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Michael Lemon is a fictional character in anime series Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory. He is a fairly young male with blond hair and Glasses. A smoker, he seems to have an Affinity for younger women. He has a knowledge of medicine and First aide. Can be Quite Sociable and A bit of a Drinker. He is "Saved" By Nami from a mugging well well under deep cover as a Independent Photojournalist in Namsac, Laos. Lemon is then dragged along by Nami in hopes that he would pay for the spare parts needed to repair the RK91 of Crossbow team. It is during this that he meets Sousuke Sagara who was looking to join Crossbow team and fight in Giant killing.

He expresses a naivety in regards to Arms Slaves.

Mr. Lemon is in fact a member of the Générale de la sécurité extérieure, DGSE — the intelligence service of the French Government, he was sent to Namsac to gather information regarding Amalgam.

On March 22nd Lemon and Sagara were arrested on trumped up charges by the police chief of Namsac who was fixing the giant killing games as well as working for Amalgam. Sagara was released however Lemon spent three days in the police hold as a hostage. He was released on March 25th by one of his men the same day as Sagara's underground battle. Lemon then lead his team in saving the Crossbow team from being killed by members of the Namsac Police. As well as aiding Sagara in a firefight with corrupt members of the Namsac Police. He unfortunately was too late to save Nami. He expressed great remorse for such.

He and his team also assisted Sagara in his fight with Kurama. His actions allowed Sagara who was wounded in the fight to kill Kurama.

Lemon and his team saved the severely wounded Sagara, He also is stated to have buried Nami in her home village and cried a "Decade's worth of Tears."

Lemon set up a safe house in Polynesia, Where in He treated Sagara's wounds. On May 20th Sagara came to. Lemon aided Sagara attending to his needs and bringing him up to speed. He confessed to have loved Nami Lemon however needed to question Sagara regarding Amalgam. Sagara was concerned this would entail torture However Lemon pointed out that in Sagara's case that would likely have been lethal and therefore counter to having spent the last month working to save his life. It was then that Amalgam attacked.

Later in the series Lemon joins with the Mithril survivors aboard the Tuatha de Danaan and is introduced to Teletha Testarossa. He is shown to be among Teletha Tesstarosa's personal entourage later, and expressing a degree of familiarity and possible romantic interest in Tessa that appears to be at least partially reciprocated.

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