Plan-1065 Erigor
Plan1065 Erigor - Front View.jpg
Front View
Manufacturer Amalgam
Primary users Amalgam
Developed from Plan-1058 Codarl-i
Known Pilots
Wilhelm Casper

Lee Fowler
Sabrina Refunio

The Plan-1065 Erigor (also called Eligor or Erigol) is an advanced Arm Slave developed from the Codarl-i series, but with tuning and customisation options to suit the bespoke needs of Amalgam's master-level pilots.

Like it's predecessor, it is also equipped with a Lambda Driver, but it exhibits more power than them.


Amalgam's Lambda Driver equipped Arm Slave technology had escalated rapidly, thanks to the Black Technology genius of the Whispered Leonard Testarossa, who oversaw the development program.

With the now-reliable Plan-1059 Codarl-m now capable of being mass produced and piloted by TI-971 induced pilots, attention was turned to improving the even more powerful Plan-1058 Codarl-i, which was only entrusted to the highest levels of Amalgam operatives such as Gauron and Gates, to devastating effect.

Noting that the Codarl-i could be outclassed by Mithril's ARX-7 Arbalest with its stronger Lambda Driver, and that the Codarl-i's Lambda Driver was still susceptible to overheating with prolonged use, Testarossa further improved the type exclusively for agents serving his agenda.


Side by side, an Erigor and Codarl-i have many similarities.

The more advanced Lambda Driver from the Codarl-i - capable only of being used to its full potential by expert pilots - is retained. So is its special large cooling array located on the back of the AS in the shape of a large surfboard like fin.

The electronic package and array is also retained via a spine that forms part of the units head, as is the single optical array that forms the units "eye".

An Erigor is subtly distinguished via small details.

  • The chest armour features a more compact design, with the main section now split fully into two segments;
  • A modified "collar" around the head for improved cooling;
  • The head is now taller via longer "mouth" plates, and larger gaps between face plates;
  • The optical sensor surround is highlighted by one colour, instead of two,


Three Erigor type AS were created:

A single dark purple AS developed for Lee Fowler and his exceptional close combat skills. Prior to this, Fowler operated a Codarl-m type of the same colour.

Lee Fowler's Erigor

A white, twin horned example made for Sabina Refunio and her specialisation in electronic warfare.

Sabina Refunio's Erigor

A red example for Wilhelm Casper that accommodated for his Master-Sniper abilities.

Wilhelm Casper's Erigor

Operational History

The trio of Erigors were first deployed in Mexico, as part of the defensive system for Leonard Testarossa's base. When an attack from trio of Mithril SRT M9's defeated a number of Codarl-m units, the Erigors were deployed to destroy them.

Fowler quickly gained the upper-hand on Ben Clouseau's M9D in close combat, Refunio outclassed Melissa Mao's M9E electronic warfare capabilities, and Casper heavily damaged Kurz Weber's M9 with his superior sniping skills. Before the killing blows could be made however, a strike force of rival Amalgam forces unaligned with Leonard, comprised of three Behemoths and three Codarl-m types attacked the base. This forced the withdrawal of the Erigors back to support the full retreat of Testarossa's forces to the next location.

Wilhelm Casper also used his Erigor in the West Sahara attack on remnant Mithril forces. Specifically dispatched to eliminate the ARX-8 Laevatein, Capser's sniping shot grazed the machine from 4000m after Sousuke Sagara was warned by Weber of a possible sniping threat.

Casper also used his Erigor in Yamsk-11 to defend an Amalgam force from a sniping attack performed by the M9 of Weber, who in turn was covering the retreat of Mithril forces. The ensuring sniper battle between the two machines led to the complete destruction of Weber's M9 and very little chance of his survival.

Refunio and Fowler's Erigors were also deployed to capture and protect a former Soviet nuclear missile base in Afghanistan (Helmajistan) against a Mithril SRT led attack.




Lambda Driver

Advanced Muscle Package



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