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Jerome Borda (ジェローム・ボーダ) is an Admiral working for Mithril Operations.


He is the leader of Mithril's Operations department with the rank of admiral. He was the one to order Sousuke to give up his position as a high school student at Jindai High in The Second Raid and the book 'The End by Day by Day'. He is presumed dead after an explosion rocked through Operations Headquarters in Sydney following the beginning of Amalgam's attack on Mithril. However, it was eventually revealed that he survived and is intending to rebuild Mithril. Borda is intended to be an homage to the late Admiral Jeremy Michael Boorda, the 25th Chief of Naval Operations of the US Navy. His surname can also be spelt as Boda or Voda.

Tessa calls him "Uncle Jerry" in the Second Raid, hinting at Borda's familiarity with Tessa and her family as Borda was the superior to Tessa's late father.