On My Own (オン・マイ・オウン, On Mai Oun) is the fourth episode of the anime series, Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory


Sousuke and Chidori enact their plan to rescue the school, with Al jamming the bomb detonators, giving the students time to evacuate while Sousuke disarms the bomb vest on Kyoko. Wraith arrives to assist when Sousuke is forced to board Arblest to battle Amalgam's AS units. Leonard then arrives in his own custom AS and easily defeats Sousuke, destroying the Arbalest in the process. Chidori turns herself in to Leonard in return for sparing Sousuke and leaving her friends alone. On Merida Island, Tessa reaches the Tuatha de Danaan and is able to evacuate the remaining Mithril personnel, including Mao, Kurz, and Clouseau. Back in Tokyo, Sousuke reveals his status as a Mithril soldier to his classmates and promises to them that he will bring Chidori back.

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