The Prostitute is a minor character in the anime series Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid.

Sousuke Sagara first sees trying to flirt with a couple of soldiers who blow her off. When she turns around, he is surprised to discover that she looks just like Kaname Chidori. The girl sees the whisky bottle in his hand an excitedly approaches him. She asks if Sousuke wants to have some fun with her, and after a long pause Sousuke finally agrees.

At her apartment, the girl pours two glasses of Scotch and tells Sousuke that he looks just like the guy she used to go out with. She tells him to smile a little and he says he only knows how to fight. This causes her to burst out laughing because she thinks Sousuke is a cleaning guy based on his uniform. Sousuke says he was just joking and she asks what he’s doing here. Sousuke replies that he was working with his colleagues but decided to skip out. She says that the best action when faced with a difficult situation is to run away. Sousuke says that he can’t return to his companions now because they lost their trust, and the girl says that he shouldn’t be so trusting of them in the first place since people are only good as long as they are useful to you. By now the girl is drunk and Sousuke hadn’t touched his glass because he’s never had alcohol before. The girl straddles him but every time he looks at her face he remembers Kaname. Before she can kiss him, Sousuke pushes her off and he says that he won’t go through with it. He tosses her some money and she angrily throws his whisky bottle back, telling him to get out of her sight.

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