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Kyoko Tokiwa (常盤 恭子 Tokiwa Kyōko) is Kaname Chidori's best friend who goes to Jindai Municipal High School. You can tell in the Season Finale of Fumoffu she kind of has a crush on Ono D. Kyoko is constantly trying to bring Kaname and Sousuke Sagara together, however impossible it may seem given Sagara's tendency to blow things up at whim. However, in the novel 'Continuing On My Own', she was held hostage by Amalgam's agents as bait to lure Sousuke so they could kill him and find Kaname. Kyoko was seriously injured during the rescue attempt and is currently still recovering in the hospital after being rescued by Wraith.


Kyoko is a very humble, polite but easily frightened girl.


  • The name Kyoko means "respectful, polite" (恭) (kyo) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Kyoko's surname Tokiwa means "always, ever, usual, ordinary, normal, regular" (常) (toki) and "board, phonograph record, tray, shallow bowl, platter, tub" (盤) (wa).