life.
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