Damage Control (損害制御, Songai Seigyo) is the second episode of the anime series, Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory


Sousuke attempts to evade Amalgam forces and manages to meet up with the helicopter, but it is shot down. Fortunately, the helicopter was also carrying the Arbalest, and Sousuke uses it to defeat the Amalgam troops and escape. Chidori is shocked at all of the death and destruction caused by Amalgam's attack. Meanwhile, Amalgam bombards Mithril's Merida Island base with missiles and artillery while a large airborne landing force and three Behemoths approach the island. With the Tuatha de Danaan still undergoing maintenance, the base's garrison must find a way to hold off the Behemoths until it is ready to evacuate the base. Back in Tokyo, Chidori receives a message on her phone that her friends are being held hostage to lure her out of hiding.

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