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Michel Lemon is a fictional character in Full Metal Panic series introduced during the Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory story arc.

An undercover agent for the French DGSE body, he becomes entwined with Mithril after meeting Sousuke Sagara in Namsac while searching for Amalgam.


DGSE Operations

Lemon (DGSE alias) is a young Frenchman with long blond hair and glasses. A smoker and a social drinker, he has an affection for younger women.

He is an agent serving for the Générale de la sécurité extérieure, DGSE — the intelligence service of the French Government,

While fronting as a professional photographer in Namsac, Laos, he is "saved" from a mugging by local girl Nami. Lemon is then dragged along by Nami in hopes that he would pay for the spare parts needed to repair the Rk-91 Savage Arm Slave of her team, that competes in gladiator-like arena battles. While not detailed on Arm Slaves, Lemon hesitantly provides some funding, in the hopes of getting some returns.

After the incumbent team pilot is murdered by Nami's rivals (who were the attempted muggers of Lemon), a twist of fate brings a wandering Sousuke Sagara (searching for his now murdered former compatriot) who decides to join the team (now named "Crossbow") and fight its arena battles..

After Sagara leads the team on a mercurial climb up the Arena ladder rankings, both he and Lemon are arrested on trumped up charges by the corrupt police chief of Namsac, who is a pawn for Amalgam agent Mr Kurama. Sagara was released on the condition of fighting in an illegal, non-sanctioned Arm Slave battle with live weapons, however Lemon spent three days in the police hold as a hostage. He was released by a DGSE colleague on the same day as Sagara's illegal battle.

Lemon then led his DGSE team in saving the Crossbow maintenance team from being killed by corrupt members of the Namsac Police, before aiding Sagara in a firefight with the corrupt Amalgam force. Before his intervention, Nami is murdered by Kurama, who manages to escape. When he realised he was too late to save her, expresses a deep remorse.

When Sagara pursues Kurama back to Namsac's city centre, he is able to defeat him and extract more information of Amalgam operations, particularly the location of Kaname Chidori, although it comes at the expense of him being critically wounded. Lemon and his team manage to save Sagara and relocate him to a remote island in Polynesia. He informs Sagara on his regaining consciousness that he buried Nami in her home village and cried a "Decade's worth of Tears". He also questions Sousuke on Amalgam.

Despite the safehouse in Polynesia, Amalgam forces learn of the location and send a strike team to kill the DGSE force, including Sagara. Lemon and the DGSE defened the position, but are forced to retreat further into obscurity, moving Sagara to a mercenary training base Florida, USA.

While Sousuke recovers and trains for the extraction of Chidori, Lemon and the mercenary camp chief Courtney develop a strategy for Sagara's mission. They acquire an M6 Bushnell and help Sousuke drop into Mexico with a PAVE MARE transport helicopter, where he unexpectedly reunites with his Mithril SRT comrades and attacks the base. Just after Sousuke starts his attack, Wraith arrives to Lemon's position with a new Arm Slave built specifically for Sagara, and it is loaded into the helicopter.

Sousuke's attack stalls with the destruction of his M6, and he is forced to watch Leonard Testarossa escape with Chidori following the arrival of a rival Amalgam force. The attacking force of Arm Slaves is made from six Lambda Driver equipped models, and Lemon and Wraith are forced to drop the new unit, the ARX-8 Laevatein, from the helicopter to Sousuke just as it is shot down. All within the PAVE MARE survive, and become awed spectators as Sagara and his new AS tear through the formidable attack force with ease.

Lemon then joins the Mithril survivors aboard the Tuatha de Danaan and is introduced to Teletha Testarossa. He then becomes extremely active in Mithril's intelligence efforts.

Mithril Operations

Lemon goes to Moscow with Wraith, and uncovers critical information on the whereabouts of hidden city of Yamsk-11. They manage to relay it to Tessa, before being captured by Leonard trying to escape the country, during which Lemon is shot in the leg. After being held hostage and drugged with truth serum, Lemon discloses the location of Yamsk-11 to Leonard.

Lemon is then dumped and left to die in the mountains, however the protests of Chidori manage to have him brought back on board a helicopter with her. This crashes into a research facility in Yamsk-11, and Chidori and Lemon survive both the crash and the ensuing conflict. At the battles escalation, Chidori leaves with Leonard and Lemon is saved by Mithril forces.

During his recovery, Lemon shuttles back and forth between Mithril facilities and meets Mira Kudan (Sarah Miller), who gives him a letter for Sousuke which he in turn passes on when he encounters him on the TDD-1.

During the final battle between Mithril forces and Amalgam, Lemon assists the Afghanistan (Helmajistan) strike team with intelligence and tactical support. He then helped Gavin Hunter diffuse tensions with the Western world

He was fired from the DSGE and was officially hired to serve with Mithril, where he became an informant for Admiral Borda.

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