FAV-8 Super Harriers are a variation of the Joint US-British Jump jet series dating back to the late 1960's.

FAV 8.jpg

These jets are built around the Rolls Royce Pegasus series of engines that use direct lift and vectored thrust to operate as either short take-off and vertical landing or vertical take-off and landing, yet they lack supersonic flight speed due to the limitations of the system. Designed for operation from damaged runways or naval decks, the Harrier series is built for operation like those of Mithril.

Multi-role, nimble and able to operate form very short fields, Mithril versions appear to be based around a farther modification of the US AV8B Harrier II+ with a single pilot.

Weapons for the FAV-8 Super Harrier would likely include General Dynamics GAU-12/U Equalizer, a five barrel 25mm rotary cannon mounted beneath the Fuselage 6 under wing mounted hard points with provisions for a mix of Air to Air missiles, guided air-to-ground missiles, Guided and unguided bombs as well as 70mm rocket pods. Like all Mithril aircraft they appear to have ECS.

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