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Plan-1056 Codarl
Profile codarl
Manufacturer Amalgam
Primary users Amalgam
Developed from Zy-98 Shadow
Developed into Plan-1058 Codarl-i, Plan-1059 Codarl-m
Known Pilots
Real World
First appearance Still Alive
Last appearance Boy Meets Girl

The Plan-1056 Codarl (コダール) is a prototype third generation Arm Slave operated by Amalgam. Mithril codename "Venom", the first Lambda Driver-equipped Arm Slave in Amalgam's arsenal. The Codarl series is based on the frame of the USSR's Zy-98 Shadow.


The Codarl is an Arm Slave developed by Amalgam and is known to be the first to utilize their experimental Lambda Driver. Specific design data on the Codarl are not known, but in combat it has outclassed Mithril's M9E Gernsback in both speed and agility even without using the Lambda Driver. The Codarl limbs were modeled after feline and insect legs giving it added mobility and jump distance. Its most distinctive feature is the pony-tail like attachment, which serves as its heat sink.

As Amalgam's first Lambda Driver-equipped Arm Slave, it was designed to counter conventional Arm Slaves like the M9. In the hands of a skilled operator, usage of the Lambda Driver not only protects the AS from nearly all weapons systems, but also allows it to reflect incoming projectiles to quickly destroy conventional opponents. This enables the Codarl to fight effectively using only light weapons loadouts, melee weapons or even barehanded, complementing its design focus on agility and mobility.

However, when in combat with Lambda Driver-equipped Arm Slaves like the ARX-7 Arbalest, the Codarl suffers from crippling overheating problems caused by extended usage of the experimental Lambda Driver. The emergence of the Arbalest necessitated Amalgam to hastily develop improvements to the design in order to better handle this threat, resulting in variants like the Plan-1058 Codarl-i.

Using data obtained from Gauron's use of the prototype, Amalgam later develops a more reliable mass-production variant, the Plan-1059 Codarl-m.

Operational History[]

The prototype Codarl is allowed to be used only by Amalgam's elite pilots, such as Gauron, all of whom appear to have been trained in the use of its Lambda Driver. Gauron used the Lambda Driver both defensively and offensively to easily destroy any of Mithril's M9s across every encounter, from North Korea to Helmajistan, in stark contrast to most later Amalgam pilots in mass-produced variants who only use the Lambda Driver in a defensive capacity.

The AS meets its match when the unstable but powerful Arbalest proves to be pound for pound superior, heavily damaging Gauron's Codarl in North Korea during its first deployment and destroying it entirely when the two clash in Helmajistan, forcing him to rely upon the improved Codarl-i in his final battle aboard the Tuatha De Danaan.


General characteristics

  • Crew: 1
  • Height: 9.1 meters
  • Weight: 10.8 tons
  • Power Source: Palladium Reactor, Lambda Driver

Armament Optional Armaments

  • Mauser MGK 35mm rifle
  • IAI "Dark Edge" Monomolecular cutter





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