Mira Kudan (久壇 未良) is the red-haired girl that Sousuke saved in Khabarovsk, The Soviet Union, when he was on a mission.

It is later revealed that she is a Whispered. She also returns Sousuke's favor for saving her by helping to build an Arm-Slave, the Arbalest. It is also shown that she is an acquaintance of fellow Whispered, Nami. Later, she is relocated to a secret safehouse where she, presumably, lives out a normal life in peace and calm.

In the final novel, "Always, Stand by Me: Part 2", she and Sousuke are in contact with each other over the internet, and before his final battle she emails him a copy of a video his classmates uploaded wishing him and Kaname a safe return to school. She appears happy and at peace, though still suffers residual trauma from her experiences.

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