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"How is it? Don't you think this is pretty humiliating? I won't let you kill me in one blow like a big hero. Let's blow up all together big time. EH, KASHIM?"
―Gauron's words as he attempts to blow himself up with Sousuke Sagara.

Gauron is a fictional character and one of main antagonists of Full Metal Panic! series. He's a sadistic and murderous psychopath who so far has been able to buy and/or blackmail his way to power. He also has the ability to command the lambda driver and pilots a super AS called Venom. He is Sousuke and Kalinin's arch nemesis.

Gauron is a master planner, and always has a contingency in the event that something goes awry. As if without conscience, he will kill for no reason at all. Gauron has killed many civilians and military personnel, and he also wants to be the one who kills Sousuke. He doesn't like to be told what to do, he was seen even killing some members of Amalgam who gave him indications. He was a high-ranking member of Amalgam alongside of Gates and Leonard Testarossa.

In the novels, it is established that his two charges, the two boys (gender flipped to girls in the anime), were sexually groomed by Gauron to create a pair of "saintly" killers, a reflection of his obsession with Sousuke. This shows that while Gauron could not have Sousuke, he would create his own personal copies by any means.


Gauron is a depraved, violent and sadistic psychopath completely devoid of humanity, compassion and empathy. He cares about nothing and no one, except possibly Sousuke, though that is more of a psychotic and disturbingly sexual obsession. Gauron is a man who doesn't like being told what to do by anyone. He works as a freelance mercenary and is uninterested in the goals and ideologies of the groups or individuals who employ him, though he doesn't seem to care much about profit either, only killing.

Gauron felt "love at first sight" with Sousuke for his emotionless and pure eyes ("like those of a homicidal saint" in his words) from when he was a child, and lured after him in Helmajistan and ever since. The idea of kill and be killed by Sousuke was one of his most obsessive fantasies and all his contracts and actions were pointed to that direction.

Near the end of the first season, Gauron's psychopathic behaviour reaches a head when he decides to kill himself and the entire crew of the Tuatha de Danaan by taking the ship to such depths that it will be crushed by the pressure. His only reason for doing this seems to be merely his own ideal way of dying, alongside Sousuke. In the novels it is explained that he had a rare case of incurable pancreatic cancer, and that was the factor that drove him to act in such a reckless way.

Over the course of the series, he is revealed to have a deep obsession and perverse lust for Sousuke, even calling him 'Kashim', a name the Sergeant hates to hear from his lips.


  • His codename in Amalgam, Mr Iron, is rather strange, as Iron element cannot be mixed with mercury, unlike Silver or Kalium, This could be a nickname given to sarcasm, as Gauron mixed himself very poorly within the organization.
  • It is said that his character served as inspiration for creating the Gundam villain Ali Al-saachez.