M9E Gernsback
Manufacturer GeoTron Electronics
Primary users Mithril
United States
Status Active
Developed from M6 Bushnell
Variants ARX-7 Arbalest
M9D Falke
Known Pilots
Melissa Mao
Sousuke Sagara
Kurz Weber
Real World
First appearance The Guy I Kinda Like is a Sergeant
Designed by Kanetake Ebikawa

The M9E Gernsback is a third generation Arm Slave. It is primarily used by Mithril and is named after Hugo Gernsback, a pioneering science fiction author. It is currently undergoing operational evaluation (OPEVAL) by the United States under the prototype designation of XM9 to replace the aging M6 Bushnell.


The M9 is Mithril's current front line Arm Slave to replace the aging M6 series. The M9 Gernsback was developed with cooperation from the United States. It is highly maneuverable and is very versatile in deployment and weapon configuration. The M9 comes equipped with an advanced ECS system which allows the use of optical camouflage.


Operational History


Unit 006

The M9E 006 was the new variant Gernsback given to Melissa Mao after her original M9 was destroyed by the Behemoth. The M9E has additional electronics warfare equipment along with the standard ECS package. The most notable difference is the outcrop on its head which functions as a communications and jamming antennae. Its overall operational battle time is reduced due to the extra power consumption and it has less room for reserve ammunition to provide space for its extra electronics. But the M9E is a mobile command post and comm station that is essential on missions far from support.

M9D Falke

Main article: M9D Falke

ARX-7 Arbalest

Main article: ARX-7 Arbalest

The ARX-7 Arbalest is a custom made variant of the M9E and is also designed by Bunny Morauta. The Arbalest is the only Mithril operated Arm Slave to be equipped with the Lambda Driver. It is also equipped with a sophisticated AI and data logging system. As a result, its operation time is lower than the standard M9E, but is otherwise identical in performance. The only unit in existence is piloted by Sousuke Sagara.


M9E Gernsback

M9E Gernsback Unit 006

Data from M9 Gernsback Data Sheet[1]

General characteristics

  • Crew: 1
  • Height: 8.4 Meters
  • Weight: 9.5 Tonnes
  • Power Source: Palladium Reactor, Ross & Humbleton APR 2500a


  • Maximum Operation Time: 150 Hours
  • Top Speed: 250 Kph
  • Maximum Jump: 45 Meters


  • 2× AM 11 12.7mm chain gun
  • 2× XM 18 wire gun

Optional Armaments

  • Ericon Controlaves GDC-B40mm Rifle
  • Bofors ASG96-B 57mm smooth-bore gun
  • Houghs VGM-A2(M)
  • "Versile II" all-purpose missile
  • Raytheon/General Electric K1 "Javelin" ultra high-speed missile
  • Royal Ordnance M1108 anti-tank dagger
  • GeoTron Electronics GRAW-2 Monomolecular cutter



  1. Gernback Data Sheet, February 29, 2009.

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