Giant Killing (ジャイアントキリング, Jaianto Kiringu) is the seventh episode of the anime series, Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory


As Lemon is released from prison, Sousuke, Nami and their team arrive at the place for the illegal match, but Sousuke is ordered to proceed to the combat area alone, leaving the rest of the team behind, where he discovers that he fell into a trap by Amalgam, and his opponent is using an M9. Despite being far outgunned, Sousuke wins against the enemy after setting a trap for him, and chases after Kurama. Meanwhile, Lemon, whose role as a journalist was only a disguise, rescues the rest of the team from being executed with his men, except for Nami, who is being held hostage by Kurama. Once Sousuke reaches his location, Kurama gives Sousuke 10 seconds to show himself, threatening to kill Nami if he does not comply.


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