Gavin Hunter works for the Mithril Intelligence division based in Hong Kong. He appears in Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid and provides valuable information to the SRT and later, Wraith and Kaname.


A supposed native of Hong Kong and an officer in Mithril Intelligence's Hong Kong division, he was responsible for providing tactical support for Melissa, Sousuke and other SRT/PRT personnel deployed in Hong Kong to locate a rogue Amalgam Codarl Arm Slave that went berserk in Hong Kong and Kowloon. Gavin is also married and has a family.

He's known to the Hong Kong public as a businessman with multiple businesses in operation, such as the Hunter Cleaning Company Ltd. that Gavin used when he provided Melissa's squad with Hunter Cleaning Company Ltd. Toyota Hiace vans and uniforms to infiltrate Hong Kong and Kowloon without being caught by the North and South Chinese armies and police.

He can be considered to be Mithril's humor character as Gates is to Amalgam's since he always smiles and almost never gets angry, except when he was instructed by General Amit to cease Intelligence operations in the Hong Kong territory.


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