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|seiyū = [[Tomokazu Sugita]]
|seiyū = [[Tomokazu Sugita]]
'''Lee Fowler''' was a American mercenary who worked for [[Amalgam]]. He was had a mastery in close combat and was the leader of [[Leonard Testarossa|Leonard Testarossa's]] strike team.
'''Lee Fowler''' was a American mercenary who worked for [[Amalgam]]. He was a master in close combat and was the unofficial leader of [[Leonard Testarossa|Leonard Testarossa's]] strike team.
== Biography ==
== Biography ==

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Lee Fowler was a American mercenary who worked for Amalgam. He was a master in close combat and was the unofficial leader of Leonard Testarossa's strike team.


Lee Fowler was an American of Asian decent. He was noted to have a very disciplined, gentleman like demeanour. He was one of the top aides of Leonard Testarossa, and much of his origin is a mystery.

No records were ever found to suggest Fowler was ever involved in military or terrorist group training. Despite this, his skills with a sword were almost unmatched leaving the belief that he trained himself in martial arts off the grid. 

In combat, Fowler was efficient and regimented. He would never go easy on anyone, and never degrade himself with pompous speeches. 

In one brief exchange with Ben Clouseau, Fowler admitted that despite his intense training and mastery in combat, he had been defeated once by an unpredictable drunkard, and learnt some humility;

"I get this question often, Mr Clouseau. There was once a man, who sought power, and trained day and night to improve his technique... and when he finally perfected it, he understood how powerless he truly was... I was defeated by a thirty-something year old worthless bum, the kind of drunk you see in every city."

After joining Amalgam, Fowler became one of Leonard's top agents with increased activity after the Hong Kong incident. He did not have an Amalgam Code-name, and it is assumed he reported only to Leonard.

Fowler first appeared as a hidden bodyguard to Leonard when he visited the graves of his parents, the same time as his sister and enemy Teletha. Suspecting some form of Mithril protection while on her visit, Fowler was forced to reveal himself via the cancellation of his Codarl-m Arm Slave's ECS, after the ARX-7 Arbalest of Sousuke Sagara made its presence known.

When Leonard took direct action on his plans to capture Kaname Chidori and shattered Mithril's operations, Fowler was dispatched to San Francisco, USA to investigate the mutiny and abandonment of Teletha Testarossa from the Tuatha de Danaan. After operatives captured her from a local hospital, along with her nurse and doctor, Fowler had them brought to a port-side warehouse for interrogation. When the scenario ended up being part of a Mithril ruse to capture the Amalgam leader, Fowler was almost caught, but made an escape behind a deployed Codarl Arm Slave.

Fowler is often seen directing Sabina Rechnio on Leonard's plans, notably in Mexico. When the Mexican facility is attacked by Mirthil SRT forces, Fowler leads the trio of Sabina, Wilhelm Casper and himself in new Eligor type Arm Slaves to counterattack, stopping the attempt.

Fowler's Erigor with sword

Fowler was later deployed to Afghanistan (Helmajistan), at the request of Leonard, to attack a nuclear missile base with Sabina in their Arm Slaves and force Mithril to respond. When the Mithril attacking force comprised of the remaining SRT arrived, Fowler sought out Clouseau directly, and attacked him with only a sword.

Clouseau, who prided himself on his own close combat skills, was quickly overwhelmed by Fowler and left in respect of his skills. After receiving significant damage to his M9D Falke and on the verge of defeat, Clouseau could only hold his opponent in reverence:

"Fowler... what a man... I feel lucky that he's my last enemy..."

When Fowler applied the finishing blow on his opponent, Clouseau was forced to abandon his training and use an improvised attack. As the M9D was impaled on Fowler's sword, Clouseau landed a surprise attack with an anti-tank knife on Fowler's Erigor. The ensuing explosion destroyed both machines, and Fowler was killed by a piece of shrapnel entering his cockpit.

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