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<i will take on M2>However, since HunterSeeker also suggested that I continue with NOT, I will do so just for the sake of completion and continuity. Not to mention that I only recently acquired NOT. However, I don't think I would be able to finish NOT that quickly seeing how I still have other matters to attend to. In any case, if you really want to know what happens in NOT, the links above are provided for your convenience. Also don't forget to thank HunterSeeker for the great service he's been doing for the community.</i>
<i will take on M2>However, since HunterSeeker also suggested that I continue with NOT, I will do so just for the sake of completion and continuity. Not to mention that I only recently acquired NOT. However, I don't think I would be able to finish NOT that quickly seeing how I still have other matters to attend to. In any case, if you really want to know what happens in NOT, the links above are provided for your convenience. Also don't forget to thank HunterSeeker for the great service he's been doing for the community.</i>
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this is the Novel "Come Make my Day" of the Full Metal Panic series

Chapter 1: Fallen Witch

The preliminary memo from the Sergeant of the City Police is still completely blank.

the Psychiatrist Martha Witt wearing glasses, directed her eyes on the documents again. The Patients name. The outward characterestics. Approximate age. Health condition. the circumstances during the care of the police. This is a hospital in the south of San Francisco. The patient facing opposite of Dr. Martha who is sitting on the desk, looks on with blank eyes. The person is a girl about her mid teens. Upon looking, you wouldn't know if she was in her 30's or 40's. The loose T-shirt she was wearing must have come from someone in the police. With disordered Ash blonde hair not yet reaching the waist, her jaw and cheeks were still dirty with mud. First the doctor would ask the girl she was examining, telling her to answer clearly all the questions. Martha first informed the girl of her name and position, in the most gentle voice as possible. "What is your name?" Teletha....Testarossa" The girl answered. "What a wonderful name. Nice to meet you, Teletha. How old are you?" "....17" "What school do you go to?" "...I don't attend school" "Is that so. But to be precise about your manner, I'm sure boys find you sexy right?" the girl did not show any reaction. being ashamed of her own appearance, she did not even see the sexual suggestion in the word "boys" "And then....about the situation of your care. You were walking barefoot in the free way near Redwood right. At 3 am in the morning, alone" "....yes" "Is there something you don't remember?" ".....no" The response was relatively clear. But the problem is that her explanation was enitirely different. "Why were you there?" "....because I was abandoned" "By who?" "....I think my subordinate" "Subordinates?" Martha carefully examines the appearance of Teletha Testarosa. Obviously she is telling some kind of joke. "Umm.... you're not attending school right? Those 'subordinates', who are you referring?" "....Mercenaries" "Mercenaries?" "....Mercenaries of <Mythril>" "Mythril?" "An informal military organization who aims to keep terrorism and conflict in check. I was the commander of the <Tuaha De Daanan> squad of the West Pacific Fleet. Teletha stares at the top of the desk. Not in the appearance of saying something important. "....My rank is Captain. I have succeedded in various difficult operation making use of an assault landing submarine, a 3rd Generation Arm Slave and the latest equipments." "hahaa. I'm not really familiar with those, but it seems like an amazing unit." After saying that, Martha scribbled on the memo on her hand. <Extremely rare kind of delusion. Using accurate expertise of terminology. Battle Group, Amphibians. requires examination> She's not familiar with military terminology. She changed her questions. "You just said [Tuaha De Daanan] right? Is it from celt mythology?" "...yes. From the divine being Daana" "Being the commander, could you be the mother goddess?" "....Daana is the name of the submarine's AI. It is a complicated system that is extraordinarily large scale adopting quantum computing." "Is that so." Martha writes in her Memo [From which sci-fi novel?] and then asks. "And then....you being the commander of that military organization, why were you walking in a place like that? You mentioned you were abandoned by your subordinates" "....yes" Teletha on a short moment kept silent. The examination room was gloomy. The flourescent lamp in the ceiling flickering, the damp atmosphere of the night became heavy. "....my base recieved heavy offensive from the enemy" "Enemy?" "....an organization called [Amalgam]. recieving their overwhelming attack, <Mythril> was annihilated. Together with my subordinates, I escaped from the base with the submarine, somehow able to survive..." There was an unavoidable strong suffering in the girls eyes. She must have thought of a painful event. supporting the shoulders, trembling and shaking bit by bit. "Are you alright? You don't have to say what's painful"


Teletha made a gulp, and let out a small sigh.

"....the submarine was made from the finest materials. Although it runs on the bottom of the ocean for a number of weeks, my ship would not be in a condition cruise. Of course we don't have the funds. And the salary to pay my subordinates"

"........." "...for a submarine in a sea, the crew can place you in a lot of stress. Half of my crew were starting to get discontented, and finally sold me and my ship to the enemy. "Those subordinates?" "....the one who planned the mutiny was executed."

Teletha said without any special importance.

"He was killed?" "yes" The girl said with a weak voice. With that she shut her mouth, and did not answer any reply from Martha.

A week has passed since the first interview.

Two times everyday, Martha interviews the girl called Teletha Testarosa, hearing a little of the "details". She didn't have the confidence in building the doctor patient trust, even then Teletha being alone in the care of the police speaks of the condition in fragments. To say---- This girl being a commissioned officer of an informal military organization, handles the various anti-terorrism operations easily. That organization being attacked by the enemy, her subordinates were isolated. Being mutinied on by unsatisfied soldiers, unable to resupply, and lastly the [Assault landing submarine] that she commands got involved in a fatal accident and would not function. Embarking from the ship to a helicopter, the girl escaped from the sinking ship griping a subordinate, that helicopter ran out of fuel in the California coast and was discarded in the open sea. By the time the lifeboat reach the coast of Half Moon port, merely 5 subordinates remain. To those 5 the girl administers civility. At this period, the subordinates who got angry at Teletha who makes orders like a superior officer, threw her off at a road side in a stolen car. And there are those who would assault her, how would she avoid this. And then, waslking absentmindedly a truck driver discovered her and place her in the care of the police--- These kind of delusions have never been heard by Martha. Mercenary unit, submarine, and descent from helicopter was exceedingly preposterous, at least it was consistent from the time that she was taken in. In all honesty, when she read the initial reports, Martha had concluded that she was a victim of assault. But that was not it. From the clinical charts that she was charged in the emergency room, there was absolutely no evidence that the girl named Teletha Testarosa was raped or oppressed. What seems like an external wound, was just a small scratch coming from walking throught a thicket from somewhere. There is no contradiction in the context, using extremely accurate military terms. Even the [informal military organization], her words are by no means inconherent. Martha has an acquantance who was a former navy, and called him to make confirmations. (I don't really know well. But a helicopter taking off a submarine?) after asking the her, the officer laughed and denied it. (no. long ago planes take off from a submarine. Now there's none. It has to be a big ship to make up the space, firstly there is no practical use. Well, the girl must be daydreaming) (But she was saying something about a special ship. Assault.... ...laoding submarine, or something like that) (haha. that's amazing) (That's what they call the [Toy Box] in the United States Navy) (....what did you say?) With the carefree smile, the friends playful voice aiming at the timing of Martha who hasn't called for a long time, quickly became solid. ([Toy Box]. that's what they called it) (Where did you hear that from?) (From that patient. Do you know about it?) (I... don't know) (Haa?) Not knowing after hearing this, that friend said in a serious voice. (No. It was a rumor I heard from a friend who is still in active duty. There's nothing more known after that) (What are you talking about?) (Listen Martha. I don't know the details but, I think it will be better if you drop the charges on that patient. Also her words, everything that she said you did not hear. Get back to what you were talking about.) (I don't understand. Why the sudden---) (Sorry, I have to work. I'll call you again) (Wait----) The former navy friend cut off the phone. this is increasingly getting strange. It's impossible that what the girl said was really a military secret. Just to make sure he searched the net using the keywords [Toy Box] and [submarine], nothing came out. A site create by a toy mania, introduced a toy submarine. the next day, Martha remembered, what she exchanged with Teletha and the former navy. "Well, isn't that right...." the girl said with a frail voice. "...an existing weapon system that the American Navy could not detect, it definitely cannot be officially announced. Among the soldiers, it should have only been rumors." "It's alright. In this case---" getting irritated, Martha asked. "With an important classified information, why did you tell an ordinary doctor like me?" "Because the information is no longer significant" The girl laugh with a touch of snorting. "This is the reality. I was an incompetent commander. that's why my subordinates deserted me, and is currently here. Losing everything, only living an existence without death. [..........] "Doctor Witt. You think of me as a pitiful girl who has delusions right?" "No, that's---" "It's alright. Please leave it at that. Actually, I'm just a shell...." Teletha slowly lied face down. the disordered hair hanging on her cheeks, with the melancholic flourescent lights, an abnormal shadow fell into the features of the girl. "it's a delicate matter but" Waiting a little while, Martha opened her mouth. "You will be moved to a different institution. You will live with people who has the same problems." the girl can't be kept in this hospital for long. A minor with no clear background, no money, can't get into any social insurance. she has to be housed in a special insitution outskirts. "....yes. do as you like" Teletha said Without showing unexpected behaviour. "How unfortunate" That was what Martha really felt in her heart. No matter how absurd, her wild ideas have this persuassive charm of truthness. No matter how much invaders from other planets or from the depths of the earth, the american government plants the transmission device in its own mind---that such story was definitely a wrong intelligence, not able to feel the reason. This patient as a minor is able to logically explain the issues of nuclear battery and amphibious warfare that is only known to specialists, never before encountering this. "The transfer is tomorrow evenning. I will also be present at that time" "Yes" Teletha said with an indifferent voice.

The next day, the transfer vehicle arrived 5 minutes late at the hospital.

It's a black wagon. Rolling on a wheelchair, the driver and helper greeted Martha simply. they are an unknown face. There is nothing strange in their ID or transfer documents. Teletha was completely exhausted, rode the wheelchair. "She complained of headache this morning, the doctor on duty instrcuted to give these medicine to her." the nurse explained to Martha. "Did this girl get violent?" Asked the driver. "No. she's quite obedient." Martha answer in place of the Nurse. the driver slightly nodded. "But, she was temporarily restrained. It was dangerous for her to walk" "Yes. but..." "Don't worry. It's not like she will get violent. ...eh, and then? Did this girl say anything strange to you? "Strange? strange you mean...that's my line of work. It would be rare to have a patient that doesn't say anything strange. Feeling uncomfortable with the curious question, the girl answered with an insincere smile. "Haha. that's right." the driver said looking around. In the side entrance of the hospital near the roadway, beside it was Martha and the Nurse, and then it is only the driver and the helper. "Doctor" "What is it?" "Perhaps there is some possibility....that the girl said something about <Amalgam> or <Mythril> did she?" "What was that?" Martha asked in return. Her shoulders and back could not stop shaking uneasily. "Looks like you know" the Driver smiled complacently. At a glance he is an ordinary caucasian in his 30's. A Navy blue Chino's and Navy Blue Blouson. Height around 180 cm, short framed hair, and a small scar. Right now the man's features have completely changed. From the eyes of Martha, it's like having a sullen look of coercion. "Oops. Don't say strange things" Marthas hand being held tightly at her back, the driver seized firmly. With only that, the bones became two equal parts with the incredible grip. The man with his open right hand, takes out a hidden automatic pistol hidden from under his blouson. that's right, it's a pistol. Martha has not touched this type of pistol before, even then the man show his gun said something to her. it is easy to comprehend. "Do you understand, Doctor?" "....yes" "Don't cause trouble, slowly get on the car. The nurse too." The Nurse who is still in shock, recognizing the man's pistol gulped her breath. "We can't just leave this lady over here now can we. Come on, get on." "Wait, she has nothing to do with this. I don't know who you people are but---" "Just get on" The man pressing hard, Martha and the nurse rode on the back seat of the delivery wagon. The helper who holds the gun got on the luggage at the back, getting into position to control Teletaha and Martha. The door closed, and the car started to run. After three roadlines, they can see a patrol car stopped in front of the coffee shop. But if she think of getting violent and calls for help, Martha's head would be blown off. "Don't be frightened. there are still things we want to ask you. Right, Bill?" the helper said with a very relaxed voice, the driver replied shortly. "Yeah. We won't put you in danger." Your lying. You intend to kill us. because, Why didn't you put any Mask? Why do you calmly expose your face? Why did you calmly call your partners name? the pale face of the nurse sunk into silence. Wanting to give encourangement, but Martha does not have that composure. the car briefely reached San Bruno, heading 280 lines from the city to the harbor. Early on the way home there are a number of private cars and trucks, flowing one by one on the opposite lane. they must be heading to an old warehouse nearby. There are only a small containers and a two blackened sedan. Nothing on the cargo, deserted. Projecting from the small window in the setting sun, the atmosphere full of dust reflects a number of lines. "Get down" From the car that stopped inside the warehouse, Martha and the Nurse timidly got off. In front of the car are 5 men waiting. The leader must be the one wearing the brown suit. The other 4 are dressed up in rough work clothes, with automatic guns hanging in their shoulder. "You're 5 minutes late" The man in the suit said, Looking at the watch in his left hand with refinement.

He's still young. Around his thirties. Slim, with a cleanly combed black hair. Like a being drawn from a brush, an impressive beautiful youth with graceful eyes and brows.

the drivers said with a restraint voice. "Were sorry, Mister. We didn't want to get caught speeding---" "Stop saying nonsense. And then? Did you bring her?"

The man in the suit siad.

"This way" The helper lowered the wheelchair from the wagon, bringing Teletha Testarosa in front of them. the drug wearing off, Teletaha opened her eyes. But, that is all. Being indifferent to her surroundings, she only looks absentmindedly on her front. "Miss Testarosa?" The man on the suit kneeled on the wheelchair, peeping into the girls face. "I am Lee Fowler. I serve your brother. Once, we met at your parents grave. ...then, I was inside an AS." "........" "When we heard of what happened to you, we came to pick you up. after this what would you...." Even after he said that, Teletha still didn't make any response. The young man named Fowler stood up, mixed in a sigh. "just a shell. Being the Witch of <Mythril> you are making us use a harsh hand." "I don't see it that way" "But that is withering away. It is much more difficult to magnificently fall in the middle of battle. The legend is over. The problems in communication and personnel relations, lost their teeth in such worthless reasons, disappearing miserably is the hero of reality. Fowler wearily fell silent, and continued to walk infront of Martha. "Forgive me, Doctor. Were you treated violently? "no...." "What did this girl tell you, there is a need to confirm. Please allow me 2 to 3 questions." The fear of course did not disappear, Martha towards the silent black eyes, had the feeling like she was being sucked in. "<Amalgan> and <Mythril>, the name of such organization, did you hear of them making use of such weapons and units?"


"Did she bring up any definite name or place?" "....no" "You're not lying right?" "O..of course" "Aside from your navy friend, did you mention to anyone what this girl had said?" How did you know that I consulted with a friend? Did you intercept it? Are you a real pro, a real classified organization spy? Martha was surprised, the remaining doubt smashed and disappeared and she feels it clearly. Is this not some sort of elaborate joke brought about by someone----that is what her heart was wishing for. the man suddenly calling "Happy Birthday, Martha!", with laughing friends teasing with armful of tables and food and alchohol and cake with footsteps appearing, weren't they throwing a party in a place like this. There was this expecting feeling somewhere. But that is not so. At any rate, her birthday has ended last month.

"She did not say anything. it's the truth"

Fowler observed her eyes closely. She felt the ordinary treatment of a patient. "I believe you" Fowler smiled at first. "But, the regretable words had to be said to you. As much as possible we would like to keep out privacy. What happened today and about her, should be protected....from the public. Do you understand?" "I understand. I swear I won't tell anyone. So let me go back home." "I would also want that if I can. But, no matter how much strong the determination of man, there is a way for current medical science to extract the needed information. that is why the [regrettable words]. I'm really sorry." Getting goosbumps, the shoulders and foot were sweating and shaking. I don't want to die. I don't want to be killed. "Do you understand why I am explaining this elaborately?" "Don't kill me" "I'm also afraid of death. But, the worst of that is that you would die not knowing the reason. that is why I am explaining this to you. With important words, the fear of your opponent is not fun. In Fowler's well-regarded features, a deep emotion of sorrow and compassion surfaced. "Please don't kill me" "It is really unfortunate" "Please I beg you...." "This is goodbye, Doctor" Fowler stepped back. The subordinates took one step forward. with tears in the corner of her field of vision, there is the profile of nurse who was completely silent. Her face becoming pale, but very quiet, and not even shaking. What bravery. or was it simply stupidity, that she did not realize her own fate?

The nurse was still young. Around mid twenties. An oriental. A very short hair, with eyes and brows like that of a fishing cat.

That nurse, let out a sigh, murmuring a passing voice. "Oh well. what an extreme drama this played out." The voice mixed in with a snort. "Just when we thought that we caught the tail. ....again, another conceited bastard showed up." "Ah, you---stop---" isn't this strange? Martha's thin pacifying voice, was ignored by the girl and said. "Isn't that right? Tessa!?" the eyes of Teletha Testarossa which is like a disabled sitting in the chair, suddenly focused---returning with the light of consciousness. Even the face that looks worn out, revived with vitality and intelligence, Like a doll coming to life. "I'm sorry Melissa. The one who was playing a drama was me" After muttering that, Teletha labrously stood up from the wheelchair. The armed men in the area, was disturbed by the sudden change of the girl. Carelessly extending her hands out. A simple personal grooming at a glance, the girl heads toward Fowler to greet him. "Good afternoon, Fowler-san. I really intended to introduce myself but, dealing with the doctor here, this has happened. "I see. You were after me." As expected of a commander, He was frankly not surprised.

But Fowler's facial expression is by no means relaxed. the extent of Teletha's trap here, this place would become a fighting scene, is there a winning chance for them, he calculates many elements inside his head.
"then please tell your men to drop their weapons. Or else they will be given a severe lesson."

Then the subordinate who returned back, the driver grabbed martha, giving a short curse straddles past Teletha. "Lesson? Enough with the jokes, little girl!"


immediately after saying the short word, Fowler narrowed his eyes---- The driver who had his hand extended to the nape of Teletha, fell down on the floor with a bullet shot in the back. Bacha, with a loud thud, fresh blood scattered in the floor. "Ga..." Mostly at the same time, you can hear the gunshot of the rifle from far away. A snipe from an extreme distance. And it came through a small opening of the warehouse door--- "Great job, right in the middle" The nurse called Melissa, said in an extreme compact wireless radio in her ear. "If they make a strange move, take a shot immediately!" "...Yeah yeah. Urzu 6, Roger!" From the reciever of the wireless radio, Martha also heard the reply of a man mixed with the noise. Nearby, Teletha warned again. "Do you understand? Please disarm" "Ha....wonderful" Even though his subordinates can be shot to death, Fowler maintains a smile from his heart. "Really wonderful. I also planned to have that precaution. A large intelligence analysis. Shadow and interception, checking the guards. You slipped through everything, and made it up to here. You even made a wonderful acting in front of me. Morever is was a daring move, capturing me alive? You are his sister after all. The legend still continues....!" "That is a terrible misunderstanding. Not even once, do I remember raising the white flag to you."

Teletha said with a dreadful smile.

In those eyes burn the silent anger and revenge, releasing with blazing and violent light. Even with being a shell, it was unexpected. From that small---sweet and delicate body, expressing such strong life force, is the first time that Martha experienced. "That's how it is. That is why, you are still naive---!" Fowler's right hand indistinctly moved. Folding in the palm of his hand, he pushed a small switch. In that instant, explosions occured all over the warehouse. "......" Followed by a flash. The ears deafened by the sounds of explosion, black smoke spreads. Although not lethal, the bomb aims to decieve the eyes. "Hi...." Understanding the outcome, Teletha immediately rushed into Martha who is still standing still, pushing her down for cover. Informing Teletha. "No....!" "Don't worry. My subordinates will do something" Looking at the nurse called Melissa, with lighting speed took down the nearby man---Martha does not know how he was taken down, but the other armed man was shot accurately. Gunshot. Screams. Curses. The automatic guns of the man resounds. Being attacked by an unseen sniper, the men falls down one by one. Fowler leaving fired at Melissa, Melissa flew sidewards evading the enemy shot, hiding in the shadows of the car.

<Image = http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v256/durendal/19_039.jpg>
The companions of Teletha were not only the nurse and the sniper. A few explosions in the other openings, a number of men with bullet proof vest on top of civilian clothes broke in.

"Give it up, delicate man" Melissa shouted. "Give up?" Fowler replied in the bullet hole of the sedan. "The feeling is mutual, there are still some coaxing left right. Don't restrain yourself in putting an end to this." Together with his declaration---- The ceiling of the warehouse was torn to pieces, where a single giant appeared. Fierce thundering roar. Dust and smoke swirling about, the fragments of the building materials are scattering about in one side. Martha witnessing the events in bewilderment, was being covered by Teletha who was supposed to be the patient. "......" If you look up, the ashen grey giant is kneeling down. With acutely streamlined armor. Extending from the head is a long hair like radiation cord.

It's an Arm Slave.

A humanoid weapon of the Military. At least she knows the name of that weapon. A living infantry could no way go against a powerful humanoid weapon. Watching the news on CNN, this is by no means a shilhuoette of a robot. It's much smarter, and seem to have a fierce reflex and power. Fowler does not even have the appearance of triumph, get's down into the rear of the AS. Melissa and the reinforcements hid in the shadows without pursuing allowing him to escape. "I thought so" Teletha muttered. She now allowed a smile. This time with a self derided sensation, was not a halfhearted smile. "Wha, what is the meaning of this....?" "Don't move" Teletha whispered to Martha, raising her voice. "It's like this, Urzu 1. Please annihilate the enemy AS!" [Roger, Captain!] A voice resounded from a speaker somewhere. The roof being torn resounded. A new black AS broke throught the wall of the warehouse. Without a moment of confrontation, charged to the ashen grey AS.

Distortion of metal frames. Broken concrete. Smashed pieces of glass from the skylight.

the materials from the warehouse was dancing around the surrounding of the black unit. Belfegan Clousot's AS <Falke> cancelled its electronic camouflage, tackling the enemy unit with full force. First there was a need for Tessa and the others to clear the area.

the engagement of the two units broke through the walls of the warehouse, plunging into the countless containers in the pier. Even then the enemy unit did not fall.

Clousot with the monomolecular cutter under his hand, swinged it towards the chest of the enemy. With an accurate surprise attack, it was a good strike that passed the mark. But the enemy unit expected that.

In the graphical heat distribution map.

the enemy units arm transforms, turning from yellow to orange to red. "!" incoming. Clousot already saw the gravitational field created by the enemy unit coming. The distorted atmosphere of the enemy's right arm. The shockwave of the strike barely passing through. around 10 containers in the back was blown off, like papers dancing in the air. The enemy unit started to trip. The enemy unit staggers. Rushing to make the final blow the <Falke> stepped in front. Another warning. The enemy units Lambda Driver starting, attacks with the raging waves of gravitational field. Clousot somehow saw through it, and barely leaping to avoid it. Revolving on top of the enemy, slammed down the anti tank dagger in mid air. In tandem with the plastic explosives, dived sharply towards the neck of the enemy. Explosion. The shape of the enemy disappeared in the middle of the flames and smoke. Clouzot had not considered that the opponent being defeated like this. The <Falke> landing, immediately flew sideways in a battle maneuver. In the battle of the 3rd generation AS that can reach the limits of 3 dimensional manuever, the moment of landing can be said as the most vulnerable. There is no room for a breather. Sure enough, the ashen grey enemy unit broke through the whirlpool of smoke like an arrow. pressing immediately towards him. The enemy which is a <Codarl> type was equipped with a Lambda Driver, ordinary attacks will have no effects on it. With the difference in equipment, there is an overwhelming disadvantage. However, even then--- "Let's do it" In the middle of the fierce crash during the battle manuevers, Clouzot mutters. Surely the enemy unit's power is tremendous. The difference is definitely absolute. However, what about the skill of the pilot? On the other hand if the enemy unit was not equipped with a Lambda Driver, with a battle this long the enemy unit would have at least already died three times. if its about skills, Clouzot was absolutely superior....! Clouzot has that confidence. Even though the enemy is not an amature, his unconscious proudness can be seen everywhere. Relying on his own dominance, arrogance in his straight movement is already evidence enough. It will definitely go into place. Sound of alarm. The enemy suddenly draws closer. With the impulse of his reflex pulling the trigger on his head cannons, he thought that it was too early and controls himself. Counting of the information of the [fairy's eyes], evading the shockwave from the enemy, Clouzot called out in his wireless radio. "Urzu 1 to HQ! Has it been delivered yet!?" [this is HQ. The launch was already completed.] Replied a man with a gloomy and honest voice. It was Richard Mardukas. [currently, the TLAM is in the middle of intertia guidance. ETA would be 30 seconds. We entrust the terminal guidance to Urzu 1] "Urzu 1 roger!" At the same time the unit AI reports. <warning message. Code from HQ confirmed. Taking over terminal guidance of TLAM01. 20 seconds until impact.>

"Arm the warhead of TLAM01"

<roger. TLAM01 warhead armed.> The weapon data in the display at the corner with the blue letters [SAFE], suddenly changed to the red letters [ARM]. The warhead was armed. the smart warhead of a cruise missle from somewhere in the sky, broke of the chains. Clouzots unit which continues to evade, the <Codarl> closed in. Stepping over the mountains of containers, poured on the light of the setting sun. the extending long hair like heat radiating cord from the head, glaring in a rainbow colored brilliance. "Well come on....!" Releasing an anti AS hand grenade. The <Codarl> lightly stepped to the left enduring the explosion. behind the enemy unit, a large container danced from the sky, spinning around. the head machine gun rapid firing. The <Codarl> repelled the small rain of bullets with the Lambda Driver, judging that there is no more threat to his own armor, the gravitational field disappeared. Then next he focused the power on his attack towards Clouzot. In accordance to their aim. The bullets from the <Falke's> machine gun, the first 50 shots in the magazine were ordinary bullets. From there on, the 51st shot was loaded with acrylic paint bullets.

Those paint bullets rained down on the <Codarl's> head. The spraying red paint clinged to the enemy units sensor.

It is a simple tactic to break the vision, in previous AS High Frequency wiper and cleaning nozzle was equipped. A counter-measure for mud and dirt. Even if it was an acrylic paint, it will take a few seconds to recover the field of vision. but, they were banking of that few seconds. At this period, the enemy unit could not search for its opponent using its Milli-wave radar. <TLAM01, impact in 10 seconds.> The units AI informed Clouzot. The surrounding atmosphere shakes. From above the sounds of jet engine roars. From the west skies, from the shining light of the twilight sun, something cylindrical was coming towards here. <Five.....four....three....> From the head of the <Falke> a terminal guidance laser illuminated, in the chest of the <Codarl> shines a small red dot. <Impact> The fierce explosion from the skies attacks the enemy unit. The cruise missle flew over with the speed of sound, in the position of the laser---there was an explosion in the shaped charge. Gas that is more dense than steel, in an instant the point in the enemy's armor flared in flames. the shockwave of the explosion shakes the <Falke>. "!" Clouzot rises with skill bracing himself, spurring into the enemy unit in no time. In the smoke of the explosion, the <Codarl> still lives. expanding the protective wall of the Lambda Driver in no time. (But...!) Following immediately after taking the violent attack the enemy unit staggers. the expanding the condition of the Lambda Driver, <Falke's> [fairy eye] have accurately caught sight of it. Just narrowly, being warned of the final blow the barrier expands. However, it was only in the front. Clouzot slipped throught the right of the enemy, in an agile movement with the monomolecular cutter, cuts at the right abdomen. There was the report of the technical officer, the module of the Lambda Driver is in one position. A tough one. The <Codarl> turned around indicating a gravitational field, flickering a few times then disappearing. The Lambda Driver of the enemy is powerless. The unexpected damaged disturbed the enemy unit and stands in shock. The ironclad regulation regarding third generation AS battle is to move agilely and mercilessly--- In the state of the exchange, Clouzot threw his last anti tank dagger towards the enemy unit. The dagger hits the chest of the <Codarl> turning around and explodes, this time around the upper half of the enemy unit was in pieces. The torn off arm rotating, drew a strange arch in the dusk of the harbour. Turning from the scattered fragments of the enemy unit, Clouzot immediately activated the enemy search mode. Preparing for a new enemy appearing by chance with the anti ECS sensor. No response. "fu-...." This is the first time gaining that kind of certainty, he sigh a breath of relief. it seems that they only prepared one unit. In order to support the operation to lure Tessa, his unit was on standby. in addition, standing by in the bay of San Francisco from the submarine <Tuaha de Danaan>, there was a program of support fire of cruise missles. Also the machine gun in its head part. In the worst case, the enemy would also prepare an AS, also having the possibility that it will be equipped with a Lambda Driver was not discarded. It was better to be prepared afterall. Thinking like that, Clouzot called over his wireless radio. "Urzu 1 to all units. The <Codarl> type enemy AS is destroyed"

After the confrontation of the two units <Falke> and <Codarl>, there is a trend of battle in the area of the warehouse.

The warehouse half destroyed, the parked car trampled, and a number of enemy corpse was rolled in. On top of the mountain of rubbles, the fire was already contained, only the dense white smoke hangs over. "Tessa. Ben defeated the enemy unit" The Nurse Melissa Mao who has the enemy's machine gun in hand, exchanges from the wireless radio, said to Tessa. "Doesn't seem to be any enemy units around. It's a one on one with the M9, it's the first time that we defeated a <Codarl>. It's impressive." "Yes" Covering the psychiatrist Martha Witt, Tessa Testarossa replied shortly. Without pardon, they made a thorough search of the destroyed warehouse. The PRT without letting their guard off continues to observe the controlled area, and then ascertaining that there were no injuries. cutting the button at the back of the worn patients suit, it fell from the naked shoulders. In a posture of natural nakedness not even underwear, there were minor injuries. No problem. "The target got away right" Tessa glancing sideways, she was looking for Lee Fowler knowing that it would be useless. "We lost sight of him when the ceiling collapse. We're sorry" Mao said, Tessa shaking her hands lightly. "it's alright. It's a greetings operation anyway. In the point of involving civilians, we half failed" "The female doctor over there, I've thought of getting her far away.... I didn't think this through enough afterall. Oh well" Mao opening her shoulders, returning silently on the secured area of the warehouse, there was an out of place electronic sound. it was a high pitched monotonous alarm. Towards that sound, Tessa walked over barefooted. from the scattered concrete on the ground, there was a black mobile phone dropped. She picked up the phone, and pressed the answer button. "Fowler-san right?" Tessa said, with a laugh from the phone. [yes, I would have wanted to talk to you a little more. But I have no obligation to be obediently captured. that is why I left this phone." Then Fowler immediately escaped from the area, most probably from the vehicle that was prepared beforehand, heading somewhere to the town areas. Since he already knows about the counter-measures for phone trace, there is no possibility of pursuit. [Fist please let me tell you that it was excellent. eliminating more than 10 of my subordinates, even destroying an AS. that was your minimum fire power right. It was my complete defeat.] "I wonder about that. Right now you are still free."

[You are quite right]

"Originally, because we have all the information leading to your restraints. Even if you used that faint smile that would not rest in peace." [what frightening words from a sweet voice.] Fowler turning to the phone, Tessa could easily imagine the faint smile in his face. [but i do not understand. Are you seriously, going to continue to fight us like this?] "We didn't formally say that right. it was just on our whim that we threw that play." [You should already know our strenght. right now <Mythril> does not exist. And the goal of <Amalgam>, is not to overthrow the other world. Rather to add moderate fuel to the state of tension of the world, You no longer have any reason to fight right.] "you're really Naive aren't you" Tessa putting on a modest disdain, laughing at him. [Naive?] "Yes. Did you think that we plan to fight you with only great cause and sense of justice?" [It seems like that is not so] "You have killed a lot of our comrades. that motive would be enough" Tessa plainly stated. In practiality, that was not the only reason she and her subordinates continue to fight, it's true that there is something that they have to do but--- Speaking in its logical conclusion, that would be it. Teletha Testarossa recognizing that her subordinates were killed by <Amalgam>, that would not be for eternity. [that would also be the same here] Fowler said coldly. [You and your subordinates do not have strong bonds right. We also suffered sufficient injury. On top of that, I swallowed everything and continued to be courteous toward you. Even then, that's how you pay us back, I would want to hear your reason for that'] "I understand your meaning at last." Tessa said. "With overwhelming power, you extend your hand saving the weak enemy right? We used to be the one who thinks like that. but right now it is different. You said that you wanted to [add fuel], and you play with the lives of many people. We cannot forgive that kind of arrogance." [I see. Would it be alright if I interpret that as a form of opposition?] Fowlers tease was plainly sharp. "...Fowler-san. In this case can I tell you clearly?" [Please?] Tessa emphasizing word for word carefully, announced. "Let me put it bluntly---I hate FUCKING SHIT people like you to death who pretend to be nice. Do you understand this?" [.........] Mao and the other members of the PRT who heard the conversation gap with their eyes round hearing Tessa use the harsh 4 letter word. "that is all, Message Boy. Please tell the same thing to Leonard Testarossa." Before Fowler can say anything, Tessa cut off the mobile phone, throwing it away casually on the ground. "Let's withdraw. Before the local police arrive get the LZ of the Pave Mare...., what's wrong everyone?" The dumbfounded Mao and the others glanced at each other, and finally let out a laugh. Feeling light from the bottom of their heart. "oh dear, nothing" "[Fucking Shit] huh" "Indeed, you've really got the balls." Mao tapped on the shoulders of a dubious faced Tessa.

<Image = http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v256/durendal/19_057.jpg>
"Eh? ah...."

"I already said it before. I love you, my commander" Flying into rage she was not able to say anything, towards Tessa's completely red cheeks, Mao gave an intense kiss. "A..anyway, let's withdraw! The local police will be coming here shortly. This is no time for sexual harassment!" Shaking off Mao's arm, Tessa gave instructions. "Yeah yeah, Roger. ....but Tessa. What about that Doctor?"

Mao glanced at Doctor Martha Witt who was beside the iron pole of the warehouse as usual gazed dumbfounded at the exchange.

"Yes...." Tessa with a sad face compromised with a frightened Martha, said with a gentle voice. "I'm sorry for having involved you in such a dangerous situation, Doctor Witt." "W..what do you intend to do with me?" "Of course we have no intention of harming you. Anyway let's get away from here."

Tessa and the others immediately withdraw from the place of battle, moving a few kilometers to the city park with a car.

Clouzot's AS activated the Invisibility mode of its ECS, avoiding any obstacle he followed their car. Leaping from building to building and road to road. On that route, Tessa explained to Martha. "When Fowler treathened to kill you, in actuallity, rather he was treathening me." Until they were cleverly lured out this time, the enemy was also wary. Fowler happening to probe Martha, making a speech like that in front of Tessa, with Tessa's own acting, there were still doubt inside her heart. In fact, <Amalgam> and <Mythril>, with simple words and information attached to that, is no longer a subject that would be bothered of leakage. A Level of military officials who show interest in these organizations, Government officials has already got hold of it. The degree of knowledge in Jindai High School in Tokyo is also the same. After the incident where the Melidia base was attacked, at the time when Tessa's escaped ship were having resupply problems, the possible limits of information were already gathered. Within that information, the transport helicopter and <Arbalest> dispatched to Tokyo, and also what happened to Sagara Sousuke and Chidori Kaname, the real objective was included. What they understand was---- The transport helicopter [Gebo 9] was attacked on the verge of landing, the pilot Lt. Santos including the crew were all killed. The <Arbalest> in Sengawa, Chofu--- in that school unfolds a fierce battle with <Amalgam's> detachment, at its end there was serious damaged in the [hostilities with a number of new AS]. The recovery of the ruins by the Japanese police, that immediate unit was taken away by someone. Chidori kaname was missing after the battle, her whereabouts unknown. Most probably, was kidnapped by <Amalgam>.

And then Sagara Sousuke---

A few days after the <Arbalest> was damaged in battle, unexpectedly appeared in that school, the students of 2nd year class 4---no, right now they are already 3rd year class 4---meeting them, explaining the reason why Kaname disappeared and left the place. With the words [Definitely get her back] remaining. Following this,the information was intercepted by all kinds of intelligence agency. There are more important information. The whereabouts of the <Tuaha De Danaan>, the maintenance equipments, and the remaining supplies. In other words their remaining fighting capabilities. And then Tessa capturing a degree of information that would lead to <Amalgam>. Martha going along with this, did not know anything. If she would to tell the Police, FBI, the CIA or NSA of what Tessa had told her, they would deny the value of such information. "That's why---" Since it was explained that the information that Martha knows is not important, Tessa informed her in the car. "Fowler said that in order to test me. In the end, it was to make sure." "I really don't understand, Teletha" "Didn't you examine that there was nothing wrong with me. If I continued that acting, he might really have killed you. That's why, I stopped acting then and there. In other words---" "In other words? in other words, what?" Being exhausted with the succession of events, Martha gave back with an annoyed voice. "You have no information that has value. You will go back to your former way of life. you will not involve yourselve with us again right" "That's right. It's wonderful isn't it" "I'm sorry doctor. We were manipulating you. Our initial plan, we expected to put in a more unconcerned doctor for practicallity." "I see. Because I was a person who jumps in, right? Because of my enthusiasm for work, I was targeted by assasins, I was shut up beautifully by a patient I thought pitiful!" the girl who cried half hysterically, just stared at the calm expression of Tessa. "We apologize for that. But, that was quite a performance right?" "Well, that might be" The car reached the park. The streets with the setting dusk, shimmers in various color like a crafted cyrstal. With a suggestion from Tessa, she got off. There were still a number of people strolling, being mindful of that, Tessa's [subordinates] got off the car with small arms in hand. With the sound of the Rotor echoing above, the flowers in the garden sways from the strong wind. The unseen helicopter lands in the park. Within a few minutes, Teletha Testarossa and her companions vanished from the streets. Strong winds pushing to her wavy hair, Martha reach a voice to Tessa. "Can I ask you one last question?" "That depends on the subject. But go ahead" "Didn't you.... feel anything? When you were delivered to the emergency room, taking the humiliating medical examination. Even after coming to me, you didn't even recieved any service treatment. Why did you endure that?" "A lot of friends died" Tessa said calmly. "Compared to that, it was nothing right?" "Do you plan to take revenge?" "I wonder about that" "Then, why go that far---" "I too don't know very well" Tessa sweetly smiled. "Why is it from the bottom of my heart, an intense fighting spirit is gushing out. Why is this body burning up, is it because I was thinking of retaliating. To know more about that, I would like to lend your strenght, but unfortunately we don't have time."

In the open vicinity of the park the invisible transport helicopter lands.

A fierce downward current. the leafs of the countless trees and young flowers surrounding Tessa were dancing in a swirl. Recieving the illumination of the park, the girls shimmering silver hair sways beautifully in the wind. Behind her the landed Helicopter cancelled its ECS, and saw a swelled up shape of the pallid phosphorescene. "Hey, Tessa!" from the opened cargo hatch on the foot, Kruz Weber called. Already linking the sniping point. "yes, let's go. Good Bye doctor" Only saying that, Teletha Testarossa walks to the transport helicopter, disappearing inside the cargo bay. Martha Witt standing still looks over, nothing. The men boards, the helicopter closed the hatch and started to take off.

before rising to the tallest tree in the park, activates its ECS again, the shape vanishing. The unit melting into the velvet night, eyes can no longer percieve them.

The dining room captured the Neo Gothic design, bringing about the simple modernistic illumination on the skillful design. The window facing southeast takes in the fresh sunlight, with the furnitures using various colors, it is the perfect place to relax from the one who arrive there. Getting a phone call from Lee Fowler, Leonard Testarossa entered the dining. Finishing the miscellaneous matters and negotiations from Easter Europe, he only returned from a long trip. [We got busted by your sister] Fowler speaking from the phone. It was already evening in San Francisco, this place of short latitude, it still shines with the burning golden eastern sun illuminating the room. "Was it her true character?" Leonard said. [Yes. their goal was to capture me. They even managed to destroy a <Codarl M>] "Really...." Putting the phone reciever in his ear, he sighs. [My apologies, Lord Leonard] "No, I don't blame you. That girl just don't know when to give up" That was his clever sister. But for how long? She spent too much time with <Mythril>, and only chose the foolish choices. This is like, she was scorning those men---the death of her father and friends---drunk with self pity in a humorous anachronism, different from the vulgar and inferior [men of the seas]. [There is another way. I have prepared several options---]

"No, you should stop. there are a mountain of things that I need your help with, Lee"

[Thank you very much] "First get back here. The matter with my sister, you should leave it as it is for the mean time." [Will that be alright?] "We'll deal with them at anyrate. In order to preach nonsense to me, how many lives of tens or hundreds of men was paid. [yes. I will put my resolve into it] "That's right" Listening to Fowler, he smiled. [There was a message from your sister] "Hee. what did she say?" Anyway it made her hotline easier, so he thought, Leonard ask. [it's a somewhat a bit vulgar speech] "it's alright, say it" [Okay] Fowlers voice was a little tensed. it was not because he was frightened of telling Leonard the subject, it was some sort of humiliation that was cramping on his throat---that's the voice. [Lady Teletha told me "I hate FUCKING SHIT people like you to death who pretend to be nice." And told me to tell you the same thing.] Goodness Gracious, here it comes. Wasn't that like a sibling rivalry of an inferior blue-collar family. It was like she had a wrong association with her friends. "Quite the authority" [My sincerest apologies] "No, it's a good thing that she is energetic. Then, I leave the rest to you." Leonard cut off the phone, looking around the dining. In the long table about 5 meters, there were candlesticks and tableware prepared. Dinner has not yet been prepared. In the service entrance---from the partly open door, there was the presence of someone. there was someone working in the kitchen. There is no mistake that is was company--- Concerning that point, he might not be different from his sister. Shrugging his shoulder lightly, he head to the door and went to the kitchen, the informing the girl inside. "I'm back" the girl turns the frying pan in the giant stove---Chidori Kaname, stop with the cooking, and took a glance at him. "Welcome back" Answering feebly, returns to cooking. "The cook will be worried, he won't like you making dinner on your own."

"Is that so"

Kaname shaking the frying pan, getting the pepper bottle in the side. "do you know what I'm making" "dunno?" "Omelette rice. But there is no thai rice here. Not even a Japanese Tomato Ketchup. I tried lots of things, but I can't seem to make the Omelette rice that I know." "that's unfortunate" "Can you ask someone to buy? I'm sure any supermarket in Tokyo would have it" With spiteful sarcasm, she complained feebly. Sitting down on the chair nearby, Leonard said. "I have forgotten" "The flavor of Omelette rice?" "I also forgot. The lamb roast that I ate in the past. Even the face of my mother who made it" "........" "Speaking of times, that's the way it is" "So, even for loving you. It's the same for me." "I didn't say that far" Leonard smiled snorting. "No matter what you cannot oppose fate. if you accept it, it would come as a relief. that's all you have to do." Kaname's eyes calm like the lake, looks at him. Feeling nothing, looking like a sensor of a machine, accepting Leonards obviousness. "Do you really think that" She muttered, returning to working with the frying pan. Staring at the back of Kaname. In the think Pleated skirt, fits a silk shirt.

<Image = http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v256/durendal/19_071.jpg>
From the nape of the neck, looking blankly at the beautiful curve gently back towards the tight, he ruminates the meaning of her words.
Does he really think like that---

Of course he does. After saying that he approached, he thought of embracing her from behind, would she resist. but, there is no meaning in that. Leonard crouched his shoulders and stood up, leaving the kitchen.


She suddenly muttered. "The real Omelette rice that I make is really delicious. It is unfortunate that you were not able to eat it." "Yeah" Lightly turning aside, Leonard heads back from the kitchen. From there on, there was an unspeakable discomfort---noticing the discomfort that was remembered in the courtyard of that school, slightly irritated. Out of the corridor facing the courtyard of the house through the dining room, a woman in a suit was waiting for him. One of his subordinates, it's Sabine Refunio. With Laptop in hand. right now, it seems like she just finished with a communication. "He is alive" Sabina said. There is no need for him to ask [who?]. Leonard Testarossa had roughly guessed. "It's about him right" "Yes, Sagara Sousuke"

Chapter 2: Briefing
From far away, he can hear the sound of the waves. A brick made wall and a rough bed. Sunlight coming from a small window.

It's one of the rooms in an old building. Sousuke Sagara in the middle of his hazy consciousness, proceeds one by one the "Inspection Data" repeating it by a thousand times. Name, time, place. Other than the name he knows nothing. Being fataly wounded after killing Kurama, how long has it been since he has forcefully collapsed from the [Arena]. Why is he alive. Where is this place. Asking himself this question, he notice that he did not ask this once or twice.

Really. No matter how many times he woke up muddily, he knows that his body could not move, when the Nurse injected something into him, he fell into a deep sleep.

However, This time it is a little lesser. He can feel a terrible pain. His chest, back and femur, there was a slow and heavy pain. The waves of tightening agony throughout his whole body, pushing his heart to palpitate. Also having a headache like sandbags being hit. He was not sluggish. There were dripping in the side of the bed. There is also a medical monitor. The cord of the Electro-cardiogram is extended into his own body. There were also oxygen tank and inhalers. A thin sheet covering his body. Bandage here and there. Right toe. Move. Left toe. Move. Right hand also, and the left hand. It seems that his nerves are still connected. But they may be [phantom limbs]. For people who lost their arms and legs, there is a phenomenon where they hallucinate about their own arms and legs. "............" He thought of looking at his limbs firsthand, turning his head with difficulty. In addition to the furniture and medical equipments, on one side of the bed, there was a big picture hanging.

It's a panoramic picture the size of a bed.

Two adults extending both their hands, much closer apart from each other. In the midst of the blue jungle are yellow skined people who are halfnaked. There are children, dogs and even image of deitys. There are relaxed women and suffering men. In the center is a youth in loincloth, looking up like reaching the goal of a basketball. It was big, like bouyantly airing the atmosphere of despair. This is the first time that he has seen this kind of picture, but there was a strange deja vu and familiarity to it. "do you know the title of that painting" A man's voice said. Sousuke was not able to see the face of that person entering the room. With a light body, he was pushing adide the agonizing pain. "Where did we come from, What are we, where will be go---" Going beside the bed the man peers into the face of Sousuke. Handsome and blond. And with a round glasses. Mitchel Lemon. (That's the title) He tried to mutter, but his throat was dry and a voice did not come out. just a hoarse voice coming out, with his lips moving like chewing. Even then Lemon understands him, and said a short "aah". "of course that's a replica. it's a famous painting" "it's Gauguin right" This time a voice came out. "That's unexpected. Aside from weapons and military, you also know other things" "I saw it in an art book" Opening his mouth Sousuke nostalgically remembers the complex and difficult speech coming out of his art teacher. "I see. You also went to high school...." Pulling the wooden chair nearby, Lemon puts the back rest in front and let both his elbow hang on them. seeing that appearance, Sousuke said. "What's the situation" Seeing that he is alive, he already knows enough. Without any feelings or greetings, he has to know what he needs to know. Lemon let out a sound with his nose like a surprise and shakes his shoulders, and then let out a small sigh. "Situation huh, then let me tell you. ----it's been 56 days since Nami died, today is May 20" "-----" "Fighting with that man Kurama, you were fatally wounded. The rifle bullets went through your body. It was a miracle that you still lived. Your heart, Aorta and spine are fine but lost a part of your liver and kidney. Your digestive organs have also been shortened. You won't be able to drink alcohol anymore. You also need to moderate your food intake. Sousuke didn't even move his eyebrows. Not dying would be a cheap compensation. Besides, on drinking alcohol, after that one incident in Hong Kong, he has no intention of drinking ever again.

"I should be saying that your lucky. If we didn't administer emergency treatment, it would only be a matter of time before you die. In actuality, your heart stopped a number of times. There was no doubt that I used a defibrillator. We falsified your identity in the hospital at Namsak, until you can be in a situation to be operated on. But in that hospital there is no surgeon that can save you. With pursuing the enemy being dangerous, we moved you in critical condition, transporting you to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I held my breath until the hospital. By chance there was a good french surgeon who was an NGO on active duty, revealing your identity the surgery commenced. it took 20 hours. It was difficult to keep away those nozy locals, since there were after incidents we have to deal with---"

After hearing that, Sousuke interrupts Lemon. "I understand. There has to be a reason you saved me." "Well. At least to attain a conversation like this." Lemon's voice has a somewhat tedious voice, at the same time have a sound that seems like something is wrong. Anyhow, the operation to save Sousuke is an immensely difficult task. He tries to think following the reason why he was saved.

For reasons, there are a number of them that it was troublesome.

"You regained consciousness for a number of times. But in no condition to make conversation. Muttering a number of places, then later only repeating "Getting back" and "Take back"" "I don't remember" "Well, that's right" After muttering that, Lemon takes out a stick of cigarette from the chest pocket of his short sleeved shirt. Lighting the match, and then blowing an unimpressive smoke. Living with Lemon for more than a month, this is the first time that he has seen Lemon take a smoke. He must have noticed Sousuke's look. Lemon glanced at his own cigarette, shrugging his own shoulders. "I really smoked" Saying that, the cigarette caught between his fingers---winding up the tip. "When I had the chance of becoming the timid photographer, I thought ot quitting. But I guess its no use." "is that so." Giving a comprehending sound, Sousuke thinks of the last moments of Kurama. "After passing over your difficult condition, we went to bury her. transporting her until her home village." ".........." "After the burial, 100 meters away from the grave, I took a puff."

<img src="img/19_081.jpg">
"Maybe I have loved her. After choking on the smoke, I cried a lot. I think I cried a good ten years worth."

After saying that, Lemon did not show any emotions. His voice like it was the thing of the past. "It's not like I blame you" He said. "We both are at fault. We mutually used her, got her involved, and then we let her die. That's how the field is, that's how it is. Well, someday---" Throwing away the cigarette in the bed, he extinguish it with his shoe sole. "..someday, we will recieve retribution." Lemon fell silent, staring at a spot in the wall with depressed eyes. The sunlight coming from the windows created a deep shadow. With that facial expression, Sousuke has seen this many times. He has seen this face before in his comrade in arms. With a peculiar characteristic of a life and death occupation, it is the kind of look of death. Was this near, or was it there before, he does not know. It's just that the shadow feels like death himself. "Where is this place?" Sousuke inquires, Lemon looks over the picture behind him. "That painting is a hint. The painter had his life ended in this place. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Hiva Oa island of the Marquesas archipelagos. Looking from a french like me, you would say that it is the furthest end of the world." Marquesas Archipelagos. The corner of Polynesia. Surely that is French Territory, but Sousuke is still thinking of the reason in moving him into such a remote region. Most probably, to hide him from someone. That's the only rough conjecture he can make on the organizations standpoint. "From now on if you will not clearly answer my questions, your life will also end here" "I don't think so" "We didn't save you just because of friendship and good faith. What we want from you is information. We the DGSE want is information on both <Amalgam> and <Mythril>." Pushing his glasses and looking at Sousuke, Lemon sits in the chair. "Then, let's start the questions." He said in a business like tone.

The instant evening arrives, Lemon left behind Sagara Sousuke's room.

Coming out from a corridor of a temple. This is an old church which was erected in the 19th century. Although well known among tourists, there is no one here worshiping. In the surrounding area the Special forces colleagues of Lemon guarding the area, preventing people who knows nothing from coming near. Havi Oa island which is situated near the equator, it was incredibly hot today. The dry sun shines in the warf and sea outside the window, coming out from the dark room, Lemon's eyes absconds. Only the cool winds blowing in the stone path gives relief. The superior waiting in the temple, approached him. His name was Delecour. Age over 40, with black hair with a reserved mouth. He and Lemon are both agents of the Direction Generale de la Securite Exterieure, and have been together in a number of operations. "How was it. Did the kid say anything." Delecour said. "I wonder--" with Lemon shrugging his shoulders. "---slippery as an eel. Keeps repeating [I don't know] [I don't remember]. Since he doesn't have the strength, he won't be able to go through with torture. With the information of his annihilated organization, although he spoke there is no feeling of hesitation" "..........." "He was discrete with the information of the submarine and his unit. Rather, he gives out feelers about what we already know.

when news about the Landing ocean ship that the American Navy calls "Toy Box", their organization were not able to get any information.
There was information that it was sunk. There was also information that it is currently hidden in the Pacific Ocean. The truth is, Lemon and the other still does not know.

Even Sousuke who as affiliated with that unit, he really does not have any news of his colleagues. "How about the others? It doesn't matter about the mysterious submarine. What we want is the information about <Amalgam>" Hiding his irritation, Delecour cross-examined Lemon. Originally, the investigation was a blatant interference in the market for weapons, taking place from this year, it is still clearly taking place. They control the international conflict, forcibly preserving the rotteness of the cold war structure, and what is more important---they leave us outside of the mosquito net. Either conciliation of confrontation, not being able to grasp their truth---" "I know" Lemon shakes his hand being fed up. He didn't like this Delecour much. progressing in elite course since childhood, Lemon desired to be a high class bureaucrat, he has this scorn on Delecour who worked his way up. A son of a graduate school. "Sagara Sousuke said something about a condition in his cooperation" "Condition?" "Yeah" "What kind of condition" "Weapons and ammunition, and then funds. obtaining one unit of a simple Arm Slave, and a Transport ship. and then the preparation of a safe house in a designated place" After relaying Sousuke's words, Delecour's brow wrinkled.

"Does he intend to fight with <Amalgam>?"

"That seems to be what he intends to do" "After saving his life, he treats us like servants. Taking advantage of us" "Shall we meet his demands?" "Out of the question" Delecour spit out the words. "We have not yet decided to go against <Amalgam>. The condition that he go out will not guarantee his life" "Well, that's right" "We will wait for him a little more to recover. then I will directly screw with him."

After saying that Delecour must be serious. waiting for his strength to recover, the scroupulous medicine dosage was already prepared for Sousuke's severe torture.

Lemon has no authority to stop it. Thinking of what has been happening, he felt gloominess. "do you disapprove" "no...." "We will be needing restraints soon. Put on some handcuffs." "It's still not necessary. He can only nod. There is nothing unusual at the time being."

But what was unusual happened that night.

The church that houses Sousuke, was built on the slop of a mountain facing the sea, in the southeastern portion of the lone island in the distant seas. The agents who are dressed in tourist garments did not stand out. Being a safehouse for a spy organization, this is a reasonable place. The locals have not heard that this church was bought by a rich man to be used casually. There are also no traders around. There were several 29SA---DGSE special forces members alternating in guard duty. In civilian clothes was a sunglass type of night vision, and a small machine pistol is hidden under the aloha shirt. of course a hopeless equipment for perfect security. But if a local youth or tourist happen to get lost---the largest possibility of happening--chasing them away by showing the body armor and carbine gun is not a good plan. they would be calling a big trouble. At that night, there is a young sentry on duty that walks alone in the warf where the waves are breaking into. Originating from the army, he passed the severe training and test, and finally able to go on a mission. He can't help but sigh on the boring mission. He was not an old guard, calling him especially, he was taken into the position of a patrol mission. He doubted that what was transfered into the church was an important person. Even if he was a sentry in a remote region, being a man who is unlucky with his work, he was not selected as a member of the special forces. For this reason, from the ocean below the warf, he discovered 3 men trying to disembark. With a dark diving equipment and the newest carbine gun. A waterproof Tactical Vest. It is obvious at one look that these are not local youths or tourists. Of course he makes a stance with his gun at this incident, he was not able to say [Stop! What are you doing!]. He immediately informed the wireless radio hidden in his body with a small voice. "Efemel 4 to Efemel 1. There are 3 men armed intruders discovered in E12. Please give instructions." Immediately the officer Delecour responded. "This is Efemel 1. Continue observation. Reinforcements will arrive within 3 minutes." "Efemel 4 Roger. Out" After cutting off the communication, he moved near the shadowy rock silently. From there is the blind spot of the disembarking enemy, moving until around 100 meters to observe them. At that time, there was a hand from behind wrapping its hand around his neck. ".......!" Unable to shake off. A knife pointed at his throat. There was 4 of them. "Where is Sagara Sousuke?" A whisper like the God of Death "I ask you again. Where is Sagara Sousuke?" He did not answer. In response to the silence, the man said.

"I admire your guts"

There was a burning pain in the back. The knife has penetrated his kidney. The enemy without mercy, drives the knife into his body. With a shock of an external wound with no relation to will, he did not utter a sound. The knife was pulled out. Followed by 2 stabs in the left chest, finishing off with a slash on the throat, and he collapse on the rocky area. Not finishing it with one blow. Certainly killing him by stabbing him in various vital spots. It was an exemplary method of killing with a knife.

The state is strange.

That is what Sousuke felt, he heard the sound of hurried footsteps at the corridor in a defense formation. Hearing dimly the exchanges in the wireless radio. It is best if he has a french dictionary at hand to read, he was not able to understand the subject of the conversation. There seems to be a change in the situation, he is certain that he felt something. Until then, there was this presence in this place. the thirst for blood. Riding the sea breeze from somewhere, the smell of blood is drifting. It was from somewhere far away, his sensitive sense of smell did not overlook this. Someone died. Killed. At the same time of this conviction, he heard the sounds of gunfire outside. The sound of a small caliber and submachine gun firing. Probably an M4 or MP5. Aside from the obvious cover fire, there was no use of burst firing or full auto firing. firing only when needed, the rythm of a battle between professionals. Waking up, and immediately this--- "......." Sousuke endured the pain and tried to get his head up. Again the violent pain attacks him. With an irregular movement in his head, he shakes his fingertips bit by bit. but he has to get up. He has nothing to do with the noise outside---that was the temptation that makes him want to sleep, he endured the pain to put aside that urge. If the situation is as what Lemon had said, he considered that the battle outside would come around. Extruding his hand from the bed, lifting his upper body. It was difficult like lifting a hundred kilos of sandbag. enduring the pain he raises his body, turning his body, taking off the pipes and cord connected to his body. With a posture of his back in the bed, he somehow carried himself.

<img src="img/19_093.jpg">
His strenght is surprisingly weak. If he believed Lemon's words, he was alseep for a month and a half. And then---

"Dammit..." After looking at his arm, Sousuke uttered an abusive language. It looks like this body was someone elses, thin and weak. This is like a girls arm. Without joke, he might even probably lose in arm wrestling with Teletha Testarossa or Tokiwa Kyouko. the gunfire continuied interminently, slowly getting near to this place. (what about weapons....?) None. What is available here are the droplets of needles. (how about getting away....?) None. The door of the room is locked with a key. When Lemon left, he heard the lock of the door turning. Breaking the suspicious glass window, it was relatively small, and also in a high position. Crawling out there the way he is now is impossible. In the first place, he doubts that he can stand or even walk. He hears the gunshots and screams in the corridor. It's not that far. No, it's near. There is no mistake that the enemy would break into here. Sousuke smacks his lips, only seeing a handful of items inside the room. What is available, are medical equipments and needle sets, a medical use tank and mineral water bottle. And then he himself remains, much less fighting with a trained enemy, he has no chance of winning. When the enemy comes in here, he will be at wits end and be finished by shot to death

There is no way to counterattack.

No--- With only instinct and knowledge, Sousuke moves. Enduring the agony with all his strenght, he lowered his feet from the bed. If he could not stand then this will be over, but Sousuke suceeds in supporting his body with both his legs. Walking unsteadily with the electro-cardiogram on the side, he extends his hands to the medical use oxygen tank. Trying to tear off the tube attached to the tank. He can't do it, he doesn't have the strength---opening the tank valve to its maximum, hitting the inhaler mask a number of times in the wall. The valve broke, the sound of vapor leaking out resounds. Just by breaking off the inhaler exhausted his physical strength. Sousuke raises and lowers his shoulders, leaving the crude desk grabbing the pet bottle. It was an absurd weight. He sprinkled the contents of the mineral water on top of the bed sheet. This was a difficult labor. He wet his head With the remaining one-fifth water of the bottle, rolling on the wet sheet, he wreathe it with his tired body. ".........." Like this. And take a gamble at the rest. he breaks again into the side of the bed, taking with his right hand the needle that was stuck into him, Preparing for a rough breathing. There are gunshots outside. The room only resounds with the leaking of the tanks vapour. There was pain throughout his body, he ignores this. He has done this a number of times in the past. In one way or another. Gunshots again. This time it's close. in less than a few seconds, the door of the room were kicked open, there was one man in a black combat uniform, stepping in. There was no wasted quickness. aiming the barrel of his carbine gun. "Your Sagara Sousuke right?" The man said. "Even if I say your mistaken you'll shoot right" "That's right" The man fires. At the same time Sousuke turns his body. Evading the first bullet, Sousuke understands that there will be continued firing. But at the next instant, in front of the man's eye the air explodes. "!?" The fierce flame swells the hand of the man. just like a gas burner, in an instant the flame surrounds the man 3~4 meters wide. From there can be heard the slow and heavy sound of explosion. the oxygen coming out of the medical use tank filled the room. If it caught fire, it will cause an explosion instantly. althought not comparable to the military plastic explosive, like a giant gas lighter, will attack the eyes when ignited. the man's fire that brought about the flame, rushes on to Sousuke who is on top of the bed, having with violent fever in his body. "............!" In spite of holding his breath, the hot air jumped into his nose and throat. If he were not covered with the wet sheets, he might have recieved a heavy injury. overcoming his body with high fever, he next hears the screams of the enemy. "Aaah~!! A, aah~!" The man let go of the gun from both hands, screaming with both of his hands covering his eyes. The flame burned his eyes. Sousuke immediately stands from the bed----he was fast at first---stagerring to the door he stands and heads for the enemy.

The painting in the wall was burning.

Where did we come from, What are we, where are we going. "Chidori...." He mutters with a delirious voice, Sousuke immediately grapples with the walking man, taking the automatic pistol from the holster in his buttocks. Then clinging to the opponent, pushing the mouth of the gun to below the chin of the man who cries in confusion, then pulls the trigger. With a deafening scream, the man breaks down and die. "..........." Now there was something burning in the rear, it might be because of the painting that disappeared to blackness. Sousuke now somehow feeling excessively unbearable mood. he does not know what kind of guy this man is, he is trying to kill me. He has no reason of thinking about pity. Even then, continuing with something like this, he feels a heavy helplessness. The nightmare still continues--- It would be better if he had died in that arena. There was some unknown will that is ordering him to [don't die yet, continue killing]. Sousuke kneels beside the corpse, taking the equipments of the enemy. Tactical Vest. Digital Communicator. Carbine gun. Ammunitions. The blood stained knife. Phosporous grenade. The medical kit of the survival kit. Putting on the vest in his naked upper body, he puts the pistol in his hips, hanging the carbine gun in his shoulders, Sousuke steps out of the room. Looks like this building is some kind of old church. he does not know what happened to Lemon and the others. Did they run away to somewhere, or were they dead.

Anyway he has to get away from this place. and then go hide somewhere. it will be unpleasant to be in a place full of people, so it should be on a nearby mountain, and somehow recover his strength.

That is at least what he thinks now. "............." His breath is rough. Legs heavy. The carbine gun he took from the enemy and the other equipment were very heavy. He feels like he was carrying on both his shoulders 50 kilo cement bags. Carrying something like this lightly, he himself could not believe it. The was a corpse rolling on route. He was wearing civilian clothes, must be a colleague of Lemon. Black hair with a reserved mouth. A man over 40. Looking at the face of this dead person, why does Sousuke feel like he remembers it. Could it be that during the vague consciousness during his critical condition a month and a half ago, that he meet this man a number of times. Coming out of the path is a wide space. This place is a church afterall. When he went out, it was a place of worship with high ceiling. In the gloomy darkness, there was a silver light of the moonlight falling into the stained glass. In that beam of light, Lemon and a number of men were standing. "Don't shoot!" Lemon sharply ordered to the men who were aimed at Sousuke. "Look carefully. It's him." After saying that Lemon and the others came near. Sousuke with a stagerring arm props the carbine gun, aiming at them. "Sousuke. You were alright" Lemon said. "Unfortunately. What about the enemy" "The enemy outside were mostly taken care of. It seems that one of the enemy headed in here. Then we heard a large explosion a while ago..." After saying that, Lemon glanced at the gun and equipment of Sousuke, knitting his brows. "Its the the enemy's weapon. Did you kill him" "Affirmative" "Then, we repeled the enemy.... but, they were able to attack this far." in front Lemon smacking his lips, Sousuke staggers unsteadily, leaning in the nearby wall. "Your colleague died over there" "What kind of guy" "About 40 years old, a reserved mouth and black hair" After hearing that, Lemon's eye circled, looking down closing his eyes. "Delecour huh. Dammit" "But it looks like the enemy was after me" "yeah. Why do you say that?" "They know my name" "Is that so." Standing there was difficult, Sousuke gave his back to the wall. "and then? With that Rambo appearance, what do you plan to do now" "I plan to get away. but, it looks impossible" In Sousuke's exhausted words, Lemon let out a smile. "Aah, that's right. You're not the invincible Superman. Now you have to get your strenght back." "That's right." "The problem is, even up to this reverse side of the world, there are guys who came here to kill you" "aah" "Do you know the reason for that? They regard you highly, purposely dispatching military personel to kill you. Although I can guess, I don't have the confidence. Can you tell us why?"

Walking to the side, Lemon looks into the face of Sousuke.

"I don't know" Sousuke mutters puffing with wounds not yet fully healed. "They really hate me" "That's not the only reason is it" "There is another possible reason I can think of" "And that is?" "it's Al" "Sousuke tells them the name of his partner. In the mean time that guy is still alive, if <Amalgam> has gotten hold of that information, they think that the combination of me and him would be a [threat] to them, they are trying to test which they can kill."

There are piles of problems for Teletha Testarossa.

Playing the drama for a whole week is very tiring for the body and mind, she was not able to rest. Firstly, there was the settlement of the operation in San Francisco. Speaking of the little eye-witness in the harbour, there was a flashy battle of AS. There were no noise about it in society. With the background of Mythril's power, they can falsify the information as a [disputes of drug cartels] or the same reasons, but being isolated as they are right now that was not possible. Also having the need to manage the information, the ships AI <Daana> and the subordinates have to contribute to the operational checks, finally having to do it themselves. After the confluence of the <Tuaha de Daanan> which was on standby on the Californian sea, it was difficult to erase these from the stolen eyes of the US Navy and Coast guard.

The American Navy were no fools. And the <De Daanan> has been commissioned for more than one and a half year. With them developing means to detect the ship, they are in the process of finishing the results. Their detection system steadily progressing, Tessa and the others are more restricted in making moves.

Three days of secretly cruising, after reaching 120 miles the coast of Mexico, Tessa withdraws the alert level of the ship. The order was repeated by the vice captain Mardukas, the ship's AI silently announcing this, from the crew that recieved this order, finally let out a sigh of relief. "Captain, 2 hours from now Lt. Clouseau will be waiting." Mardukas informed her. "That's right. Let's go." She stood up from the Captian's seat. Usually her ashblond hair are carefully braided, casually bundled in the back of her head. It's been around two days since she took a shower. There was no time for her to groom herself, the situation in these 3 days have no time to conjecture. If this were to be a male captain, the unshaved face would be left as is. Leaving the manuever and observation to the officer on duty, they headed into the briefing room with Mardukas from the bridge. The sailor and officers that they met on route, having the situation lowered like this saluted to her. At the same time that the military organization <Mythril> was annihilated, there is no longer a need for such salute, no matter how many times it was said, the crew would not abide. "Everyone is tired." Tessa mutterd who was completely exhausted herself, but she has to put on air for her subordinate. Straightening up with her will, she energetically walked with a quick pace. "Yes Captain. although our morale has not yet been influenced, we are worried about a Miss or an accident." Mardukas following behind said with a small voice. "If possible half a day. They would at least want 8 hours or rest" "impossible. We rest six hours then head south." Because Mardukas purposely said this, he was not able to speak lightly of this, Tessa also knows it well. But there was 6 hours of sleep for a military compromise. To remain more than that in this sea, will give way to the seatch of the US Navy. In addition, the Navy's information can also be stolen by <Amalgam>. "it is not for the subordinates. It is for you" As expected, Mardukas was hanging on. "After the decoy in San Francisco, you have not yet rested. You have secluded yourself into ordering the crew. Right about now in the bridge, Lt. Godard are telling the crew [The captain is tired]" "If there was consent, would it be alright to proceed?" Tessa said While trying to kill the desperate irritation gushing from her inside. And she immediately regreted what she said. "I'm sorry, it is as you said. I will be careful" "No..." "But, the limit of taking a rest is 6 hours. There will be plenty of time to rest later. Let's try our best a little more." Reasserting her perfect smile, it seems that there is no effect on Mardukas. He halted, briefly affirming that there was no one eavesdropping, he formally said. "Captain, would it be alright for a little while?" "What is?" "My loyalty has not changed. The crew also. after escaping from Melidia island, the details are certainly clear." "yes" Agreeing, Tessa remembers recieving the aggressiveness of the enemy while escaping Melidia island.

Narrowly escaping the attacks of the 3 giant behemoths, the <De Daanan> which received large damage managed to escape, Tessa and the others with their experience and knowledge mobilize, one way or another getting away from the enemy pursuit. This attack would get the attention of the American army, it would be difficult to escape their stolen glances. If it were an ordinary submarine and commander, they would no longer be able to escape the siege.

Shaking off the enemy in the mean time, they arrive in the coast of Indonesia, Tessa announced inside the ship informing her subordinates. The other squads recieved the same attack. In essence, it is plain that <Mythril> was judged as destroyed. Without the orginazation that have been supporting them, they chase after the enemy in isolation. The enemy <Amalgam> having people setting up conflicts, the enemy will be able to [efficiently] produce civil war and regional conflict, moving the state of the world. Enjoying the profits from the same. And with the circumstance, after the explanation of the basis and source of information, she said. (---of course the construction of [Absolute peace, Permanent peace] would not be possible. Basing it on that, <Mythril> would be using violence to aim at having [Peace as much as possible]. Following the right or wrong of military power, there is no intention of saying this or that. Although it is called the waste of humans from the advocates of ideal peace, you cannot shake the fragments of it. Even if you call it that it is still violence. There is no honor or merit. On top of that, with this ship---I will not let go of history's greatest device of violence. Completely interfering with them, I plan to completely corner them. let's stop with the whitewashing. This is just revenge. the debt to the many people who died on Melidia Island, I plan on repaying that. Although it is difficult, there is also no reason why we cannot win.) Tessa fully remembers while having the sensation of gripping the mic. (Satisfactory wages can longer be paid. From now on everyone will be exposed to danger. As mercenaries, you are not obligated to comply. There is a helicopter in the storage deck for personnel to get on. The Helicopter will fly to Jakarta, from there on everyone is free to live their life. There is no need for Commissioned and non-commissioned officers to hesitate. For those who hesitates, come to the storage deck after one hour. That is all.) At the end with an unconcerned expression, Tessa finished her long speech and switched off the mic. she also thought that the essential member of the bridge needs time to think. Getting off the seat of the bridge, she secluded herself in the captains quarters and waited for one hour. Mardukas having something to say, she clearly rejected it. On the time of waiting, the close friend Melissa Mao knocked on the door of the captains quarters, she turned her away across the door with [return to the waiting room, I am thinking] At the most it would be good if thirty percent of the crew remained, she thought. No, it would not be strange if only twenty percent left. At least she is conscious of that kind of reasonable state. The helicopter that can carry a hundred personnel might require a return trip a number of time. thinking of that arrangement, while considering the problem in insufficient supplies, an hour passed. Tessa headed to the storage deck from the captains quarters. Opening the heavy door on her own and entering. There were at least 100 crew members stationed in the storage deck. Kruz, Mao and even Clouseau is there. There is no state of tension in their appearance, chattering individually. (Only this?) Thinking of the unexpected Tessa asked them. And then Mao knitted her brows, and said. (What?) (What you mean... the people who would leave the ship) (Aah. Then that would be over there) Mao pointed her chin on the other direction. beside the transport helicopter, there were a group of 20 people. There were 10 people who needed medical treatment. There were 3 attending nurse. overall 33 people. Only 33 people. (The ones leaving have wife and kids. Well, it is not unreasonable.)

Kruz said.

(How about you people?) They glanced at Tessa and cramped their shoulders. (Take a look Tessa. The ones stationed here, landing unit, Base personnel, and Maintenance crew. Right now, there's nothing to do so they are here. Incidentally the other base personnel was helping in the ships work, studying the duty's of here and there.) (b..but....how about the others? There has got to be someone who has doubts?)

After Tessa emphasized, all personnel exchanged glances.

(I give up. Hey, anybody there?) No one replied. No, there was a lone second class soldier in charge of supplies raised his hand and called. (Captain. There is a video tape of a drama, will you give me permission to disembark? No, I'll come back immediately) At once the 100 personnel all laughed. In the center of their ring, there was a giant Maintenance Officer who was gulping down a cola, Sachs pushed his way throught the crowd, and told the captian. (....well, that's about it, Captain. It's just, the livelihood in this ship, we can live off it, if you want to fire us now is the time! Right Master?)

Sachs said turning his head. From the crowd there was a plump middle aged man---the owner of the tavern [Darza] in Melidia island base waves his hand, and shout out with [idiot] in a loud voice.

(If you think were useless, then that's a big mistake, are you stupid. For me we are mercenaries with a severe military fame in Africa. It would be better if we appoint a successor to the Russian)

<img src="img/19_113.jpg">
(that's right. In place of Lt. Commander Kalinin the old man can take charge of the operation. From now on you are Pass One!)

(Well everyone really can't drink while working) (Fool, we didn't even have the time to move a single drop of alcohol. Bringing in worthless things, there are already a mountain of idiotic luggage. Really, those idiots.) Everyone hit his hand. Tessa only found out later, the owner of Darza indeed doesn't even have a single drop of alcohol. However the decoration in the taver with Lt. McAllen----the pictures of those who were killed in action were crammed together in the sack being sheltered in the ship. (If we run away then Man will become obsolete, right?) (That's right) (Oh my? Please don't forget that there are also women here.) The Technical Officer Reming raised her voice from the crowd. Immediately beside her Viran, the secretary of Tessa, In charge of communication Shinohara who had a bottle of cola, said [same here] in unison. (Still, but....a number of people were already lost right? We don't know what will happen, I want to explain clearly. Even then, why, this is....) Losing her words there, Tessa standing stock still, Madukas who was coming near unoticed from behind her said. (Really...there is no other way with this unsatisfactory mob) (Madukas-san?) (Well, I'm also one of them) At those words everyone laughed. Only this time Mardukas did not let out the rough scolding of [Silence!]. In the noisiness he informed Tessa. (Captain. To be able to work for you, everyone is happy. Among the soldiers it is like a dream. That is you. Of course we didn't think of you as an ignorant and conceited girl the first time. But this time it's different.) (...........) (For something a veteran with long military service was not able to do, you brought us this far. And it is because that you said to fight, we are happy to follow you. In addition you said those words with the real motive of your heart. If ever that you said "For the sake of peace" in that speech of yours, I too would leave the ship.) Only for revenge. Tessa herself didn't think that it was that simple. However, moving themselves strongly, the fact is that it was a primitive move. Not because of morality. Not because of Honor. The soldiers follow her for their own revenge. Most of it has been in response to her expectations, but it was completely unexpected. Leaving behind the abusive curses, in the end they could not complain. (that's....) If it was her previous self, she would have crumble and cried right there. But that was not so. no subordinates would demand of such a thing. Instead she put both her hands on her hips, informing them at the same time with a clear voice. (I understand. But, as I said earlier there will be no salary okay? We can at least somehow manage food. And that is all. Would that be alright?) (U-i) (Well, it can't be helped) (Yeah yeah) broken responses were made. She drew a big breath, then shouted at once. (Wrong. What would be your response!?) Everyone in confusion, they put their voice together. (Yes Ma'am!) (Good) Nodding with a composed face, a queer silence controlled the place. And then unable to bear it, Tessa burst out in laughter, followed by a loud laughter by everyone. An inappropriate laughter flowed in the hanger, echoing. She herself, did not know what was strange. It might be the tensions following tensions that there is no longer strangeness in the nerve. Rolling around in laughter, finally the tears she beared started to flow. Everyone did not put on airs, she only told them "dismiss", and everyone departed the place. When the goodbyes being said to those who would disembark calmed down, it took about 30 minutes.


Mardukas said to Tessa who has an unsettled reflection. "Eh? Ah, I'm sorry" Returning to her face----her face that was tired of the long operation, Mardukas carfully observed. "....... right now as I said before, what I am worried about is your fatigue. With the subordinates having these conditions, do you still feel responsible?" "What do you mean?" "I do not know if I am thinking too much. Originally, I can feel that you go to a tourist spot somewhere to relax for about a month." "I can't right?" Although he said it with a sort of snorting, Mardukas did not laugh. "that's it" "?" "the former you would have answered with a lot more wit. [Then everyone should go occupy that island, and enjoy themselves], or something like that..... No, I have no talent for such jokes, I can't say it very well-- at the very least, you would not reply with [I can't]" "........." "Right now you do not have enough humor. thinking of many things, your mind being tired is proof enough." At the words of Mardukas, Tessa calmly scrutinized. Certainly what he said really hit the spot, but it does not mean that she needs rest on their current condition. Nevertheles---- She finally noticed. Mardukas---for a stubborn and straight faced man like him to say with sarcasm "You do not have enough humor" is something strange, why did she not notice earlier? Is that not proof that she is tired herself? "that's right...." Tessa answered without strength. "I will remember. But, anyway right now we have to discuss this" "Yes" Mardukas replying voice was mixed with shame. They walked again. Reaching the briefing room, inside was Ben Clouseau and Melissa Mao, and then Kruz Weber was also waiting. Since the commander of the landing team Kalinin was no longer there, his successor became Clouseau. They also lost the commissioned officer Castello, his responsibilities goes to Mao. And most recently, Kruz carried various assignments. Previously Mao was the subleader of the SRT, and also arranges the work of the non-commissioned soldiers. After the destruction of <Mythril>, it would be natural that their ranks would be on a skeletal force, in order make clear their chain of command, Tessa bequeathed the general idea of their ranking. Clouseau was designated to Lt. commander, Mao became the First Lieutenant. Kruz was designated as Master Sergeant. His promotion was the recommendation of Tessa, she thought that Kruz and Clouseau had a dog and monkey relationship. At that time Tessa asked Clouseau "Do you think he can do it?", and he said "if it's him then he can do it. His experience and skill is top class, you will know if you see it. Even Lt. Commander McAllen recognizes this. Although there are some reluctance" with discomfort. Kruz himself liked the idea of "Master Sergeant Weber", the soldiers even say "The Master Sergeant is calling". At most, plenty of soldiers are milling in their ears, "Master Sergeant Weber. The 10 dollar you borrowed the other day, hurry in paying it up idiot" or "Master Sergeant Weber, if you have so much time help out in peeling the potatos stupid", they say it as much as they want. Although he has a different method from a typical senior non-commissioned officer, this must be because of his personal sociability and friendliness. In actual, Kruz has no problems regarding troubles arrising from the soldiers. Although he is talkative as ever, he no longer makes disruptions as he pleases. And it seems that he has become of an advisor to inexperienced soldiers. Clouseau and Mao had noticed it earlier, Kruz has the character of a leader. Mostly, similar to Tessa, there was a variation in the responsibilities of a commissioned officer. If you look at it, it is close to a captain of a baseball or basketball team. Incidentally Yang Jungyu and Sandaraputa who were injured during the battle on Melidia Island who were the remains of the SRT, remained in the ship for medical treatment, right now they are stimulated into rehabilitation and basic training. the current situation of the <De Daanan> has roughly become like this. The greatest pending question in the problem of resupply has been settled in a free thought. Nobody knows but in the coast of Indonesia---in a solitary island that nobody knows, there was information regarding reserved supplies, which was inputted by someone into [Daanan]. One day after the escape from Melidia Island, Daanan recieved that information. Of course this might be a trap from someone. However, there is no other choice. With vigilance the <De Daanan> heads to the accurate coordinates of the information and what awaits them, left in the solitary island are tens of cointainers full of ammunitions and fuel, Food and spare parts. Until now there was clearly no one who prepared the supplies, but Tessa and Mardukas had a vague feeling. There is someone who can possibly do this. Taking <Mythril> in a different and opposite route, with heavy prudence, making <De daanan> pinpoint the neccessary supplies. Aside from Andrei Kalinin they can think of no one else. At that point in time, they thought that in 8 or 9 cases out of ten that he's dead. Even then how could he have prepared such a detailed---up to a point where Tessa and the others did not notice, is still a mystery.

"Thank you for waiting"

Tessa told Clouseau, Mao and Kruz in the briefing room. Saying "As you were" to Clouseau who stood up, and took a seat herself on the chair. "As you have thought the tides are flowing fast, we really took our time. I'm sorry about that." "No" Clouseau answered with his hips falling. "And then on top of the damage in capturing Fowler, for us in following the compass in our mobilization..." "Yes, but unfortunately, we were not able to capture the tail of Leonard Testarossa. It's not that we have to find another route but..." Tessa who speaks out the name of her own brother like a complete stranger, she has already familiar with that face. Her brother manages <Amalgam> into action, contributing greatly to the organization with his technical skills, already taking about this place in all directions. "Even if we do follow them, we can't really locate them. For a situation like this, we had to dispatch the majority of the base personnel. In these few months they would construct the information network. The base personnel who had escaped Melidia island had already disembarked. Transporting them into different locations around the world, doing activities in their field of expertise. Buying supplies, computing the budget, the program for resupply, and their escorts. Of course there is the information gathering and the search and contact of the remnants of <Mythril>. In order to maintain the means of contacting and secrecy of their allies, Tessa and the others devoted one month for the preparation of this. Mao said. "That's why, it's not that easy to pinpoint the whereabouts of the enemy right? They're not even professional spies." "Yes. That is why those who were dispatched, it is a priority that we contact the remains of <Mythril>. ....For example, Sagara-san would also search for us from somewhere. If we can contact people such as him, we would be getting some sort of clue." Saying the name of Sagara Sousuke, Mao and the others were a bit sad. "Sousuke huh..." said, Mao. "We don't know if he's still alive." said Clouseau. "Ha. I don't think that guy would die that easily" Said Kruz with a strange confidence, then made sigh. "...even then, you have to make this clear, Tessa." "About what?" "The reason for your prejudice towards your brother. Because your simply relatives, or because he's the manager, although that kind of reason is not acceptable. There's definitely some other reason right?" "Webber" Kruz speaking strongly, Clouseau rebuked from the side. "It's alright, Clouseau-san" "But...." "I think it is high time to know. because I'm not even sure myself, and it has been vauge until now, but I will tell you." Actually, she has not told anyone of this. Why is she targeting Leonard herself? Why is she persistently chasing after him? She does not know up to where she will talk, daring to prostrate herself up to this point, she explains to the 4 subordinates that she trusts the most. "<Amalgam> is an unusually tough organization" Tessa said choosing her words carefully. "The construction of their organization is unlike the pyramid type of <Mythril>, but more like a spiders web with an usually complex command system. Of course among them there is a manager. Speaking of this manager, you can think of this net as a "node". More or less a "highly efficient node". However, even if we render the manager powerless, the damage to the organization is insignificant. "Why is that? won't the command system be in confusion?" Kruz said looking blankly, Mao muttered. "Because it's a scale free network. There are other hubs that will take its place." "That is correct. You already know of this but, the internet originally, was a system made for the survival of the command system of the US which was scattered into various places to protect from the whole nuclear threat of the Russians. <Amalgam> takes the concept of this system, an eccentric secret society. There is a man of influence in the organization, but it's true significance does not exists as the "Summit of the Pyramid". Everyone can carry the part of decision making ability, everyone has the ability to make use of the arms. "Oh my, like a democracy." Mardukas complained with sarcasm. "it is democracy. That is why the decision making is slow. But difficult to break with overwhelming strength. That kind of bothersome organization." "Um? In other words? Sorry, I really don't understand it well" Kruz said with a scowling face, then Clouseau hesitantly replied. "In example of a game or anime, there is no boss character to defeat in order to get the conclusion." "Hahaa..." "There are many boss in there. And nobody can pinpoint them. But if you were to exterminate them, the other boss will organically move and complete the organization. Like hitting moles that would not end." "I see. ...then, hey hey! How do we fight with those guys?"

Kurz's voice nearly reaching a scream.

"At first glimpse, they look invincible right. You'd think they are like an unusually tough short enthropy. However, they are not everlasting." Tessa said. "Like I said before that there is a "Prospect for victory". Following that subject, I only noticed it after the christmas incident. The report was also sent to the Border Admiral. Although the admiral thought of seriously accepting it, before we can deal with it the tactical headquarters were exterminated. ... but, the author of the report on <Amalgam's> weakness---in other words me is still alive. and this type of organization's weakness, is that it is clearly a biological and engineering." "What do you mean? "I see, a virus" Mao said prudently. Tessa expressed a smile. "We don't know if this will completely exterminate the organization. but, we can make them powerless similar to being dead. to the point where they could not recover. This is what I thought about "Prospect of victory"" "But captain---" Clouseau said. "The opponent is neither living thing or a computer. They are a group of people that have communications in any way. It's exact nature can't be understood. No matter how we prepare the virus, what would that tangible thing be able to do, I myself cannot imagine it." "that's right. Me too." "But, how..." "As far as I know, the idea of the virus, a genius capable of preparing it, and also capable of implementing it infiltrating the organization who can understand the information, there is only one man. ....do you understand now?" "You mean your brother?" Kruz said. "That is correct. I fully know his character and abilities. Of course he would have created it, in preparation for everything. the other managers did not notice it. That is why, we have to search thoroughly and attack <Amalgam's> connection institution, by destroying the manufacturing plant of their fuselage. We have to capture Leonard Testarossa alive, by all means neccessary, and have him cooperate with us." "by all means, you mean..." Tessa with cold eyes, nodded unconcerned. "By all means. You don't need any explainations right?" "b..but..." "thank you. But it is alright" Tessa silently smiled, Kruz stopped his lips and his muscles shakes. Clouseau and Mao made a serious look at her profile, Mardukas face down with a pitiful expression. "Fowler got away, but he did give us some useful information. Daanan's analysis is also proceeding. I will be heading this ship towards south, and be on standby on the Pacific Ocean. There can also be a case that we have to head to the Atlantic ocean, but with this ships cruising capability it will take some time to turn from South America. Are there no objections?" "Yes Captain." Mardukas said first. the other 3 follow shortly. After the consultations, the meeting was over. mardukas, Clouseau and Kruz left the room. Mao remained and ask Tessa.


"Yes?" "Are you alright?" Mao's look was serious. "Yes. Why?" "Why... Well, I think there was something but" "Mardukas-san was also worried some time ago. But I'm alright." Tessa smiled. Mao did not smile. "Then it's alright. At most its 5 more hours. Eat something, and take some rest okay?" "Yes, I plan to do so." "The Ships doctor Goldbery also said it right? If you have an appetite.." "yes yes! if you have an appetite, having some rest would be alright, right? That is true, so don't worry." Tessa forcefully showed a yawn, and left the breifing room. and immediately returned to the captains quarters, there was a club sandwich and vegetable juice left on top of the desk. Private Kasuya from the kitchen must have left this.

It's already been half a day and she hasn't had anything to eat.

"........." She took a bite on the club sandwich, and forced it down her throat. But she can't take the second bite. She drank at least half of the vegetable juice. then she threw the club sandwich in the bedpan of the bathroom, feeling like a criminal destroying the evidence. She though of getting a shower, but she didn't feel like it. the illumination disappearing, she took off all her clothes, turning the blanket on the side of the bed. 10 minutes passed. 30 minutes passed---- An hour passed, and she gave up. She can't sleep. Rising in half arch, sluggishly taking off the blanket, keeping her back to the wall, staring in the darkness. Both her eyes open. Swirling in her head, is the face and name of her dead subordinates. The men and women who had died. Keeping silent, she stares at the dot in the opposite wall.

Chapter 3:  Front Toward Enemy
The muscles of the whole body is screaming.
 Painful.  Difficult.
 The foot is heavy.  Wanting to vomit.
 Chins rising.  The ribs painful with the violent breathing.  Throat thirsty.  Extremely thirsty.
 The wet atmosphere of the jungle clings surrounding the body.  Large amount of sweat gushing out, advancing step by step the jungle boots makes an unpleasant sound.  The belt of the knapsack eating into the shoulders, even being painful it can't be helped.  Halting, hands thrust into both knees, it's merely been 30 seconds since he last rested, so he thought.  At any rate there was no one watching.  There was no one to complain about slacking off.


Sousuke enduring the pain, shakes his head bit by bit.  How pathetic.  With the steep mountain path, he only walked no more than 6 kilometers, and then dealing with this.
 One foot forward.  One foot forward.
 He stumbles on the root of a thick tree staggering.  Although he fell down in the previous cave, narrowly taking his balance stamping his feet.  Standing still like that, he firmly endures it and continues to move.  Don't think.  Run.
 The fierce ringing of the vague heartbeat, it's palpitation echoes in his ears from the nape of his neck.  Field of vision narrowing, consciousness becoming hazy.
 One foot forward.  One foot forward.
 What's the foundation of fighting?  What's the foundation of a soldier?  That's right, it's running.
Run. Run. Run.
 Soldiers who do not run have no chance of winning.  In extreme cases, this has nothing to do with skill and equipment.  The Goddess of fighting only smiles upon those who can run longer than their enemy.  Understanding the merits of the battles extremity, it is simple, that is the only variation.  Staying alive this long was because of "Running". 
 Needless thinking are slowly disappearing. 
 Hesitation and doubt disappears.  Regrets from the past, and indecisiveness of the future also disappears.
 Forward.  Forward.  Forward.
 He is approaching the landmark which is a grotesque shrub.  It will be 10 kilometers in the map point.  The distance that was not reached yesterday, was already passed today.
 The whole body is in pain as usual.
 However, Tomorrow he would be running further.

"You still plan to move huh. Good gracious, really...." Lemon Mitchel said from the view behind Sousuke who was taking sufficient rest heading towards the Athletic Field, returning to camp the calisthenics started.

This place is the northern part of the swampy area in Florida state, North America.
 It's around a few good 10 kilometers to the nearest Taylor town, this place is not in the hands of the most primitive age.  And those who come here are mostly hunters, academic researchers or those who are curious, which does not visit much in a span of a year.  There is only one land route.  The people coming to this remote place, must definitely go through Taylor town--- in other words those who are looking for Sousuke, the people in the city would immediately inform Lemon through wireless radio.
 In the attack at Havi Oa island, Lemon's own organization, the DGSE, was caught in the information net of <Amalgam> without any knowledge.  If not, the whereabouts of Sousuke would not have leaked.

[http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v256/durendal/19_137.jpg <img src="img/19_137.jpg">]

He thought of going back to his home country in France, but thinking of the current situation it would be dangerous.  And then Sousuke himself, the superiors have decided to separate him from his former self.  Naturally, this would be severe questioning, or rather profiting from the collaboration with Sousuke.  That attack was obviously a hostile action from <Amalgam>.  His own country and organization thought about the possibility of conciliation with <Amalgam>, but Lemon did not think at the possibility of that.
 That is why he took only his trusted companions to bring Sousuke in a peculiar place.  Because his immediate superior Delecour died, Lemon was entrusted to have his own discretion, this decision would put him in a grave position in his own organization.  It was hidden at the discretion of the source of information because he did not think it is interesting to the highest level.  Suffice to say, Lemon and the others are running away together with Sousuke.

(Do you mind)

That's what Lemon thought.
 Of course he moves for the national interest of his own country, and he stills intends to do so.  To hand Sousuke over to the hands of the enemy----to give in to the big headed in charge of information from the headquarters, wouldn't this be tied to like selling off your own country?  To that degree the organization called <Amalgam> is dangerous, that clout has a thick root, he has felt this in the incidents these past months.
 First Sousuke must recover.
 If he gets back his natural strength, he would become a soldier that would not need guarding.  This would let them move easily, building a relationship of joint struggle with Sousuke, they would be able to get near the center of the organization called <Amalgam>.  But also, it would take the threat of the enemy away from his native country.
 Before coming to this camp, Lemon had a talk with Sousuke about what he thinks, and asked for his cooperation.  Sousuke thought about it and nodded, (Okay.  However, would that be all?)
 He said.

Rational logic aside, Lemon have this feeling of going against <Amalgam> with prejudice. It's the most extreme subject. If it was a "Bureaucratic" agent, this important burden of a person would be pushed to someone in the headquarters, and transfer himself into another assignment.

Lemon answered with an absentminded tone.

(Revenge---although it is a strange talk. Well, I do have that mood.) (Is that so. I understand.)

With only that Sousuke consented, and he didn't inquire about Lemon's motive a second time.  With information concerning <Mythril> and <Amalgam>, and also the circumstances as to why Sousuke is being targeted by the enemy, Sousuke promised to tell him this when he has recovered to a degree.
 The problem is how to hide from it.
 Lemon reached a number of people from his connections, either way in terms of safety there are only difficult places and environments.  It must be difficult, Sousuke himself proposed to Lemon.

(there is a person who can lend a hand) he said.

that person--- what John George Courtney offered, was this remote and uninhabited camp.
 Even now Sousuke was leaping and splashing silently in the field, rising and running down.  Besides Lemon who was observing silently, the middle aged person---Courtney came.  The wrinkles of his age are carved, spine properly extended, his movements are one by one reassuring.  With an appearance of a veteran, his sweat colored olive green fatigue was magnificently worn.

"He looks like doing it" "Yeah. There is a degree of recklessness."

At Lemon's words, Courtney let out a hmph with the sound of his nose.

"However, his youth can overlook the recklessness. Do you understand that?" "Will to fight, or a purpose?" "Much more simple. Just Fucking Guts"

Said the old man combing his abundant mustache with his fingertips.

"Guts, you say..." "No. Fucking Guts"

Courtney corrected.

"Is that different?" "Don't you understand? Then you are nothing more than a Fucking Idiot! Well a Fucking French bastard being more sensible in Fucking English, there is still some promise! "Haa"

This retired Commander Courtney who successively putting out the inferior F word is an American who is over 60, and came back from Vietnam.  Preparing this land and camp, setting up the allies in Taylor town, all of it was due to his assistance.
 In the past, with the American Army and Navy being troubled with the guerilla attacks in Vietnam, this camp was established to train in jungle and wetlands combat.  A commissioned officer in the army nicknamed it "Charging Charlie", it was created to give personal experience of the Hell of Vietnam to young soldiers who have no knowledge of conventional warfare.  Courtney was one of the participants in the training curriculum.  The language at that camp was violent, waking up with bombs in the morning, with officers wearing the Vietcong uniform, with not enough time for sleep everyday creeping in the field.  The digression nevertheless, that certain Charlie was established into the "Delta Force" of the Army.
 And then, in the site of the camp with a history Sousuke continues his training rehabilitation.
 But Courtney and Sousuke only met once this year, they only have a relationship through the drinking party of his "superior".  And with only that kind of relationship, this old man prepared a thorough program which to the doubtful Lemon, inquired Courtney of his reasons.
 And then he said.

(It is because he was chosen by the cute daughter of my friend...)

He muttered lonesomely.
 No matter what strange circumstances has occurred, Lemon no longer enquired even with the bothersome sullenness.
 With that reason, everything was prepared by that old man---

"But Mr. Courtney. There is a suitable theory for the training."

With the one word of Courtney in Sousuke's reckless "Guts", Lemon gave his opinion.

"He is obviously over working it. His physiological movements are wrong. There are not enough muscles attached. Rather he lost weight, he would have already collapse when he reached his limits. Didn't you also said this to Sousuke."

And then Courtney reached into his breast pocket, taking out a Cigar, continuing with the match glued to the sleeve of his field uniform, with a magnificent way of doing it lighted the match.  Lighting the tip of the cigar in front of Lemon who was waiting for an answer, chewing his mouth a number of times, and smoothly blowing out a smoke.

"Um, are you listening?"

With the pet expression of smoke blowing, the old soldier finally looked at him and said.

"Of course I'm listening. Physiological movements huh?" "Yeah" "Fine. I will advise him."

After saying that he took one step forward. In the crudely made field, the rising and falling log thrust into the ground which was dripped with sweat he raise his voice towards Sousuke.

"Sarge!" "Sir!"

With a wild breathing, Sousuke answered.

"Your pace is falling! Really, coming to a health resort searching for boys, you're showing a shameful ass like an unsatisfied young lady! Could it be that you're seducing me with that Ass!?" "No sir!" "Actually you really don't have the will to do it right!? You're only showing appearance of doing your best!" "No sir!" "Then put out more fighting spirit! If your thinking of having your rotten dick penetrate the pussy of the girl you've fallen for----Move! Move! Move!" "Yes Sir!"

Raising his voice like most groans, Sousuke raises the log that has been whipping his whole body.

Retired Commander Courtney hurling jeers like "that's right, Suffer! Writhe!", Lemon protested with a fed up face. "You're hitting him!? what about the physiological movement theory---" "It's a Fucking theory!"

The old soldier peeling his eyes, he growled with his voice like his hips leaving.  Unintentionally scowling at Lemon, he inhale his cigar once again, and blowing out a smoke that obscures his face, from there he "Kah-, Peh" and vomited a large chunk of phlegm on the ground.

"Discussion of guts is old? Method of training Physiology? Those things, are for shitty young ones. Those are said by people who underestimated a man's life force." "tha..." "Being isolated in the middle of combat!"

Courtney interrupted.

"There are only enemies in the surrounding! If you get caught you lose your life! Your stamina is already at its limit! No water, food or ammunition! What do you do!?" ".............." "Well, what? You guys abide by the theory of your doctors, in medical terms you can't fight anymore, do you give up and blow your head off?" "that's..." "Before that. There is something amazing happening, it's always before that. Our almighty God, has properly prepared for that. God as we call it gave man a Super Fucking Charger"

Courtney firmly made a fist from his grip, hitting Lemon in the chest looking around.

"Moving this, the coward become courageous, changing from useless to an elite troops. Not to mention, a common soldier who is on the verge of dying in a short time finishing this----he would be able to do this"

It's reckless, Lemon with his face knitting his brows.
 Moderate exercise and moderate rest.  And having a balanced diet.  To be able to create an ideal body, these cannot be missed were scientifically made clear.

"You don't trust me?" "yeah, well" "Then I'll give you proof. Hey, you! You shitty young guy! Come here!"

Courtney called at the soldier doing maintenance with smalls arms in the corner of the camp---the voice reaching the special forces member of Lemon's subordinate.  The soldier with a dubious face "me?" pointed to himself, and ran towards Lemon.  Courtney hit his back and pointed towards Sousuke, and said.

"Get him some fighting spirit. Hit him 2 or 3 times, and pound him to the ground. What, you don't have to be forgiving. Go!"

The large built and robust soldier inquired at Lemon's expression.  Lemon thought a little, and gave a short nod indicating "do as he says".

"then, I'll do as you say...."

The soldier shrugged his shoulders, and headed toward the center of the field where Sousuke is running.  With fist tucked in he informed him with "don't think of this badly" which can be heard from here.

"Well, take a look. Take a look at the counterattack that will open your eyes."

Courtney with the cigar on mouth, folded his arms in confidence.
 The soldier casually hit Sousuke.
 Two hits.  Three hits.
The extremely fatigue Sousuke was not able to give any kind of resistance, taking a shoulder throw and hitting the mud with his back.  The appearance of Sousuke unable to move facing upwards towards the inquiring soldier, he shouted at the apologetic Lemon.

"He fainted" "............"

The soldier nursed the confused Sousuke.  Lemon let out a sigh and looked at Courtney, who appeared as nothing had happened and blew out a smoke from his cigar.

"Well, this could also happen."

The old soldier said shortly.

"Anyway, you can't pamper a man. That is vital." "Stained with mud, with the sweat flowing freely current combat is not taken that lightly." "Of course"

Courtney threw his cigar on the ground and extinguished the fire with the heel of this jungle boots.

"But young guy. A man who isn't smeared with mud and Sweat, blood and tears, what would he be capable of then?"

Sitting on the shadow of the deck chair in the terrace, the day ascending always give the scenery of the sea, this is the daily routine of Chidori Kaname.
 Even in days of rain, this is the same.
 Going out into the sea, it was only a few times in a year of her life, this is the first time that she experience of continuing to look at the same sea for a number of months.
 After being separated from Tokyo, she was taken from different places, the last place she was taken into, was this mansion in the beach.  She was in a situation where she can wander the premises unrestricted.  As what was told to her by Leonard, the person who brought her here, she can ask the people working in the mansion of whatever she wants.

(You think I would be happy being treated as a princess?)

Kaname said, Leonard only shrugged his shoulders.
 When he arrived in the mansion that day, he left her and went away with a Helicopter.  Being the manager of <Amalgam>, there would be a lot of work to be done.  Only returning at least once a week, aside from that he is out to somewhere.
 Once stealing her lips, and clearly saying "I love you", Leonard didn't treat her as his own.  Not even embracing nor touching.
 Not even using that "resonance".
 He only makes her important by secluding her.  Like an important gem in a strong box.
 Kaname did not expect that.
 A young man who has an eccentric feelings of love, it was different from some feeling that you adhere to.  With just a "do that there" attitude.  She was not even thrown into a strange research laboratory.  Excluding the house arrest, Kaname is surely free.  And being treated like a VIP in an extravagant hotel.
 After a few weeks of living in the mansion, Leonard gave her a notebook PC that is fairly new and said.

(If you are bored, try to thinker with this.)

The PC with its network functions disabled, the application of the design data and combat data of the super weapon is stored.  An exaggeratingly super important classified information.
 There were a number of varieties of <Codarl> type and <Behemoth> type AS with a Lambda Driver equipped.  Unfortunately there were no <Berial> which Leonard mounts.
 Among the combat data, it includes the battles with Sousuke's <Arbalest>.  There were many pilots for the <Codarl> type, but the one who could draw out the full power of the unit, is the terrorist who fought with Sousuke----Gauron.  Even without the function of the Lambda Driver, freely controlling the unit with perception and experience, the enemy unit----in other words thoroughly harassing the <Arbalest>.  The fierceness of the real power of Sousuke that is comparable to Gauron, Kaname thought about it again.
 There is also combat data of Mao and Kruz's unit the M9, but these are ordinary the M9 would be completely crushed with the passengers dying.  An ordinary AS fighting with an AS equipped with LD (Lambda Driver), it would be odd to receive that amount of damage.  Looking at the combat data, at Sousuke and the others stubbornness, its telling her of their shrewdness.
 If you look at it oppositely---in other words looking at the perspective of <Amalgam>---isn't this situation somewhat an irritation.
 With the hardware guaranteed to be far superior, these enemies would not yield.  Mobilizing with experience and skill, elasticity and unpolished intuition, in the end they continue to resist, finally having the opportunity to work on it, that unit was left with a fatal counterattack.  This might probably be the "Difference in skill".  Mao, Kruz and the others, ordinary youth being flawed with human weakness, at the same time they are like polished fighting machines.  This fact, appeared in numerical values on the screen.
The meaning in what Leonard once said "<Mythril> was trying too hard", Kaname looking at that data vaguely guessed.
 <Amalgam> was felt as a threat to Sousuke and the others.
 Scanning roughly at the design data of the <Codarl> and <Behemoth>.  Kaname's intelligence right now, discovered easily the point of that problem.  The appearance of the original portion was derived from Leonard, many of the portions were seem to be handled by engineers.  
 The Lambda Driver equipped AS of <Amalgam>, prescribes medicine to the passenger to start up the equipment.  Creating a variety of "Static stimulation", producing a peculiar electrical pattern in the brain.  It is a shell of an interface which is called TAROS, the unit amplifying that "power".  It cannot be asserted with the design data alone, as the medicine that the pilots of <Amalgam> use were improved.  Close to one year ago where he met the young boy---like the unstable pilot of the <Behemoth> Takuma, combat data was not seen.  The pilot of the <Codarl> right now, might not receive the emotional obstacle like Takuma.
 The fundamental principle of the <Codarl's> Lambda Driver, it's most probably the same as the <Arbalest>, but Sousuke did not assimilate any medication.  In time Sousuke and the <Arbalest> exhibited a dramatic battle, a mental state which could not be reproduced by medicine prescription---it is probably brought forth by the forged living as a soldier with concentration and strong will, a variation of enhanced feeling is a plus.
 Although the <Arbalest> is unstable, it has an overwhelming strength in a complete situation.  The <Codarl> type exhibits a stable function, the specifications are also available with limited mass production.  But it can not exhibit the instant strength of the <Arbalest>.  To say the least, the <Codarl> is a unit for exterminating ordinary AS, the <Arbalest> was designed to fight with an AS equipped with an LD.  The difference was also clearly shown in the combat data.
 In a bizarre way of saying, the <Codarl> and <Behemoth> are units that have common exhibition.  But this common design is the shackles of this group of unit.  They did not put into calculation that the enemy would be using Lambda Drivers, for that function there are many portion sacrificed.  In addition the expansion of the protective wall is difficult, an enemy who is familiar with a Lambda Driver equipment---in other words Tessa and the others---being defeated by a common AS would not be impossible.
 Even with a supernatural energy field generating device it is not invincible.
 At Kaname's diagnosis, the "Battle ratio" of a Lambda Driver equipped AS and an ordinary 3rd generation AS, with the same skill in pilots would be assumed around 8 to 1.  If 8 of the M9 were drilled with the proper countermeasures, they could defeat a single unit of <Codarl>.  Of course the side of the M9 would pay a suitable sacrifice, actual tactics are much more complex and organic, if simplified that would be it.
 The tank and anti tank helicopter that is left in the current warfare, an extreme example would be 16 to 1.  Comparing this to the existence of the Lambda Driver boarded AS, this would not have a dramatic change in the concern of the people.  Although this might not be a big thing if looking at the history of science, on top of the military history the artillery and communication system, ICBM would have a greater incidence.
 The people who have notice it that much, was it expected in this world?  Most probably a handful of people---him, herself and Tessa, and a few more people who are the same as them.  People like Mao and the others who have experience it in actual combat, they might have already noticed this.
 Looking at the collected data in the Notebook PC, Kaname understood this much.
Leonard made her understand this truth.  And then, on top of that asked her.

"Then how do you use this worthless equipment called Lambda Driver? How would you repair this unit?"

---he said.
 In any case, Kaname increases the radiation cord from the head part to two, making 3 knots of ribbon to create a data transfer.

(You friend would be alright)

It's about Tokiwa Kyouko.  Leonard after saying that he said "why don't you try redoing it", smiled and returned the data to her.
 After that, Kaname once in a while thought of a design plan and hands it to Leonard's subordinate.  With the design plan merely a sketch.  There is really no practical use, ironically just contents for Leonard.  Purposely mixing in the wrong numerical values, a mechanism with contradicting specs resulted.  It would be an ingenious trap that would be difficult for an ordinary engineer to notice.  With the discomfort of testing her skills, she also tried to test the observer.  Of course Leonard would have notice that intention, showing a mistaken passage, he shrugged his shoulders and left.
 How long will she be staying in this mansion.
 What do they want with Kaname.
 Leonard talks about a lot of things.  Not only the management of the organization, but she feels an impression that he is preparing for something very big.  Most probably, until that day comes she will have to be placed in this place.
 Losing the livelihood of Tokyo, Kaname who felt she has thrown away something, she has no more spirit to inquire about that.
 Whatever.  That was what she thought.
 Anger and laughter, she can no longer recall.  Only knowing of living in this mansion, becoming a middle aged woman, becoming an elderly woman, and dying someday.  She thought that it would be good.
 This place is in the subtropics.
 It's already been warm since February, with only the broadleaf tree remaining in sight.  There are no roads or houses seen in the premises, not even a ship going back and forth in the coast.  Nor an Aircraft.  The helicopter for people to visit this mansion, is the only thing that ever flies here.
 It was a quiet place.
 Like the silence of her heart right now, it is a hollow place.
 The sun sets like how it always leaves the terrace, walking in the west side of the wide garden, this has become a daily routine for Kaname.
 A garden that was well maintained.  At this season the deep red Jacaranda flowers were blooming, shining under the velvet sunset sky of dusk, leaving with an absentminded and gloomy color.  The gentle sea breeze coming from the sea, shaking the leaves of the garden, a number of whispers had reached her ears.
 Hearing that conversation, in that evening, backing into the corner of the garden, in a time for dozing off.
 One was a man, the other was a woman.

"...and then? The escape from LA was really uncertain right?"

She knows that voice well.  Leonard’s subordinate Lee Fowler.
 A handsome man with black hair that would leave a woman enthralled.  She didn't know what kind of past he had, but behind the gentleman like demeanor, is a capable soldier with a careful characteristic, a man who hides a discernment.  He is disciplined to have absolute loyalty to Leonard, and was very polite to Kaname.  He seems to be the right hand of Leonard who flies around the world, but at that day he is visiting this mansion.

"Yes. How unfortunate."

The voice of the woman who answered Fowler, was also known to Kaname.  Sabine Refonia.  It's Leonard's subordinates after all.
 The woman who essentially manages the people who work in this mansion, always wears a black suit and a black rimmed glasses.  Her appearance looks somewhat young.  Probably around her 20's.  Or possibly at an age that is no different from Kaname.
 Sabine was always in this mansion, there are many chances of meeting her.  She was also polite towards Kaname, always respectful no matter what time.
 However, she is not just a weak girl.  And does not only work as a steward, she also communicates and leads the different people outside of the organization.  At that young age.  On the opposite side of that Courteous conduct, a scent from somewhere---the one that has an occupation fighting, that silent tension can also be felt.

<img src="img/19_159.jpg">

Even the people who works in the mansion, there are occasions that they show fear towards Sabine.
 If you look at it, these two confidant and subordinates of Leonard, what are they whispering about in the corner of this garden.  To have the feeling of falling asleep, she might have cut off her consciousness and have no presence.  Fowler and Sabine doesn't seem to notice her presence.
 LA----the retreat from Los Angeles, she really doesn't understand.
 She doesn't know who, but the two are talking about it.

"Did you tell Master Leonard about this? With your judgment you've dispatched an assassination team to Havi Oa island, that operation ended in failure, in addition you lost sight of that man."

"Of course. I told him."

Sabine answered with a very calm voice.

"About the secrecy, that person is predictable." "What is he?" "Nothing. That's rather a word of appreciation." "What a lenient person." "What do you mean?" "I think, it was not a mystery to have angered Master Leonard. Certainly the handling of that unit, was only an example of a pilot. However, for arguments sake if the ARX system were to be rebuilt, the <Berial> would be unrivaled. It is not a kind that should be feared." "I don't think so."

There was a hidden implication in the uncharacteristic words of Sabine.

"Even with his defeat?" "No. of course he is invincible. In fact, I think my <Erigol> would be enough to deal with him." "Then why did you try to assassinate him" "I thought that it would not be necessary to have a fair fight. It is best to pinch the troubling sprout early on."

Fowler let out a small sigh.

"That would be the extreme right. But you don't understand right? You may have hurt the pride of that person." "In other words about her?" "that's right"

Before she realized the words "Her" that Sabine said, Kaname would need a little more time.

"That is if it was unhappy. Since Master Leonard no longer concerns himself with that man. A paper napkin falling to the floor while eating, I will pick it up and throw it away---that is all." "I see. Thinking just like a lady." "is that so." "No, excuse me. .....at all events, there is no longer a need for assassination." "As you say?" "We caught the news of the ARX unit that disappeared in Tokyo. It is not complete, but with the attack of 3 <Codarl M>, they were ordered to capture it. We will see the skill of Mister K (Kalium). "Would that not hurt the self-esteem of Master Leonard?"

Fowler rang his nose.

"That's why it was to be "Captured". We can do whatever we want after. We can also have the permission." "I understand." "Anyway the remains of <Mythril>, we don't want to be sorry for the difficulty. I think we should focus on this "plan". "Of course." "then, best regards."

Fowler and Sabine parted in that place, heading into different directions.
With that conversation, Kaname calmly listened.  She did not stir, not even any sense of tension, just like the sound of the wind.  If it were the energisch girl of long ago, throwing her breath from a strength somewhere, Fowler might have noticed her existence.  
 Havi Oa Island.
 Assassination Team.
 ARX System.
 Those words did not much move her heart much.  The problem is "That man"----about Sousuke.
 Since Fowler were no longer here, how long then were she here.  Kaname in the darkness under the shade of the tree, without speaking to anyone, muttered a soft whisper.

"That idiot...."

He was alive.  And also, she does not know what definite thing he was doing, but he seems to be continuing to do something that <Amalgam> doesn't like.
 Probably, searching for her.
 To the quadrangle of that school, to bring her back there.
 Going that far to destroy her current lifestyle, unyielding, not even raising the white flag.  What do you think you're doing?
 That idiot.
 For me.  In a situation like that, me who had betrayed you.  In front of you who were on the verge of death, me who threw you away and went with another man.
 That idiot---
 There was no tears.  She was utterly amazed from the bottom of her heart.
 Not at him.  But at herself.
 What exactly is she doing?
 At this rate, inside this boring mansion, she will become an old lady, and thinking that it would be good to die like this.  Without anything.  Without hurting anyone.  What would be her atonement for that.  Kicking him with a meager sarcasm---that's all.
 That idiot----
 Leave me alone.  Forget about me.  Slowly, find another way of life.  Why do you have to trouble yourself for me?
 That idiot---
 Hurry up and come here.  Do it and come here.  Say to me the usual words.  With a blunt sullen face, say "No problem".
 You can't.  There are full of problems.
 In the darkness of the tree shade, it was best to space out.
 That idiot----
 She couldn't stand herself.  Cowardly.  Really cowardly.  Clinging on to the miserable feelings, she cowered there for a number of minutes.
 When she felt the chill of the night atmosphere, she finally stood up.  Walking out of the garden with her weak feet, heading to her own room in the mansion.  In the big bed, she thought that it would be comfortable to just sleep there.
 But before entering the mansion, beside the pool, in front of the south side, there was a 25 meter clean pool.  She has not even swam once.


She stopped her foot, gazing at the pool for a while.  With the illumination leaking from the window of the mansion, the surface of the water shimmers, staring with her indifferent eyes.
 Shall we take a swim---
 She vaguely thought.  Rather to sink into the middle of the water, and she thought of disappearing like that.  No, if she were to jump into the pool, she won't be committing suicide.  Even then, without knowing the reason herself, she walked to the pool side.
 She took off her sandals with her heels, and entered the pool barefooted.
 A flavor not found these past few months, she felt the strange freshness of it.
 No one was looking in the surrounding area.
 Kaname sat on the pool with her clothes one, playing on the cold water with both of her foot for a while, then dipped her whole body.
 The one piece she was wearing was gently spread in the water, and then every time she moves her heavy body coils.  With gloominess, casting it off in the middle of the pool.  The body has somewhat become lighter.
 With only her underwear, she looked upwards and floated above the water, splashing in the silence.  Looking at the night sky.  Countless stars are twinkling in front of her eyes.  And then, she tried to truly swim.
 She slowly kicked her foot, raising her face and swimming forward.  She was progressing in the water.  No more bad mood, the cold temperature of the water was frivolous in her breath.
Shall she swim faster.
 She came to a crawl.  With a strong thud of the leg, both hands mutually paddling the water.  Speeding up, the striking of the water echoes in the empty pool.
 Shall she swim faster?
 Why don't she try.
 She was faster as she thought.  With the strength of her arm and feet, her body continuously progressed.
 What's this.  Not bad.
 She finally put out her strength.  Nearing the end of the course. Touching the walls and making a quick turn.  And swam ahead of the 25 meters.
Without any profound reason, she continued to swim.  Like an embroidery in the water, it was not a beautiful swimming style.  But more like swimming with ones might.  beating on the water, a violent kick in the air, swimming like a body violently twisting.  A rough breath came out all at once, she did not mind and continued to swim.
 And then forward.  And then forward.
 She made a number of round trips in the pool.  Why was she doing this, she herself does not know.
 At any rate she wants to swim.  Moving all her body, moving forward.
 Forward.  Forward.  Forward.
 Due to a number of months without exercise, she got tired immediately.  Hard.  Difficult to breath.  The muscles here and there are screaming.
 Even then she swam.
 Forward!  Forward!  Forward!
 Beating the water in the dim light, raising a small roar, she continued to swim.  Really not pretty, a movement like an octopus trying to drown something, raising her face from the surface water, and continued forward.
 Swim!  Swim!  Swim!
 The waters coldness must have gone somewhere.  Now it is hot.  If she strikes, the water drops would dance in the air.  She was somehow in a mood to smile.  The hardship of her whole body turned into a sensation.  Even though it was hard, her heart was released somewhere.
 Aah, that's right.
 Together with her nostalgic sensation, she thought about it.
 She thinks too much.
 Hesitation, and difficulty would not start anything.  No, there is no longer any need for that, but there is something much more important.
 Swimming, walking, moving forward.  She might be tired in half a day.
 Even then, Swimming like this is not bad.
 Forward more!  Forward more!
 Continuing to swim like that---she did not even know how many rounds she made--- If she keeps this up she might drown in her own feelings, and Kaname finally stopped.  At the time that she crawled up the pool side, there was a feeling that steam was rising from all over her body.
 Staggering while standing, there was someone at her back who called out a voice.

"This is rare"

It was Sabina.  It was because of the loud swim, that it was bound to be noticed.

"Is that so?"

Tearing off her shoulders with a breath, Kaname exchanged words with her.  It was good to feel her heartbeat beating in a vague noise.  The wetness of the shorts reaching up to her buttocks, she casually lift herself.  Without any behavior or enticing the opposite sex, Kaname did not mind.

"It feels good. How about you?"

Like challenging her, Kaname spoke with her eyes glaring, Sabina shrugged her shoulder a little.

"No. But seeing you energetic would be good." "I wonder. This is still the worst." "indeed."

Sabina carefully looked at Kaname with a deep eye, and said.

"It seems that you've heard right?"

with only that, she understood what was being talked about in the garden.  She didn't know where she knew, but Sabina noticed it.
 Kaname quickly responded.

"Yeah, I heard. sorry." "Then you knew? I tried to kill your boy friend." "Not particularly. Isn't that alright?"

Kaname rang with her nose.

"Or what I mean, he's not my boy friend in the first place. But that guy, he won't be killed by the likes of you. Isn't that just overly self consciousness? We took your most important thing, sorry, AND I'm cool, right?"

Sabine just stood there with her expressionless face.

"....It's about time for dinner. Shall I accompany you to the dinning hall?"

"Since it's troublesome I'll pass."

Kaname said carelessly.

"But---" "If you want to keep calling no matter what, then prepare Lake Fish made Koshihikari and some Nattou. Aah, and then---I want to eat some Dried Round Herring. Thanks."

Sabina who wasn't quite familiar with Customary Japanese food, asked again for the name of the ingredients.
 Certainly there is a lot of problems.
 But she can't possibly continue on like this.
 That is why in the mean time, forward.  Forward.  forward.
When The former <Mythril> Information Department Hong Kong Branch head Gavin Hunter and the others were attacked, they were passing through the streets of Cantwell 60 kilometers moving on the road.  Working on the frame works of the "Unit" frantically they ran away from Anchorage, heading straight for the workshop which they have prepared beforehand and were attacked along the way.
 It was dawn with rain.  With Conifer around the area.
 Although it's already June, the mornings of Alaska were still unpleasantly cold.  There are two trailers holding the unit.  Hunter was on the passenger side of the leading car.  Unlike any other convoy on the night, it is a place where no cars are going back and forth.
 It was an ambush there.
 In the path of their way there was a bluish phospherence floating in the air, at once a giant appeared.  It's an Arm Slave.  In addition it was not that one unit alone.  There was also another behind Hunter and the others.  And then 300 meters from the left at a small hill is another unit.  As far as they can see, there were three units.  In the silhouette they can see the distinction of the diamond faced head.  Being astonished, the three units are all made up of <Codarl> type.  Since they only have one armored troop guarding resistance is futile.
 The <Codarl> in front opened his hands.  and said "Stop"

"Do as he says. Stop."

Hunter said towards the driver who looked blankly when the AS suddenly appeared.  The driver was employed locally and was an outsider, of course he would have no knowledge of what the contents are.  
 The two trailers stopped in the middle of the road, the external speakers of the <Codarl> said.

"Cut your engine and come out with both your hands up. If you resist we will shoot."

they obeyed.
 From the thicket on the left side of the road appear 5 to 6 men, grasping immediately on the neck of Hunter and the others, lining them up in a row beside the trailer.  Although wearing civilian clothes, there were suppressor in their submachine guns, their movement and cooperation were controlled.  If there had been any kind of resistance, the members are in a good firing position.  There is no mistake that they are professionals.
 The drivers were frightened.  Hunter pitied them for involving them.  But he anticipated this situation and employed outsiders.  He didn't want to expose his subordinates with high skills and experience in unnecessary dangers--- in other words, they stepped on a case where the employed drivers being killed would not make a large damage.

Then, why is he going along with them?

There are a number of logical reasons.  He made calculations not to get himself killed, and to shift to escape if somehow captured, for arguments sake if he died there are no people who would be concerned.  His relationship with his loving wife in the Hong Kong period, became a catastrophe when <Mythril> collapse.
 Oh well.  Being a woman who had pride being a former model, up hers.  To be with a small fat person like him, she only wanted a Grand Cinq ring...that's what he thought.
 But what was the largest, and most dangerous risk he took was not to be in agreement with the enemy.

"Gavin Hunter right?"

One of the attackers said without negligence of his gun. it was meaningless if he were to deny this, Hunter gave his affirmation.  But even then the enemy had made deep preparations.

"Say your mothers name and you birthday"

So they were watching out for his substitute.  He had difficulty with his memory---and his mother had died 20 years earlier----then answered the question.

"Debbie. June 4" "Alright. Show me the load. Open it with the key you have."

Whether this was a protest of something else, Hunter hesitated.  Wouldn't it be alright to irritate them for a bit?  No, that attitude would rather give suspicion to his enemies.  He rethinks, and calmly replied "I understand", raising both his hands and walked towards the rear of the trailer.  There were two armed men, following him from behind.
 No matter how he struggled, he could not resist here.  They are much more trained, men armed with automatic rifles, and 3 units of Lambda Driver equipped AS.  As long as Hunter knows, those who are much more stubbornly superior---the guys from the West Pacific Fleet, would not lose to these guys.
Removing the lock on the rear doors, the boorish metal fittings were unfastened.  Opening the double doors, inside are a large quantity of cardboard boxes.

"It's smoked salmon."

Hunter said.

"We got it cheap from a trader. We plan on traveling along like this crossing Canada towards Utah---"

Not listening to his words, the man violently pulled down the cardboard box.  The cardboard box falls to the ground, on the smashed box the smoke salmon were revealed in the vacuum pack.  Hunter who was looking on, is in a mood to drink some beer.

"Keep quiet and just watch."

There are several cardboard boxes, inside them were a curved armor, a part of a large machine appeared.
 For people on the military field would understand immediately.  This is the head of a 3rd generation AS.

"Are these smoked salmon?" The man snorted, and called on the digital communicator he had. "This is Blue One. We have discovered Tango One. Blue One will proceed with Alpha protocol. There is a control on Tango Four. Request instructions----Blue One Roger"

The man concluded with the communication and order the attackers to withdraw.
 At once, two Large helicopters equipped with ECS appeared, hovering in the skies about 10 meters, dropping a sturdy wire and hook.  The men on the ground quickly acted on both hands connecting wire to the trailer.
 And then another small helicopter flew over.  It's an old model Gazelle.  The small helicopter landed with rhythmical movement, around 30 meters away from the trailer.
 A large built man in civilian clothes got off from the small helicopter.
 Taking off the headset and leaving the seat, with energetic soldier like walking heads to this way.  Because of the shadow created by the trees, the face of the man was not clearly seen.  The gray coat fluttering in the wind.  His hair and beard were also gray.
 One of the attackers raced to this "Grey Man", bowing his head, reporting to him not losing to the roaring sound of the helicopter.  Most probably this man is the commander.
 Briefly instructing the subordinate, the gray man slowly walked near Hunter.  His height is about 190 centimeters. His age can also be seen as roughly around his 50's.


The man came walking a few steps forward.

It was a face he knows. And also, a man who should not be here. "impossible. you're..." "In this industry that is possible"

Taking for granted the speechless gaze of Hunter, that man----Andrei Kalinin said.


Hunter was usually a man who would not be surprised, but this is different.  This is something that he did not see mistakenly, how many times he thinks it.
 But this is certain.
 Standing over there, the one who is leading the troops of <Amalgam>, was the Russian who was responsible as the Operations Commander of the Western Pacific Fleet of <Mythril>, Andrei Kalinin.
 He passed beside Hunter, confirming the contents of the trailer.

"This is the aforementioned unit" "........" "Building something like this, it changes nothing. it was a useless labor."

Hunter's fist suddenly gained strength.

"....Mister Kalinin. I didn't think that such words would come out of your mouth. Although we were not close, we were in numerous operations together. But, I didn't think you were the kind of person who would say that. Those young fellows trusted you. Is that not reason enough?"

"That's an overvalue." "A lot of your allies were killed! On top of that, what sort of infamy---don't you at least feel a little pain in your heart!?"

Even with the sharp words of Hunter, Kalinin did not even move his eyebrows.
 And then only said one word.


He ordered his subordinates.

"Wait, Mister Kalinin. Are you really---"

Hunter approaching defiantly, Kalinin fired his automatic gun casually.  He felt a dull pain in his abdomen, and then a burning pain felt through his whole body.


Pushing with both his hands, blood dyeing.  During his poor childhood times in the streets of Glasgow, a memory of a quarrel came to his mind.  Hunter fell on both his knees, and looked forward.  On the corner of his narrowing field of vision, he only saw the wet road with the boots of Kalinin.

"If a human loses roughly around 30 percent of blood he will die"

Kalinin said.

"With that bleeding, you need to get emergency treatment within 30 minutes. The nearest medical facility is 63 kilometers from here. We will be withdrawing from here. With luck you have could get picked up in the car, even if you do your best to fly, it would be difficult to make it in time. And then my Helicopter has the necessary medical kit." "............" "Then here is the question, Mister Hunter. This unit ---- the ARX-8, who were the people who constructed this? And where are they?"

Hunter spitted at the boots of Kalinin with blood mixed in.  It did not fly very well, and fell to the ground.

"Eat shit" "Is that so"

Kalinin did not show even any signs of disappointment.

"Then enjoy the last 30 minutes"

The fallen Hunter stayed still, Kalinin left the place.  His subordinates also started to withdraw, leaving the drivers kneeling.
 The Helicopter in the skies left a fierce roar of the turbo shaft engine.  The two trailers hanging on the helicopters started to ascend, climbing the skies accelerating towards the eastern sky.  The helicopter Kalinin rode started to takeoff, and disappeared immediately.
 After the 3 units of <Codarl> remained watching, lowered their weapons and activated the ECS and leaped from that location towards a distance.  With the bluish white light remaining, the 3 units disappeared from the morning atmosphere.

"....how can this be."

In the returning silence, Hunter muttered.  The drivers racing, they showered him with their worried jeers, those words no longer reached his ears.
 Gentlemen of the Western Pacific Fleet.
 With those kinds of toys----AS equipped with Lambda Drivers, you will be clashing with a tough enemy with problems.

(Having to train with the basics)

In the two days of his exercises, Sousuke was being evaluated against his competitors.  There was nobody else but the subordinates of Lemon.
 In selecting the search route, determine the encampment position, and the process of crossing the river, that is the ironclad rule concerning tracking.  There is actually combat experience.  But most probably, it is not the least on swampy areas?
 Certainly there are different variations of large mosquitoes and ants, smearing your body with insecticide, no matter how many times a squall falls, there are water floating about everywhere.  There are traces of rare man-made things.
 No matter how much footprints remain, carefully avoiding the spider's web in the forest, it is proclaiming "We are going this way".  The team was split into two groups of pursuit, but looking at the terrain, the search radius of the two teams are too far apart.  If one side were to enter combat it would take too much time for the support to turn around.  If the 4 men of the team were taken care off, the remaining hidden trap would be difficult.

(Well, how about time for emergency...)

Shall he gamble on this.
 Sousuke was waiting for them to drop their concentration, and then attack.  On the place where traces of meal was purposely left---- they reached the roots of a big tree, the point man noticed these traces, the tail of the team creeping up from the left wing.  The traces might be purposely left there---with that  contemplation he gets close to the man on the tail, grappling him without noise, putting his knife on the nape of the neck.

"You're dead"

He whispered in his ear, and in that place bowed down.
 The remaining enemy is only 8 meter's far away, but the thick bush interrupts their field of vision.
 Well, one more person.  From here on is difficult.
 Sousuke has to move forward, turning from the left wing he gets close to the enemy.  The first person feeling the presence of "Murder", called out in warning to his surrounding comrades.
 The opponents he is practicing with, it is impossible to kill them without any sound.
 With that judgment, he shut off his knife and took on the sub-machine gun, he pushed at the enemy at once.  Moving forward the leaves like a tabloid paper, the enemy is present only a few steps ahead.  They were aiming their guns towards Sousuke.  Sousuke fired first.  The sound of gunfire resounds in the jungle.  The paint bullet coming out of the weak cartridge hits the chest and head.  With that there are suitable amount of pain, the opponent who got attacked cried out.

"Uoh, that hurts!" "A corpse should sleep"

Sousuke immediately moved.  The two remaining men who heard the gunfire and screams reacted and headed for the bush.  Firing without delay.  The successive gunfire echoes in the neighborhood.
 If these were real bullets, they would have pierced the leaves and headed his way.  Sousuke would have died.  But unfortunately, the reduced gunpowder of the paint bullets does not have the destructive power to penetrate the thick bush.  In addition the opponents were not able to get a foothold of the zone, moving is a curse.  On the other hand Sousuke had grasped the terrain last night walking about, even if he closed his eyes running he would remember it, the match later would be a two on one.
 Although he felt it was sly, Sousuke skillfully takes care of the remaining two.  As expected the 4 men complained "Why don't you just quietly die", he showed the excitement of making a trap.
 20 minutes after the first gunshot, the other 4 man team finally came.
 5 minutes after that, everyone was "Killed in action", they were discontent with Sousuke afterall.
After the exercise, Sousuke and the other members returned to camp, Lemon and Courtney in front of the electric fan were caught in the middle of a game of chess.

"That's why! I did not cheat!" "No! It's definitely a FUCKING Cheat! My Pawn was not there a while ago! You must have moved it while I was shitting! You cheating bastard!" "Let me tell you, I have an IQ of 150 and graduated at Sorbonne. I'm a little intelligent and also young. There's no reason why I should lose to an eccentric old man like you! Please stop saying strange things!" "How dare you say such things! My Uncle died in Omaha Beach. We save you weak French Bastards from FUCKING Hitler!" "Haa! Then my ancestors gave weapons as presents to the poor people in the new continent 200 years ago!" "That's a lie! Definitely a lie!" "You were also lying aren't you?" "What was that? If you want proof then I have one! The picture of the house in Arizona at that time---damn, wait from there tomorrow! I'm going to go back and get it!"

Is he seriously going 2500 kilometers to Arizona, raising the seat of the Courtney Name.  Then from there, the two of them noticed Sousuke and the others.

"Hn. What's the matter with you?" "The exercise had ended. All 8 mean defeated"

The Team Leader's Warrant Office spoke, Courtney circled his eyes.

"Hohou?" "That's astounding. So we were training for that. You're really been wiped out by Sagara" "No. If it were a real combat I would have been killed when I took down 3 men. I'm not yet in the normal condition"

Sousuke denies, Taking out the belt kit and the magazine and communicators and started their maintenance.

"What an extreme confidence" Gazing at the back of Sousuke who is efficiently lining up the equipments, Lemon muttered. "If you were in normal condition, you are saying that you would have annihilated all 8 of them in real battle" "Affirmative. If I can't do that at least, I can't fight with <Amalgam>"

Sousuke answered without any fighting mood.

"That may be true. But, it seems that you are recovering leisurely. "?" "It's Nickelo. One of the places that you mentioned. Because of that we've narrowed it down. Isn't this."

On top of the crude desk there was a Notebook PC opened, Lemon displayed a number of diagrams.
 It's a satellite image.  There is a small town in Pochutla, South of Mexico, projected a coast near Nickelo.  There was no institution standing out at first sight, it was a lonely place.  Facing the sea was a large mansion.

"It's a satellite photo 20 hours ago. Surveillance satellite of NATO---although it is a low resolution type, we managed to get a photo penetrated." "Hm. How handy."

Courtney peeping on the display at the side, groaning.

"That's why I said I was intelligent. I don't cheat, I can win against you." "Shut up. This and that are different!"

Interrupting Lemon's head poking at Courtney, Sousuke inquired.

"And then what about this mansion?" "This is actually a property of a billionaire. A Mexican called Mendoza who profited from IT, his face shows up once in a while at the <Wall Street Journal>, he doesn't really use this place much. Yet there are capital funds being carried here. Take notice at the figures in the last year. His contract with the construction company and the agent, and look at the transfer of money in and out of the bank---"

After a little while, Lemon revealed a number of official documents and explained technically.  The monetary circulation and laws were terms that Sousuke and the others could not understand.

"In other words?"

Everyone aside from Lemon who has no idea of how money works said in unison.  Having explained with pride, he slowly answered in a dejected tone.

"In other words---this mansion in essence is being used by someone who has not revealed their true self." "Is it related to <Amalgam?" "This [Special Seat] is somewhat similar to the program in the outskirts of Namsak, it's similar to 9 proportions." "It might be gangs of Drug Cartels." "Not so. There is too much security for a gang. Magnify the satellite photo."

The mansion being magnified, from the blur the form of people can be seen in the resolution.
 This time everyone nodded.

"I see. It's secured."

At the very least there must probably be 16 sentries carrying mobile automatic weapons.  The others are empty handed giants.  There are 4 units of Light armored vehicles equipped with Heavy Machine Gun Turrets.

"What's the time frame?" "Past 17:00 hours. It will be multiplied by dark. Roughly around one platoon. I think we can penetrate it in stealth." "Impossible."

Sousuke said.

"These giants walking about as sentries are wearing trench coats. These are not humans. They are Super compact Autonomous mobile AS" "....these are the robot called <Alastors> right?"

While living in this camp, Sousuke has told them of the equipments of <Amalgam> and the details of his combat with them.
 ----leaving out that of Kaname.

"Unless it is a powerfully special warhead or at least a 50 caliber class bullet you cannot take down these opponents, If needed a self destruct of the scattered ball bearings. My unit also had difficulty with them." "Hmm---. But, then this is clearly an establishment of <Amalgam> then." "Affirmative. There are still some problems."

Sousuke pointed at the satellite image.

"There are 6 containers in the premises. They look like storehouses, but they are camouflaged hangars for AS." "What did you say?" "It's what Sagara said."

Courtney nodded.

"I saw this before in the weapons show in Nevada. The roof opens. It's construction is very similar." "That's it, Lt. commander. If we were to include the equipment and ammunitions, two containers have one unit. Most probably 3 units." "Hahaa...."

Lemon scratched his temples.

"What about the type of unit? Is it a <Savage>?" "If this is an important institution of <Amalgam>, it won't be those kind of easy enemies. It's probably a <Codarl> type." "Those Lambda Driver equipped AS..." "This is too extreme, there is no means of countermeasure. Even if we have several good pilot on an M9, it's one unit that you can't easily take down. And we have to be prepared to accept exterior damages."

A gloomy silence hangs over the place.

"I give up. There are three of those monsters, we can't even lift a finger." "If that guy were here, it would not be difficult to take them down...." "That guy?" "Al. The only Lambda Driver equipped AS in <Mythril's> possession." "The first generation Al right. The ARX-7."

The white Savage that blew in Namsak--- He must have thought about "Al II".  Lemon narrowed his eyes in sadness.
 Thinking about his physical and mental condition, the reason why Sousuke was attacked in Havi Oa island, he did not think it related to the explosion of the <Arbalest> in Tokyo.  There was no way that repairs could be made to the destroyed unit, but the form of the Lambda Driver system---there is a possibility that the AI included in the core unit would survive.  And the one who is capable of operating that system in the world is only Sousuke.  <Amalgam> at that time, would be the only logical reason as to why he is being targeted like a stray dog.
 Of course there is a possibility that is it for revenge.  He has managed to kill Gauron, Kurama and a number <Amalgam> members.  But he could not think of it like that.  Purposely setting things up with the DGSE, with that kind of hasty attack being tested, it was an unnatural appearance.
 There might still be some other reason.
 Do they hate the information offering of Lemon?  Their command system in a state of chaos?  The individual motive of Leonard Testarossa?  Revenge from the remnants of Gauron and Kurama?

All of it are intertwined, is it a complex and complicated situation?

If he thinks about it there is no end.  The initial suggestions---the relationship with Al, is the most fitting.

"....no, it can't be helped even if we think about a lost unit. Let's think up of a realistic operation."

Sousuke said throwing out various doubts.
 Lemon let out a sigh.

"You say that. With this combat power attack is impossible. Capturing the managers or the VIP is impossible. These subordinates of mine are important, I don't want to send them out into an enemy not returning alive." "I did not ask you to go that far. I plan to do it alone." "Again, you're still like that----. Enough with your lone wolf airs!"

Lemon raising his voice, Lt. Commander Courtney knitted his brows.

"Ah- shut up. You shriek like a girl" "I'm not screaming!" "shut up, you cheating bastard!" "That's..." "The point. We just need to pile them up and deal with those FUCKING AS one way or another right?" "Like I said, that's not possible so it's difficult!" "Hmph. No matter what kind of unit it is, if it doesn't have a pilot then it's a FUCKING JUNK. We just have to trick the AS and attack them, before they move, we FUCK them with a 40mm shell."

Courtney said with a strange confidence.

"An AS. But, I'm currently in a situation where my organization can't support me. We can't even get a single AS." "Then it would be alright as long as we have an AS?" "Yeah. We can't have a junk like that in the countryside of South America or Namsak." "Hmm. Sergeant, what do you think."

Courtney asked Sousuke.

"If it were to be an attack with an AS, we would need a second generation which is a little silent and has maneuverability. Weapons control system and communications systems have to be at least the level of what is currently used. The ability of a comparatively simple to obtain <Savage> is insufficient."

After the answer to his question, there is no way to obtain that kind of AS.  Infiltrating from the sea, they could settle it with C4 explosives.  Being accompanied with an unreasonable difficulty, there is little hope for success---
 However, Courtney nodded in agreement alone, and said.

"I see. Then we can do it." "?"

Then, from far away there was a strange sound echoing.  A faint sound of an engine, an intermittent sound chattering the air. This is the sound of an aircraft---a Helicopter.  And it is getting near the camp.

"It's here"

Looking at the dubious faces, Courtney said "follow me" and went out of the lodging house.  In there, the sound of the helicopter gradually increases, and finally transfigured into an exploding sound floating in the camp.

"Mr. Courtney, what is this---" "Just take a look."

Swirling around the thicket of the camp, shaking violently with a strong wind, the leaves flies in the air, in that direction the shape of a giant helicopter can be seen.
 A box type unit coated in gray.  A customized CH-53.  A previous generation from the transport aircraft MH-67 <Pave mare> which was used by Sousuke while in <Mythril>.  Under the giant helicopter, there was a shadow of an Arm Slave hanging in the wire below it.
 With a dark grey armor, there was also a solid limbs.  Donning a downjacket it looks like a man with short legs.
 It's an M6 <Bushnell>.
 In addition this was an update for the special forces with the latest A3 model, a type which is called <Dark Bushnell>.  Although not the next generation M9, it prides itself with its maneuverability, and for a short amount of time it can be silent with an electric driven engine.
 Better than the first model, obtaining this unit is no simple matter---

"Well, it's easy." Courtney said in front of Lemon and the others with their gaping mouth. "...then you mean, the important matter that you wanted to get to Arizona was this" "Hm, did I say something like that?"

Disembarking from the Helicopters hatch in the skies, there was a shadow of a man inside.
 This is another old man.  An old war buddy of Courtney, Colonel Roy Seals who was previously with him in a drinking bout.  A former high official in the American Navy, Sousuke could only remember him as a guest in the banquet who had sexually harassed Tessa.  Originally he has a considerable position.
After taking down the AS the helicopter landed, Seals walked immediately forward.  He completely ignored Sousuke and Lemon, glancing here and there in the camp, and then shouted at Courtney.

"The documents were all taken care off! Well, where is Tessa?" "Well about that, She's not here"

At Courtneys response, Seals fiercely turn his head looking around and stopped.

"What was that? Didn't you tell me that she was waiting here. I bought the M6A3 here, with her nightingale wind and a traditional nurse outfit, nursing me---" "Sorry. I lied"

The main agenda of the online conference, is the [correction] of the military balance and supply balance in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East.
 The Middle East accounted for a lot of interest in maintaining the status quo, in relation to the underground resources of Central Asia there was a need for a terrorist incident, while the Far East maintains the tension giving each nation to enlarge their war funds.
 The estimated number of deaths and damages are expected, in the long run it will turn out that reports are positive.  Considering their reports, from that expectations it revealed a proactive and passive endorsement.
 The "World Conquest" is already over----
 The people of the world no longer notices this fact.  Of course, there is no need to notice it.  This organization efficiently utilizes funds, technology and violence, to have a power to greatly get consent from the majority of the people.
 The "World Conquest" is already over----
 There is no need for all the fortune to fall under one hand.  The carnivores in the Savanna don't have to eat the grass, while the herbivores increase in numbers they cannot decrease.  What is most important is balance.
 The "World Conquest" is already over----
 This flow can no longer be changed.  They themselves can no longer change.  For the whole picture, not one of them understands this.  The most important is that you do not infuriate your superiors.  And then continue with the flow.
 No, how stupid.
 The world---

"Mister Ag (Silver), are you listening"

At the end stage of the conference, one of the managers called out to Leonard in an irritated voice.  Of course he was listening, but he was out of it for a moment, showing a face like he noticed it first.

"Yes, what about?" "About the project. The scale of this problem, we would need the cooperation of each of you."

The man who gave him a harsh voice was Mister Au (Gold).  Although it is an ironclad rule to address each other like this, Leonard already knows his nationality and real name.

"As you say. As long as I can provide the information, I will share it with everyone." "Then, how long will you be neglecting that girl. Do you also intend to finish the [Investigation]" "My apologies. But, this approach could not detect the element." "Still the [Organic Vegetable] theory"

A number of people laughed at Au's (gold) cynicism.  Leonard calmly carried a smile.

"There is a demand for new [Black Technology]. Like the abstract case of the [Omni Sphere]. We want results." "Is that so. Then I will give you enough results." "I see. Then that might be the case."

On the man who is only on voice, snorted through the circuit line.  In the tone of changing the topic, Au (Gold) said.

"Then there is the information. There are no specifics, but the organization has to make sure about the whereabouts of your girlfriend. It's about time that the place would no longer be safe." "It's something I've heard for the first time. We have increased the security."

Of course he was not saying the truth.  The observation satellite of NATO, from its inside----from someone who knows the system very well---intrudes, there was already someone who took a photograph of the greatest magnification of the mansion near Nickelo.  Even the whitewashing relating to the funds.  Although he doesn't know who, it seems like a capable hacker.  Although they knew that it was someone related to the French DGSE, but the location was not yet captured.
 Not only that.  There was a continuous monitor from the net with these kind of intrusions, there is an existence of a person who secretly snatched the same information from the shelf.  This is not a human.  It is the work of a large scale Artificial intelligence.
 To be able to accomplish this feat, there is no mistake that it is from that submarine's computer---the act of <Daana>.  Even for <Daana> the first hacker's identity and location has not been found, in any case what is needed is to hold still.
 Just like that.  This mansion can no longer be said as safe.
 Mister Au (gold) said.

"If it is the increase in security, we have already given you support. 3 units of [1502] and 3 units of [1059] are already headed there" "That would help. They also had a great activity in Melidia."

There was a number of people who laughed at Leonard's Cynicism.  But inside he though [it's finally here, what trouble], and clicked his tongue without anyone hearing.
 Then after discussing the agenda of several security, the online conference ended.
 Leaving the meeting room built on the basement of the Mansion---the Polish Sabina Refunio waited.

"The unit has arrived" "The ARX-8" "Yes. Mister K (Kalium) is also waiting." "He's Kalinin right. Let's go."

Leonard went out of the mansion through a corridor, heading for the helicopter landing field.  Close to the landing field, components of an AS is stored in a pallet, in front stands Andrei Kalinin.
 The shirt he took off was gray, a coat of gray over his right arm.  From Alaska, he would have traveled straight here like that.

"What's your impression of your first mission?"

Leonard asked Kalinin.

"Particular. What about the unit?" "that's right. Just a moment."

On top of the large pallet is the AS, covered on top of it is a tarpaulin sheet.  That sheet took several people to uncover, inside the AS came into view.  No matter how different the part or armor, it looks extremely similar to <Mythril's> 3rd generation AS, the M9 <Gurnsbeck>.
 It was a boring unit.

"This is their trump card?" "Yes"

Kalinin answered with an expressionless face.

"the outward appearance is different from the <Arbalest>, and used the test type parts of the XM9. This unit is an ordinary M9----I heard that they used the parts of the E series. ....Can I see the core of the Lambda Driver?" "then, please have a look."

Kalinin bowed, and signaled one of his men.  Opening the armor at the back, it took a number of men to remove the hip armor, exposing the interior of the AS.  Perpendicular to the cockpit---this originally should be the power source of the electrical equipments, this looks like an M9 type of a large refrigerator.
 Leonard by chance looked up at the frame of the AS, raising the unit's hatch again.  there was a cylinder of strong glass fixed in the buffer device, in the construction of the cylinder---let loose a metallic brilliance filled with fluids.
 This cylinder is the circuit of the Lambda Driver nucleus.  if a power source is given, it will operate with this [fluid logic element] emitting rainbow like lights like that of a DVD.  This equipment is also installed on the <Codarl> and <Behemoth>, the fluid processor in front is several times the capacity of the one made by <Amalgam>.

"Is there no mistake"

Kalinin said.
 Leonard touched the surface of the cylinder, and contemplated.
 The real form of the circuit, the buffer system and the cooling system, the fiber optic cable on both ends of the cylinder, there is nothing strange.
 No, nobody knows.  Thinking carefully in itself, this unit and that man's strong will.  At a glance at that young man--- the thought of Bunny Morauta's face, he laughed with a sort of snorting.

"Aah. dispose of it." "Understood."

Kalinin answered, and gave orders to his men.
After a few minutes, the power source of the captured unit was removed, burning off the joints of the limbs, and left in the site like that.  with the car the chassis was detached, and the engine taken off.
 The said cylinder was dismantled, being destroyed in the public.  The fluid inside was scattered in the surrounding, the [heart] of the unit's wreckage washed away with buckets and mop.
 During the work, Kalinin looked up in the window at the third floor of the mansion.
 And he thought that she's here.
 That girl, Chidori Kaname, with a pale face in the window, in the presence of the arm slave being dismantled, and looking at Kalinin being the supervisor, before being seen, she hid back to the inside of the mansion.
 Clouds fill the southwestern skies.
 Thundering, the short sound of thunder echoes.  (A storm is coming---)
 He can feel the gloominess, and thinks that a battle is being pushed about.

A terrible atmospheric pressure shakes the transport ship unforgivingly.
 Upwards.  Downwards.  To the right.  To the left.
 This continued for a number of hours already.  Having experienced bad weather like this, but did not upset his stomach.
 Most of the people on board, were leaking out the voice of a dead man everytime they speak.  The members of the Cargo Bay, who may vomit any time now, shouted at the headset.

"One Minute!!"

The landing point is drawing near.
 Sousuke lightly grabs the joystick in the cockpit, making the last confirmation.  There is no problem with the mechanism of the Parachute.  Weapons Control?  OK.  Communications system?  OK.  Navigation?  OK.  Maneuver control? Ok.  Everything is Ok.
 Then shall we go---
 A giant Cargo Hatch slowly opened in the rear of the transport ship.  A violent storm rips inside the hangar.  The M6A3 <Dark Bushnell> connected to the rail starts its engines, and started to prepare for the violent work.
 Sousuke drew a large breath, and informed the crew of the transport ship.

"This is Urz 7. Descending to target destination. Thank you for the escort. This is my call sign, Urz 7. Starting Descent." "Roger!"

The Captain of the transport ship shouted at the wireless radio.

"We pray for your luck, Urz 7!"

Fierce spark scattering.
 The lock in the rail was unsealed, Sousuke's M6 was released into the sky.
Chapter 4: Night of Storm
The M6A3 <Dark Bushnell> that Sousuke is riding is landing in the dark skies on the south part of Mexico.
 The violent gale makes work of the free falling unit, creaking and squeeking.  The cockpit also vibrates violently, sometimes that the bone of the nape feels like breaking from the fierce impact.  The decrease in the Digital altimeter gradually remains.  The detailed rocking moves in many directions.  The indicators of the Altitude readings are spinning in rotation.  The ECS laying dormant.  Having no invisible functionality, the M6A3 is also equipped with an ECS.  But in this storm there is no meaning in using it.
 The value in the altimeter cuts at 30000 feet.
 First opening of the chute.  Success.
 The descent of the unit suddenly decreased in speed.
 Second opening of the chute.  Success.
 The Giant parachute opens on top of his head, suddenly the gale beats.  The 10 plus tons unit shakes, swimming in the air, pulling down the balance.
 After 15000 feet.  Continuing like this would make him crash on the surface.
 The body of the M6A3 being pulled down in the altitude, the slackened wired becomes intertwined.  Sousuke controls the unit, somehow trying to get back to the descent altitude.  He can't.  With instant decision he detached the parachute.  Drawing near to the land.  Enduring the impulse to push the switch, waiting a second the prepared parachute opens.
 Success.  Again the gale struck.
 This time he predicted the wind well, Sousuke skillfully swings his limbs, letting the unit ride the wind.
 He draws close to the ground.  Inside the caught image of the Night Vision sensor, was a mountain district covered wide with broadleaf trees.
 After 300.
 Breaking through the dome of the trees, the M6 hits the ground.  The parachute immediately detached by the altitude control.  The smoke of the shock absorbers from the joints spread out in the dense forest. 
 Sousuke manipulates the unit, scanning the surrounding areas agilely with the passive sensor.  No signs of the enemy.  The heat source that can be seen are the movements of the nocturnal habits that were surprised by the sudden drop of a metal giant, and running frantically away.
 Landing successful.


Sousuke after confirming all safety measure, let out a big breath.
 Right now, Sousuke's M6 is crouching as a black lump in the forest.  The fierce wind and rain knocking on the armor, the muffled voice of the gas turbine engine burst out.
 He confirms the current location with the GPS.  20 kilometers northwest among the mountains from the objective mansion.
 Going speedily south like this, he can go quietly before 10 kilometers from the target.  Getting as close as possible, if he were to be seen by the enemy he would charge in full force.  The priority would be before the operation of the 3 units of <Codarl> type.  If he can destroy them before the pilots get on board, there would no longer be any fear from the Lambda Driver.
 If it were actually only that three, however.
 Lemon and the others were on standby on another site.  At the same time that Sousuke breaches open, the helicopter would immediately force a landing on the target mansion, with the plan of controlling the area with infantry.
 Thinking that it will go that smoothly, there are no other ways left.  Firtsly, landing from the skies atop the mansion with the plan of a surprise attack, before that there is a high possibility that the transport would fall prey to the anti-aircraft missiles.  It's the same as penetration from the sea.  The perspective of coming from the coast is good, but when it reaches 8 kilometers the infra-red sensors would be able to detect them.

(If only it were the M9....)

If it were the M9 that <Mythril> uses, they could stand in a little more flexible operation, unfortunately they do not have the luxury to wish for that.  When detected by the enemy, aside from the <Codarl> activating they have to suspend the operation and retreat.  The enemy would of course strengthen their vigilance, and will abandon the mansion in a short amount of time.
 During the battle in Namsak, this is the hint which he has derived from Kurama----and then everything will return to nothing.
 Redoing everything.  The unreachable hands towards Kaname will go somewhere.
 No---- in the first place, is Kaname really in that mansion?  On the contrary, is she really still alive?  If she were to be alive, and is in that mansion----does she still have him in her heart?  With regards to him, he has lost the memory of the girl in hesitation at Namsak.  For time, it will become a distance.  What if she were in that man's arms?  What if she had a troubled face?  What if she said "don't look for me anymore" with a merciful look?
 The operations varies in that degree, there are unspeakable uncertainty and uneasiness, those are pressing hard on his chest.  The scar that was left by Kurama is throbbing.


Do you know.  He's already bored with this kind of conflict.
 What should he be doing right now?
 To deceive the enemy warning net, covertly, reliably getting closer.  Controlling this unit in the most ideal form, he has to accomplish the objective.

"Let's go."

He muttered, Sousuke's M6A3 advances.  Although it is natural, the unit's control system did not reply.

Seriously growing timid, the Notebook PC's network function was completely disabled.  Not only the software, but also the communications hardware itself was uninstalled.  Purposely opening the case at last, this is what Kaname had concluded.
 Well, of course.
 If it were not so, right now----she who has not given in to the collaboration with Amalgam, there is no reason to give her an electronic machine that would give out important information.  They have considered that she might give someone from the outside her whereabouts.  Even if she tries to escape, there are those <Alastors> walking about in the surrounding areas of the mansion, she would not even get the chance to run away.
 Looking at the stars in the night sky from the terrace, she managed to grasped the latitude from the trigonometry.  North Latitude 15 degrees 40 minutes.  There is also the premises in the rough world map, the coast concurs with that latitude.  Is it Indonesia, Arabian Peninsula or South Mexico, most probably it's South Mexico.
 She knows where she is, but there is no means for her to get away, even so she has this feeling of achievement.  With that attitude, she started to investigate.  Why was she simply housed in here?
 Kaname walks about from the premises, and tries to carefully and deeply observe.  There has to be a hint for getting away.  There might be something that she can use.  That's what she thought.
 What then after escaping?  Then where would she plan to go?
 Those are the feeling that keeps getting in to her head.  That's right.  After escaping, there is no place she can go.
 But when those thoughts steadily swells up inside, Kaname shakes her head and heads to the pool.  Changing into a swimsuit and plunges in, taking 10 round trips, and somehow enjoying herself.
 The people at the mansion notice the change in Kaname, she did not hide this fact.  No matter in what kind of situation she is in, the iron bars in this island spreads out across.
 Then one day, that man arrived in the mansion.  Andrei Kalinin.
 He apparently brought the 3rd generation AS from Mythril>, Leonard confirming what's inside and started to dismantle it, that was what Kaname saw from the window.
 Why was he here?  Did he betray them?  Or will he be double crossing them?
 This situation is shaking inside of Kaname's heart, there were several days to have a direct conversation with the Russian, but not even once did they do so.  Thinking what should be said if they were to meet, Kalinin was most of the time outside giving directions to his subordinates.
 He reviews the defense and security of the premises.  Observing a fragmentation in the subordinates work, this is what kaname had reasoned out.
 There is some disaster drawing near.  She has this vague feeling.
 Those premonition becoming reality, would be the night storm, a few days after Kalinin appeared.
 The winds blows in the outside, large grain of rain hitting of the windows.  The sound of waves closing on the coast roars, with a thundering and omnius sounds echoing in the bedroom.
 Kaname lying in the bed settled into reading, Leonard Testarossa visited her room.

"What do you want?"

Kaname said bluntly.  If it were the usual, such attitude from her would draw a smile from him and casually shrugs his shoulders, this night it was different.  Leonard was not smiling, and only stands in the doorway without stirring.

"I want you to get dressed. Today or tomorrow.... we will be leaving this place." "Why?" "A lot of things. The situation has changed." "If you feel like it, can you explain that situation to me?"

Leonard was silent.  He never did not reveal any of his real motives.  This time is also the same.  But only stood there, without excluding anyone from inside his chest, he was slowly in examining something.

"Is that so."

Kaname said with her legs crossed on top of the bed.

"If you're not in the mood to speak then it's fine. Just like you, treating me like a doll in a small island. Well, if that's the case then I guess that kind of attitude can be expected. "That's not it. To say unnecessary things to you, I think that it will bring about much trouble here and there. "Then that's a doll treatment."

Lightly stretching.  There is a irritating like feeling growing, her voice became natural and sharp.

"I'm not an insensible as Tessa okay? No matter how much superior or handsome or rich you are, with only that you devote yourself to something and become shrewd." "My sister is the same." "Right. What I was saying was that girl of the past. Right now that girl would go against you up front. That is why for me to say something like this, you do understand right?"

He did not deny nor confirm.

"You can't answer huh. I've only recently thought of this this, but could it be that you are a terrible coward?"

After leaving some time, he muttered to himself.

"That's right. Like what you said."

Not yet.  It's the face that has decided to raise the white flag.
 But she did not have any mercy.

"Do you think by saying "I understand" that you would look cool? If the opponent would be that person over there, well that's also good. I also have that mood. Well, Are you alright with that?" "...if I say anything, you're attitude won't change right." "You don't seem to understand."

She said with a sneer.  It was unpleasant as possible, hateful.

"Are you going to make me suffer? Shutting up, taking away something, and look on smiling? And just surrender someday? Well, I'm not really a super human, either way it might be possible. In this case----if that were to happen----will you be satisfied?" "............" "You know in the next class, there was a disgusting guy. He weights about 100 kilogram, always swearing, and constantly smirking at me and other girls. You might say that he looks like a stalker, and have those indecent books about confinement and lolicon and talks about them. I don't know up to what point is true though. In any case, that type. It's a guy which you completely don't know what he's thinking. ........then the question. With that disgusting guy and you. Which one do you think I would prefer to go out with, who do you think I would choose?"

He could not answer afterall.  Just expressionless, he just stood there upright.

"Are you listening. Which do you think?" "Don't ask questions in bad taste." "Answer me." "Stop with the indecency, won't you continue another topic." "You can't."

She clearly said.

"Listen and be surprised. I am serious and thought about this question everyday---- You really don't understand. In short, the difference between you and that disgusting guy, either good looking or clumsy, it's just only that. well? Saying the unvarnished truth, what you are doing, it's bad countenance. .....When Sousuke appeared in front of me, he was a fairly disgusting guy. But different from you. He didn't laugh much. No matter what happens, he fights with it up front. You right now, with an attitude that can see through everything, can't look straight at me. That's right----he was always serious." "Can we have enough of this."

Slowly walking he approached.
 In a refined manner as usual, but his voice was short and cold.

"I'm always serious." "You don't look like it. You said that you love me right? Is that really true?" "Yeah." "Why? What do you love about me? Can you answer that is easy to understand?" "I told you before already." "On the rooftop of the love hotel? Not that kind of explanation. In the end, you really don't understand how a person would love right? It's because of that manner as to why Tessa looked the other way."

Leonards fist which was hidden in the pocket confines its strength.  but without noticing the change, Kaname continued.

"With only your sarcasm and manner, you don't open your heart to anyone. You only look at a girl as an object. Does that thing still even exists? Didn't you get enough love from your parents?"

Suddenly Leonard gripped her shoulders.  The slender and delicate body being well matched with a surprising grip.  With resistance was not possible, he pushed Kaname to the bed.

"Then let me tell you. Look into my eyes." "What are you----" "Look."

His face was pushed into her field of vision.  The graceful features was crushed into a violent emotion.  Kaname's instinct told her to "don't look".
 But, she looked.
 Inside the gray pupils, where no light can be perceived, it flowed into her heart.
 The torrents of thought.  It's that "Resonance".


Like the strike of lightning, Kaname arched her back.  This is unlike the vast experiences that she had, much more violent,  wild, and a gloomy image.
Kaname was in the middle of a fire.
 In a burning corridor.  Smoke swirling, irritating odor reaching the nose.  The color of the flames are gray.  A small girl was crying.  Intermittent gunshots reverberate, the sound of someone screaming echoes in their ears.
 This house is being attacked.

(Take those two to the basement.)

The man called out.

(it's no use. They will find us immediately.)

The woman distracted, crying.

(Jerry will be coming to save us soon. If we can hold out for 10 more minutes..... Go, Maria. I will defend the south side from the enemy.) (Wait, Carl. Stay with me.) (I can't. Go.) (Please.)

But the man went away.  The woman was embracing her two children, mostly muttering words without hate.

(it's always like this. That's why I----)

With the other men.
 There was suddenly a scene of being nauseated.  Entangled on top of the bed, with charming persons.  Like shutting off the ears, that ugly voice.  That man goes far overseas to accomplishes his mission, the woman always drowning.  In the eyes of the public she was a faithful wife, but she has a cheating face.  This young man knows of this.  His eyes always sees this.
 The gunshots nearing.
 The woman becomes frightened, choking on the smoke, talking the children and runs for the basement.  Going down the stairs, towards inside the mountains of lumber and gardening supplies.
 There are gunshots on the upper floor.  The some of someone falling.  Unknown people were coming down the stairs.  The ugly footsteps drawing near.


The woman----Mother told her children.  She pushed the crying girl inside the mountain of wooden box, on top of that she covered it with a worn-out blanket.  The footsteps will be there soon.  The remaining child----there was no more time to hide the boy.
 In the eyes of the mother and the boy.
 The ugly expression of the woman, Kaname in her lifetime could not forget it.
Patience.  Hesitation.  And hatred for something.
This child knows of my betrayal.
 Always blaming me.  Thinks of me as a prostitute.  With that eeriely excellent intellect, scorning me.


The boy said, but the mother did not respond.
 She was a beautiful woman, her brows dormant, with that face looking at her own child in the eye, it was real and raw.  Wrapping it in extremes.
 It was rather the opposite.  she only looked with her eyes.
 That is why her will was decisive, with some sort of fate driving her mad.
 The men came.
 With a black luster of automatic pistols.

(Where is the other child?)

The man said.

(In the house of a relative. Please, save me---)

The mother grabbing her son in the shoulders, offering him to them.  Like a wallet produced from her bossom, offering it to a thief.
 the despair and nihility.
 All of it flowing acutely into her heart, Kaname's heart was disturb.
 From then what happened before, would be alright.
It must been a few seconds, no a few minutes.  When Kaname regained consciousness, Leonard had already let her go, sitting on a chair in the corner of the room.


Facing up from the side of the king size bed she rises.  Her breath is still rough.  Kaname noticed that her back is wet full of sweat.
 The sound of the rain knocking on the windows, remains desperately in her ears.

"It's something not even my sister knows."

Leonard muttered absentmindedly.

"....then, what?"

A sad past, a difficult experience.  Something that you would need someones back to lean on.  Even for Sousuke.  Even for me.  That is surely a pity, but right now, playing with the fate of this person, there is no reason for you to flaunt a smile.
When Kaname fully understood this thought, Leonard let out a sigh.

"If this were to be told to ordinary humans with words, it is mostly that reaction. But you are different. That's why this is how you were told. You understand right. This is not an affair of others."

That is correct.  This has become something that is not the affair of others.  That direct pain and sadness.  It was natural to her for having the same experience.
 A terrible nausea.
 Coughing many times, no matter where she stood, the sheets had become dirty.
Why is it.  When she was still young, she remembers the scene of the stone being turned in the riverbed.  The earthworm and centipede under the rock, those ugly insects were crowded together, wriggling.  The awful show, deceit was trailing here and there.  Trust, love, friendship and righteousness, all those flowery words become fruitless feelings.
 Humans are dirty.
 Everyone even him only lies.  Only hiding things.
 With only that disposition can be felt.

"It's not that I want you to give me your symphaties."

Leonard silently said.

"And I don't want to use the drama as justification. I was thinking, and acting. With my own will. It has nothing to do with cursing my own mother." "Then, why...." "I opened my heart just like you said. And that is all." "............"

He stood up, heading straight for her.

"To kill, being killed is the worst. There are also varying worseness in the world. Being betrayed by your partner or family, being refused, it is much more difficult than dying. With that point, my father felt at ease without knowing anything. An exemplary soldier, an exemplary officer, an exemplary husband, for his loving family----believing in the purity of his family and died protecting them. More than his character, it is heroic."

"That's...." "Oh well, if you say that I was "smiling frivolously", it might be because of that feeling. The inhabitants of the romantic world is carefree. Maybe that's just it." "But, I don't understand."

Kaname said.  The usual harsh contact with him, has already been erased.

"With you like that, why me?" "Well, I wonder why."

Standing alone and saying this, he went out of the room.  At that point, he added.

"Anyway I hope you would get dress fast. There is something that I want to show you...."

At that moment, the window's glass and furnitures shakes strongly and bit by bit.
 It was not the storm.  It was the sound of explosion from far away.
Sousuke has manage to approach 10 kilometers favorably.
 Changing the M6A3 to silent mode, he draws closer to the objective mansion, as expected he encounters the warning system of the enemy.
 Anti ECS radar, Infra red sensor, Pressure sensor, and even a simple wire, with this and that.  With the M6's electrical equipment he barely managed to deceive the variety of them, with the anti ECS sensor he had to take a large detour to avoid it.
 At most he managed to covertly get nearer by 2 kilometers.
 When he thought that he no longer needs to attack by proceeding with the warning net, he heart sounds of explosion.


It's from far away.  About 4 kilometers Northeast.
 With only Sousuke in the middle of the jungle stops the unit, taking out the periscope stowed in his left arm.  And swiftly extends the flexible sensor, and faced the direction of the explosion.
 In the skies filled with the wild wind and rain, there are traces of explosion and heat source.
 Must be a helicopter of some sort of aircraft, is taking shots from the Warning system's anti air attacks.

(it can't be, Lemon....?)

With a moments hesitation, he called out to the custom channel in the wireless radio.  Mitchel Lemon's carefree voice responded, and informed him that they were still standing by in the appointed position.

"Sound of explosion? What's the meaning of this?" "I don't know. I'll investigate right now."

The ones being shot at was not Lemon and the others.  Then, which side do they belong to?

(With the Periscope's sensor...)

With only a small sensor used at small distance during a street combat, he won't be able to gather much information.  Because of the storm the field of vision is terrible.  In the meanwhile, near the first explosion there was another movement.  This time it was on the ground.  The trees in the jungle was set ablazed.
 The anti air cannons of the warning net was destroyed.
 Most probably because of the influence of the destroyed aircraft the AS managed to land----

"A battle is happening." "What? With who?"

The gunfire flickers in the jungle.  There is something that broke through the dome of the forest, leaping into the air.  That was an AS.  A leap from a battle maneuver.  Staying in the air for a short time, and immediately disappeared from his field of vision.

"It's an M9."

He manually played back the data captured in the sensor and magnifies, Sousuke concluded.
 There is no mistake.  There is no other than the M9 <Gurnsbeck> having that smart silhouette.  The M9, is fighting in a place like this.  From which side are they from?

"The remaining military force of <Mythril> is attacking?"

Lemon said from the wireless radio.  As far as he knows, only <Mythril> makes use of the M9 in actual combat.

"Unknown. But unlikely." "Why?" "My M6 managed to get here unseen. With the abilities of the next generation AS, a better and a much more covert operation can be achieved. Regardless of who, I do not think that the members of <Mythril> who uses an M9 would make a mistake like that."

Nevertheless, that M9 is slightly different from the slender specifications of <Mythril>.  Like the Sensor on the head, the shape of the shoulder armor.  And the thickness of the armor is much larger than the M9 that he knows.  And there are a few number of movements.  The characteristics of that unit, the movement is not sharp.

"then----" "Probably the US army"

Beside Lemon, another voice interrupted.  It was Colonel Roy Seals who brought this M6A3.

"It's those guys at the army. The Assault squad Delta Force, they already makes use of the M9. Of course it was not made public." "What did you say? They why are they here---" "Now we ascertained the location. And our colleauges don't even know the reason. This is really reckless...."

At anyrate it was a countryman.  Seals voice echoes a pondering voice towards those M9.
 But Lemon and the others who acted on their own, it is strange that the american military would attack a location of <Amalgam>.  <Amalgam> has the capability to seal off the regular army with political power.  Their aim, the operations objective was not clear.

"There are too many to explain. Sousuke, let's suspend the operation. I have a bad feeling about this."

"Aah, but...."

Lemon was right, having the outlook of suspending the operation on the verge of trouble, even then Sousuke hesitated.

"No buts right? Which this much disturbance going on, the <Codarl> type of the enemy would be operational. You can expect to get shot when you get close to the target."

With the new image from the satellite just before the operation, it was clear that the <codarl> type is in that mansion.  It was not because there were signs, the coast and unpaved roads of the premises after the rain shows the footprints with the characteristics of a 3rd generation AS.
So it's nothing but retreat afterall?
 If thinking normally that would be the case.  But, if he gives up here, the girl who might be in that mansion----

"Stand by. I will bet on that assault."

Without thinking further, Sousuke informed them.  After the incident at North Korea, there was a similar "unreasonable" sickness.  But coming all the way here, what was most important here was time.  If he decides to penetrate then he has to do it fast.
 Sousuke switched the Silent mode, from the APU (Asissted Power Unit) started the gas turbine engine.

"The Enemy would be paying attention to that squad of M9. We have to take that opportunity." "Come back, Sousuke! that's reckless!" "Don't worry. I will retreat when it becomes impossible."

After answering that, Sousuke did not know what he said and remembered the uneasiness.  What is waiting ahead.  That was what he felt.
 The sound of rain knocking on the intense armor.  Pushing his way through the thick trees, he walks his unit straight ahead.  The branches and leaves are dancing in the trail as the howl of his engine reverberates.  With concerns to the enemy's Warning network, their caution has sunk into it's lowest level.  What was regretted at this moment was time.


Still don't know if she is there.  But, he has to grab it no matter what the hand is.  Why is that.  He feels that she is there.  He feels that she is near and is waiting for him.  It has nothing to do with her being a whispered, it's instinct, it is like a sense of smell that you can't explain logically.
 The indications of the digital map the mansion is only 2 kilometers away.
 In this position there are elevated hills that is an obstruction to his eyesight, just a little more.  He plans to penetrate clockwise and gallop into the premises.  Calling her name on the exterior speakers----he might be able see her.  Might be calling out from somewhere.  If he can managed to snatch her, he would escape at full speed----
 The sound of alarm.
 8 o'clock direction.  distance 300.


With the reaction speed of the M6, he won't be able to evade.  He swings the unit with it's shoulders, and put himself in a defense position with all his might.
 Klunk, a strong impact.
 The unit shakes.  The cockpit trembles.  From left to back there were a number of shells flying off, hitting the shoulder armor and violent sparks scatters.
 The pattern captured in the Thermal Sensors, there was something that wiggled quickly on the slope at high speed on two legs.
 In other words an AS.

(Expectedly easy)

Sousuke smacks his lips and investigated the data.  if this were an M9 he would be able to tell which type of unit immediately, this unit does not have a strong AI like that.
 The enemy is a 3rd generation AS.  Most probably a <Codarl> type.
 Suddenly coming out like that.  Continuing on with the operation is impossible.  Gathering all his equipment and technical skills, he has to run away with all his might.
 The recovery of Kaname is out of the question.
 He Grits his teeth.  Regret.  But he does not give up.
 Suddenly the sound of alarm.
 The enemy <Codarl> fires and is headed this way.  Although it is only one unit, it is an opponent that is excessive.  Morever that unit is attacking this way.  
 In the waterfall like rain, he makes use of the terrain, barely evading the shots of the enemy.  The driving impact of the shells are splashing about around the M6.

(Just a margin.)

Desperately firing the scatter shot gun in his possession, the <Codarl> lightly step up and "Catches" the shells.  The atmosphere in front is distorted, the unit managed to stop the shells in front.  A piercing rupture reverberates, the shells that were supposedly hit gets smashed and burns up.
 Lambda Driver.
 That cheating unsystematic device.  Only knowing its destructive power, he stands there feeling like an idiot with an ordinary AS facing it.


If it was to run away, he can do something.
 Sousuke smoothly manipulated the stick, discharging the smoke bomb and radar interference bomb equipped in its back.  He lets out the rocket fly from inside the cylinder, exploding overhead.  Together with the glaring light the smoke spreads, covering the area.
 Right now, the sight of the enemy has been lost.  Sousuke changed to silent mode and headed north.  Taking into consideration the range between them, he managed to gain a suitable distance.  Increasing the speed in his direction, using the terrain to skillfully hide and get away, the hard part is----


Too naive.
 The enemy unit is in front.  Distance 300.
 The enemy has read his movement.  Anticipating.
 The gray armored <Codarl>, with its glaring red eye press on the M6.  With the muzzle of its carbine in his direction.
 The 35 mm smashes into the armor, attacking Sousuke with a fierce impact.  But he can still move, swinging the unit and makes an evasive action.  He knows that it is useless, but he has to try and return fire.  It's useless afterall.  The said Gravitational field repels all attacks.  The <Codarl> extracting a monomolecular cutter.  Only a few steps away.  It plans to skewer his cockpit.  No matter how much he attacks, the gravitational field of the Lambda Driver that expanded in its front has no fear.
 But, its back is different.
 Immediately in front of Sousuke's eyes, there was an explosion in the <Codarls> back.  Suddenly from behind it, it takes the high caliber shell.
 Smoke blowing out, the enemy unit staggers.  It was not a fatal damage.  It tried evasive action by flying sidewards, trying to pinpoint the attack from behind.
 Immediately on the enemy units side, a single AS appeared.  It was a gray M9.
 A complete surprise attack from nearby.
 With a large Monomolecular Cutter----<Crimson Edge> at stance,  the gray M9 crashes the abdomen of the <Codarl>.  The ear piercing sound echoing, large sparks were dancing about.

"It can't be...."

That M9 is not from the American military.  He knows it well, it was the familiar [E series] of unit.  There was no mistake in his vision.  It was the E series M9 with a Blade Antenna equipped.
 Destroying the central block, the <Codarl> collapses.  Carelessly flying about from the ruins, the M9 headed towards him, announcing from its exterior speakers.


It was the voice of a woman.

"....what a terrible fight. did you see it very well?"

The voice of the woman also, Sousuke knows it very well.
 It was Melissa Mao.  She was alive.

"Mao" "Sousuke. It's you afterall."

The sound of the woman bounces.

"A calm interaction with the <Codarl> as the opponent, and then those movements, that shot cannon. I thought that it would be----" "Right, I told you didn't I? It's absolute!"

There was another voice.  He was on an elevated ground 80 meters away, another unit of AS can be seen.  Brandishing a large gun barrelled sniper cannon.

"Kruz" "Your alive afterall. You moody guy!"

It was an unforgiving jeer.  There was no mistake.  It's Kruz Weber.  He was also alive.

"But, why are you here----" "That's what we want to hear from you, and we have piles of things to talk about. But it seems there are new comers here."

Mao muttered, suddenly lowering her own units back.

"2 units of <Codarl>. 7 O'clock. Suprise attack will no longer work. Right now there is only me and Kruz, can you do it, Sousuke?"


Sousuke replies quickly using the damage control of the unit.
It was a mixed squad with 2 M9 units and 1 M6 unit.  Going against 2 units of Lambda Driver equipped units.  This is a bad difference in combat percentage.

"No problem. I will join you." "Hehe. We'll let you see the flavor of the experts."

Kruz said.

"Fine! It's sudden, but it's the trio comeback!"

Mao said.
 There are a mountain of questions he wants to ask them, but this is not the time for carefree talk.  First they have to take care of the enemy in front of them.
 Finally the sensor of the M6 managed to capture the traces of the enemy.
 Direction 8 o'clock.  Distance 1500.
 Before hand the details of the instructions given down, Mao said.

"Well, let's get even on those bastards! Guy! Are you ready!?" "Whenever!" "Wherever!"

Kruz and Sousuke answered.  Taking that, Mao shouted.

"OK. Break!"

The 3 unit of AS in posture, leaps out into different directions.
The symbols on the screen were jumbled together, in night of the mountaneous region the wagon tracks of the artillery were fiercely fluttering about.
 A small squad AS combat, no matter how you look at it is similar to a basketball or soccer match.
 All the unit have no time for breather and moves organically, being intertwined on top of the field.  Each and every one running about, leaping, enclosing the opposite side of the enemy.  There was a time when it was flexible, and sometimes overbearing.  Speaking of the ball, it was an initiative giving in to combat.  Alternatively weaving a feint, drawing out a pass or a dribble from both person.  The one unit becoming a decoy, after a few seconds attack with a fatal strike.

"Urz 6, pull Alpha towards west."

Mao shouted, immediately replied.

"Roger!" "Urz 7 take Bravo and head southwards like that. How many seconds would you need?" "15 seconds."

Sousuke replied.

"I'm counting on you." "Roger."

With a short exchange a maximum understanding were planned.
 One year before, Sousuke and the others had to be pressured into a hard fight with a single <Codarl> and were almost completely annihilated.
 But for them, without anything they no longer fear the shadow of the Lambda Driver boarded unit.

<img src="img/19_243.jpg">

From there they started to structure by trial and error the theory of an opponent with a Lambda Driver, they managed to get a thorough training in tactics during the Hong Kong incident when they took down a <Codarl> type.  And also having the Gravitational field detection device call "Fairy Eye", and the enhancement with their know-how, at the same time with a number of heavy simulation.
 And the results of the accumulation of their experiences, right now the <Codarl> is no longer an "Absolutely undefeatable enemy."
 Of course having 2 units as an opponent is dangerous, but that is no longer a "desperate" battle.
 Morever with the 3 of them.
 Mao and Kruz, and also Sousuke as a throughly devoted team has the squad tactics and rhythm in AS combat, and in this world----and most probably are the most abundant pilots in battling with a Lambda Driver type AS.

(It seems that their skill has not fallen----)

Side glancing at the movements of Mao and Kruz, Sousuke thought.  Mostly, piloting an M6 would make him the dullest in movement.  There is nothing that can be done about this.
 The successive movements of the other two, Sousuke understood.
 If he were to draw the enemy AS pressing on, little by little----it caution would be averted little by little.  Thinking that he is running away, when turning around the other two units would attack severely.
 Mao's unit and Kruz's unit's "Fairy eye" can send the real time data, detecting the initiated timing of the Lambda Driver.
 Between the 2 units one unit would aim and plunge into position.
 Sousuke's M6 that became the lure would draw in the <Codarl>.  Shooting the shot cannon, the enemy snaps it gravitational field.  Kruz's unit fires, this was also snapped.  The enemy was looking out for an attack in another direction.  It was not that easy to make a surprise attack.
 The enemy unit fires at Sousuke.  Impact.  The shot cannon used as a shield became two equal parts.
 Losing any means of attacking, Sousuke made a short shout.

"I will do it."

With only the two considered his intention.
 Mao and the others pressed on the <Codarl>, continuing to pour  in shells.  The gravitational field snaps.  The enemy's attention centered into the 2 M9.  Mao's unit and Kruz's unit gets near the enemy unit almost in a collision distance, passing each other in high speed.
In that instant, Mao and Kruz threw their weapons overhead.
 In the point of the view of the enemy, one moment that the M9 have weapons, were suddenly seen as unarmed.  The two sets of rifle that both units threw, were drawing a parabola spinning----Sousuke's M6 with both hands Jumps behind the enemy, getting into the exact position.
 Catching them in mid-air.
 Losing the shot cannon, the M6 who was no longer a threat, gripped the two sets of rifle and landed behind the <Codarl>.

"First one unit."

In no time with two sets of rifle in posture, shoots will full force.
The muffled sounds of the gunshot and the surging flames of the discharge.  Countless number of 40mm and multiple shots of 76mm shells attacks the back of the <Codarl>.  The armor breaks, the reactor and cockpit smashed, the enemy unit was split in half.
 Sousuke giving the crushing blow with the rifle, returns it to his two comrades.

"Haha! Now you got even!"

Kruz's unit turning and taking the sniper cannon.

"There is still one more unit! You can laugh after that!"

Mao casually takes the rifle, without a moments delay started firing a feint shots towards the <Codarl>.  The three units did not stop and deployed, continuing with combat maneuvers to confuse the enemy.
 The remaining enemy seems to be in disturbance.  Firstly he did not think that they would be defeated, a wonderful cooperation and trick his partner was destroyed.  This 3 enemy units are tough.  They are not any ordinary opponents----this is what he concluded.

"Can you two handle this?"

Sousuke said in his unit.

"I think we can, but what do you mean?"

Mao said.

"Kaname is in the target mansion. I'm going to search for her." "Kaname is in there!?"

Kruz said.

"I lost time. Let me go."

Sousuke's M6 has lost it's main weapon the shot cannon.  There is really nothing much he can do here.  Mao also made that judgment, and immediately replied.

"I understand. Be careful. After were done here we'll follow." "thank you." "Hey, Sousuke! There are a mountain of things that I want to talk to you about. Don't you die! This is an order!" "?"

Sousuke knitted his brows on Kruz's words.

"Why is it an order?" "huhum. Because I'm a Master Sergeant!" "You are?" "yup" "I don't really understand, but it seems that there is a seriousness in being shorthanded...." "..........." "that's right. Well, you mean a drowning man clutching straws---"

The <Codarl> presses on to the three units.  Attacking with the shockwave of the Lambda Driver, the three units scattered.

"---then, this is no time to have laid back conversation!" "That's right. If you're going then get going!"

The two M9 moved to ambush.

"I leave it to you."

Sousuke changes his posture, and headed straight to the direction of the mansion.
Hearing Mao saying "they met Sousuke" during battle, Tessa who had listened on the announcement on the <De Danan> was having a feeling contrary to being happy, this is what she felt.  "So he is."
 Of course she is happy that Sagara Sousuke is alive.  But thinking the reason why he is here, it hurts her heart a little.
 Anywhere for the sake of that girl.
 There is some strangeness in that simple honesty, also sadness.  The person is that important, to be amazed in loneliness.
 Having those lingering feelings right now is absurd.  Right now she has to concentrate on the mission.
 Until now Tessa had been making use of the full application of <De Daanan>'s AI "Dana", chasing after the trail of Leonard.  Secretly observing all the intelligence agency of various countries and surveillance system, they managed to find little traces and thoroughly followed up on it.
 Throwing into that net, it was the suspicious movement of the NATO military satellite.  Someone----a small scaled organization elaborately investigated that area a few days ago.
 How that "Small scale organization" managed the trick, supplying it with an American Military M6A3, transported it to Florida.  The person who can have that M6 as "it's easy"---- looking at him who was named Colonel Seals, Tessa thought that "It might be him".  In other words Sagara Sousuke.  If there was someone in <Mythril> who had any connection with Seals or Courtney, it was herself and the Border Admiral, Mardukas, and also Sousuke.
 That mansion is involved with <Amalgam>, also there is no mistake that Leonard is in there.
 Sousuke managed to get the lending hand.  Tessa immediately turned the ship 180 degrees, and headed to the coast of South Mexico.
 At that time, the American Army also sensed the movement. Recieving the intent of the CIA (American Central Intelligence Agency), the prepared M9 squad was deployed, and dispatched to the said mansion.  How the CIA managed to get its hand on the information about the mansion, was still uncertain----
 As yet, Mao still in the middle of combat said over the wireless radio.

"Currently in the middle of battle with a <Codarl> type. Where's the Cruise Missile support?" "It was already launched. Transmitting data." "Confirmed. I think this will do it. Where's Urz 1?" "Finishing up the observation of the American Special forces, and heading towards there. But be careful."

"I understand. Don't worry, Tessa."

The symbol of Mao's unit projected into the screen, and fierce movement of the enemy units symbol in a gunfight unfolds.
The storm is getting additionally fierce.  With a reserved handgun, Sousuke's M6A3 <Dark Bushnell> leaps in full speed toward the loose hill.
 With the collected data previously, there is no longer any <Codarl> type deployed in the target mansion.  He, Mao and Kruz already dealt with 2 units, and currently one unit is in the middle to combat.  That should be all.

(It's that...!)

the first things he sees in the darkness was the stormy night of the sea.
 And then on the clearing on the coast, there was a huge site spreading across.  Both wings might even be one kilometer.  In the middle is a white mansion.  It's size is about the a Japanese school building, in the surrounding is a tennis court, pool and a garden.
 He slapped into his head everything related to the position in the satellite photo.  The M6A3 at least have an anti-tank sensor, and can detect anti AS mines.  Passing through the net of alarm s, Sousuke heads straight to the center of the mansion.

"Lemon, can you hear me----"

Sousuke now called out in the Wireless Radio to his Lemon Mitchel who is in standby.  Immediately after responding, he told Lemon about his short encounter with his buddies in <Mythril>.

"I don't fully understand, but do you think that is good news?" "Affirmative. They can be trusted." "I see. Then we have news over here too. The guys we were contacting before, together over there----"

There was a terrible noise in the wireless radio.  The storm makes the reception bad, the electromagnetic disturbance restricts it in the neighborhood area.

"Over here, what?" "----do you hear me Sousuke? I also concluded this, but somehow----" "I can't hear you. Repeat, Lemon." "---if it gets bad, standby on the next coordinates----" "What are you talking about" "----teen----prepared----" "I can't hear you. What are you talking about." "---that's why, no matter what kind of unit-----I also----additional----" "Lemon?" "----red-----3rd----strange----"

The sound of alarm.
 Established into the perime ter is a 20mm class Sentry Gun aiming at him.  It was an unmanned attack system that automatically reacts to enemies.  Detected by the Radar wave.  Sousuke gave up on the operation of the wireless radio, and immediately attacks with the hand gun.  The Sentry Gun was destroyed taking the 25mm shells.
 There are no enemy infantry.  No armored cars either.
 There were a number of those life-sized AS <Alastor>, their form seen.  Leaping out from the shrubs, fires the 50 caliber rifle from their arms.  The extend of those bullets would not dent the armor of the M6.  One unit was made into pieces by the hand gun, and another one was kicked.  The <Alastor> would be tough in the flesh, but taking one down with an AS is simple.
 Switching on the exterior speakers, he called out.


Where are you----


Show yourself----
 From the courtyard he sees a black sedan running out.  Breaking through the center of the garden to the stone paved road, and headed straight north.

(That car....?)

Did they seen escaping via helicopter difficult?
 Sousuke chases after the car, and fired an intimidating shot towards the car.


But the car did not stop.  the 12.7mm machine gun in its left arm was set into semi-auto.  Aiming carefully, he fired several shots at the hood.  The engine shot was shot, at once water vapor spewed out from the black car.  to the left and right, and finally stopped at the curb in the road.

"Slowly come out with both of your hands!"

He ordered from his exterior speakers, the door opened and the driver got out.  Raising both hands, and looking at him.

"Is there a girl riding" "I don't know...."

Only saying that, the driver dashed away.  Sousuke ignored the  running driver and operated his sensor, with infra-red mode he scanned the car.  There was no heat signature from humans in the backseat.
 The sinking manner of the car, also shows signs that several people had ridden it----


Instinct made him move.  Suddenly using both arms to cover the cockpit block, the unit flew back.
 Immediately following the car exploded.
 In the rear are a few hundred kilograms of High efficiency explosives exploding.  With the blast of the violent shockwave, and the fragments swooping in supersonic speed, the 10 plus tons unit was brushed away.  If it were on a human scale, it would be like an explosion of a hand grenade from only a few meters away.
 The fierce impact shakes Sousuke inside the cockpit.  The unit falling into a somersault, and falling on its left taking down a few trees in the garden.


It's a trap.
 The screen is completely black.  The head sensor was destroyed.  Warning lights flickering wildly.
 Electricity decreasing.  Oil pressure decreasing.
 Fire breaks in the various parts.  The motor of the two arms that covered the cockpit is down.  Cooling apparatus is shut down.  Posture control gyro is in serious break down.  The main and backup control systems cease to operate.
 If he were to notice it a little later, he might have sustained a much heavier damage.  Sousuke's head is getting dizzy, briskly manipulating the stick and switch, he operates the damage control.
 The reserved optical sensor starts up, the backup sensor installed in the crotch region functions like a type of home video camera.  While recieving the damage, it is equipped for escape with a guaranteed minimum field of vision.  Of course it is not equipped with night vision function.
At any rate, he has to withdraw from here----
 Using freely both his legs which could not move, he somehow managed to stand.
but the enemy is unforgiving.
 Hiding from somewhere, a number of infantry appeared everywhere, and firing the hand carried rocket launcher.  With a clear aim, it would be a controlled attack.  If only he did not recieve the damage, he would be able to evade the attacking soldiers, with a clear judgment, but that is impossible now.
Foot and arm, and even the hips were bombarded with shot.
 Even the front armor of the cockpit.
 The front armor of the M6A3 has a means to withstand plastic explosives, preventing the burning gas from the rocket from jumping into the cockpit, even then the control system and electrical systems were torn.
He can no longer take even one step, Sousuke's M6A3 tumbled right then and there.

"Lemon, can you hear me?"

Wanting to tell him that his unit has stopped functioning, Sousuke called out in his wireless radio to Lemon who was standing by in a distant place.

"Lemon, this is----"

No good.  The wireless radio is dead.
 He has to abandon the unit and escape.
 Sousuke pulled the emergency escape lever, the detonation bold functioned, and the destroyed head part and the cockpits ceiling section blew off.
 Beside the hatch stowed a German made compact sub-machine gun which he took out and loaded with ammo, pulling the pin on the smoke grenade he threw it outside the unit.   White smoke surrounds the heavily damaged unit.  Although he shouldn't be at east from the enemy who has infrared scope equipped on, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
 He applied last mechanism to the unit.
 Crawling out from the hatch, he got down from the burning heat of the unit.
 At that time, a voice came out.

"You're surrounded. Throw away your weapon."

It came from 8 o'clock direction, distance roughly about 30 meters.
 Most probably the commander of the mansions defenses.  A voice of a clam man.


This voice?
 Hiding in the shadows of the M6's right arm armor, Sousuke questioned the direction of the wary voice.
 In the direction of the swirling smoke----
 Continuing to encircle the mansion, on top of the corridor of the two story building, overlooking at Sousuke from the roof, stands a man in a field uniform.  A large built Caucasian.  Gray hair with his hair reserved.  A finely chiseled face, with a look  intent on shooting.
 There is no mistake.
 This man is----

"Lieutenant Commander"

Opening both his eyes, Sousuke muttered.  His attention to the surrounding enemies, at this instant he has forgotten them.

".....Remember the time during Afganistan, Sagara Sousuke"

Andrei Kalinin said.

"Wha...." "I win again. If only your heart was not stolen by that girl, you won't be caught in a trap of this degree." "Lieutenant Commander? What is this----"

Sousuke said half believing half doubting.

"Its as you see. I've become a man of <Amalgam>. The person who goes against Leonard Testarossa and the organization, I will remove him with efficiency." "Impossible. That's...."

This can't be.  More than this, the lieutenant commander has cooperated with them.  Is there another operation being conducted?  Showing a double cross, he goes neared to the center of <Amalgam>----

"Unfortunately, this is not a decoy operation as you think it is. I came here by my own will, your enemy. If you resist, I will not hesitate to order you shot down. Not killing you right here, is because I want information from you." "Then, why?" "There is no need for you to know."

Kalinin said in the usual calm attitude.

<img src="img/19_261.jpg">

After saying that, he no longer intends to explain anything.  Sousuke knows very well the pain in this truth, but----

"Where is Chidori? Is she here?" "She is here, what do you intend to do?" "Let me see her." "I cannot permit you. She and Mister Testarossa is in the middle of preparing for their escape. The US Military, Mao and the others, and then you.....all the enemy must be repelled, even then this place has already been exposed." "Mao and the others....?" "Drop your weapons, Sergeant."

Kalinin brings up one hand.  His subordinates then aimed their weapons at Sousuke.

"I think it's good that it is said like that."

A new voice.  From behind Kalinin, Leonard Testarossa appeared.
Belfagan Clouseau piloting the black M9 [Falke], making use of the black stormy night and the terrain rushed to join Mao in battle, the enemy AS----towards that <Codarl> he called as he drew near unnoticed in a perfect position.


Mao's unit and Kruz's unit summed up a complex attack with a feint mix.  The Cruise missile launched from <De daanan> which was on standby in midair attacks.  Turning the tides with their attacks from the flank of the enemy, Clouseau made doubly sure on their attack.
Aiming his Monomolecular cutter in its abdomen, grabbing its arm and made a throw.  The <Codarl> with its posture pulled down  and blowing off, Mao and Kruz shoots.  Without any means, the enemy unit was being bombarded with shots in mid air.

"That's one"

Kruz said.

"What about the US Military?"

Mao asked Clouseau.  He separated from Mao just a while ago, spying on the battle of the American special forces.

"Looks like they've withdrawn. They have this tune of not knowing clearly the operation objective and enemy's military force. Like, how do you say this----" "Like being controlled by someone?" "That's it. The characteristics of the Special Forces, [I know what I am doing], I don't seem to have felt that mood. There are subtle hesitations in their cooperation and battle formation." "Aah. I see----"

Kruz said.

"They don't have enough endurance huh----do they have those grudging feelings towards the unreasonable orders from the higher ups?" "We won't know this unless were in the same profession. Ordinarily it would have been more sticky. In the mean while they have withdrawn. Being exhausted in an operation that you don't understand, anybody would dismiss this." "Even then, I wonder what's happening....?"

Apparently ignorant of the circumstances here, isn't there any signs of the enemy side----that is what the odor in the air smells like.  Because there are few decisions, the possibility of this are mountain high.

"Nothing has been said yet. It seems that this is what Lieutenant Commander had expected. ....morever, What about Sagara?"

Hearing that he is alive, Clouseau has not uttered one word about Sousuke.

"Yeah, about that---"

At that moment, the sound of alarm in each three of them sounded.


Three o'clock, seven o'clock, 10 o'clock, simultaneous attacks from three directions.  Additionally those are anti tank missiles with mid caliber and high caliber shells.
 Mao's unit started her ECM (Electronic Counter Measures), Kruz's unit increased his feint shots from his position that took a snipe, Clouseau's unit took out am infrared jamming device from his weapons rack and threw it in.

"Another enemy!?"

Mao shouted evading the missile, and entered combat maneuvers.

"Yeah. And there's three of them."

Kruz said jumping into the shelter and quickly aimed at the enemy unit at high speed.

"Be careful, they were different from the ones before."

Clouseau said taking a stance with the Carbine Gun equipped from his back.
 There was no mistake that these were Lambda Driver equipped units.  They were firing from an unreasonable direction.  They should had been able to evade those, having an impression of daring to come and take it.
 The three units coming from three different directions.
 The "Fairy Eye" detected a gravitational field.  Evading with full force.  The new enemy and the M9, were entagled in lightning speed, with sparks scattering in the distance.
 Strong impact.  Warning lights flashing, from Clouseau's unit's left elbow downwards was blown off.  unable to evade the gravitational field attack, drive system torn off.


They understood the real time data link.  Mao's unit and Kruz's unit recieved big and small damages.  Mao unit's head was half destroyed, Kruz units sniper cannon was destroyed.
 In a juncture, Clouseau and the others are now confronting the three enemy units.  No matter what the composure, the enemy did not start.  Being parallel in a slightly elevated hill, glaring at them.
 Basically the three units look like the <Codarl> type AS, but the details are different.
 The higher volume of the upper half of the body.  There are no Ponytail like radiation wire, Extending from the back are blade like radiation plank.  The power is much more different from the previous <Codarl>.  Hiding inside its Nimbleness and ferociousness, a massive silhouette.  You can say that their difference is like a Panther and a Lion----
 The colors of the three units are also varied.
 Black, White, Red.
 And then an Extra Large Monomolecular cutter, large gattling cannon, a Large caliber sniper cannon.

"Welcome, Remnants of <Mythril>. Thank you for taking care of me in San Francisco."

The center black AS said from it's exterior speakers.  A voice that they know.

"Fowler huh" "That guy...." "Looks like he wants to go head on"

Mao and Kruz voices were soaked in tension.

"I can only admire your struggle---but it's already the feeling of being over. We won't be negligent and make light of you. With the maximum amount of respect, we thought to [challenge] you without any shrewdness." "Aah? Didn't you get scarred?"

Intercepting Fowlers words, Kruz's Head Submachine gun was set to full auto and fired.  12.7mm shells pouring down on the black AS, all of it scattered in the bluish white light, repelling them like small rain.

"Oh dear me. I was thinking of being gentlemanly and stop with the hostilities."

Fowler smiled coldly.

"Rather such inelegance. Well then, are you prepared...."

 Clouseau purposely did not say.  Aiming at their M9 on guard, Fowler and the other AS jumped at them simultanious.

"It's been a long time, Sagara Sousuke-kun"

Leonard looking down at Sousuke from the roof, said with a calm composure.  Contrary to that expression, he did not smile.  A melancholy from somewhere, quietly looking at Sousuke beside the heavily damaged M6.  Taking the large drop of rain, his whole body wet.

"Where is Chidori" "I don't have that interest, like so. Weeping." "Shut up. If Chidori----" "What if you shut up?"

Leonard said with a penetrating cold voice.

"Looking with a completely uncomfortable attitude, you. Not fully knowing anything. You're saying like it is you natural privilege, calling out like that. Why don't you understand you arrogance?"

Which one is the arrogant one----those remarks did not come out.  The communication and discussion with the enemy are no longer necessary.

"Like I understand. Hand her over." "Oh well."

Leonard let out a small snort, and glanced at Kalinin who was beside him.

"...well? As the leader of the defense force what would you do, Mister K" "Originally we plan to restrain Sagara and retreat----but we do not have the time. Mister Au's forces will be arriving soon. Although we can't see much of them at this stand point but----"

Then Kalinin cut his speech, concentrating on the information from the earphone in his right ear.

"----it is as what you've heard. We have to start moving." "Showing your true character huh."

Leonard narrowed his eyes, looking over the direction of the sea.  Sousuke's position can't hardly see it yet, even then the units----those unforgetable torso, looking at those indistinct silhouette.
 It's the <Behemoth>.
 There are three of those giant AS, pushing their way through the waves of the sea getting closer to this mansion.  There were a number of transport helicopters in the sky.  Probably loaded with AS inside.
 Reinforcements from <Amalgam>?
 No, it's appearance is strange.
 The question of that conviction will change immediately.  The Behemoth, with a giant rifle cannon---- an artillery which probably around 300mm, was aimed toward this mansion.  The transport helicopters in the skies are also lowering from the high altitude, immediately descending towards here.

"It seems they want to do it."

Kalinin said.

"Right. Shall we give them a suitable reception." "Yes." "That's right, I didn't hear your answer. Then, what do you plan to do with him?"

Leonard looks at Sousuke.  Kalinin also delayed, looks at him without any hint of emotion.

"Shoot to death." "Fine."

After saying that Leonard turned his body.  That black coat----[Active bulletproof suit] heavily spread, making him disappear into the terrace.  Just before that, adds another word.

"At once."

Kalinin did not reply at those words, and informed Sousuke.

"That's how it is, Sagara. Die." ".........."

Sousuke immediately gives in.
 Those eyes, that voice were serious.
 He has no intention of mercy.  There are no hidden meaning.  Drama or Practice, or any other hidden intentions there were none.
 Andre Kalinin was serious.
 That man who he thinks as his father, he seriously intends to kill him---

"Wa----" "fire."

The first shot from the shooter came.  The shooter not able to grasp the position, Sousuke immediately ducked into the shadows of the armor.  Unbelievable.  There was no mistake that the shot just now has the intent to kill.
 The continuing shots from the surroundings are the same.  There are countless number of shots being fired at the heavily damaged M6, dazzling sparks scattering about.

"Lieutenant Commander!"

Even if he shouted there was no response.
 It was not necessary to have communication with the enemy---he puts this into practice.


Sousuke slipped inside the armor, pushing the switch on the remote control he was gripping.  This was the last mechanism which he prepared when he got down the M6.  He transmitted the orders to the unit to Fire all shots on the fixed armaments.
 The remaining fixed armament of the M6----12.7mm machine gun and smoke grenade, a compact personal landmine was spit out, gouging on the surface, blowing off the outerwalls of the mansion, fragments and flashes, flame and smoke fiercely spread about.  The enemy group surrounding the unit was in confusion.  Getting caught himself in center of the small explosion, Sousuke immediately runs through.  Inside the nearby mansion----Jumping through the lockdown space, there is still a chance.
 Just before plunging into the nearest window, Sousuke saw on that terrace.  Being perturbed by the fragments and bullets flying about the surrounding, Kalinin immediately looked down on him.

(Are you serious)

In that juncture, Sousuke questioned with only his eyes.
 Kalinin directly caught that, merely moving his lips.

(Try and stop me)

It looks like that was what he said.
 There is no more time to try anything.  In the direction of the window where he dived from, there were enemy infantry.  Staying in the air together with the fragments of the broken window glass, he aimed at the first enemy and fires.
 Right now, there is no other way but to fight.
 At any rate he has to survive----
The transport helicopter flying in a low altitude over the mountains, there were expressed concerns over the noise and vibration.
 No matter how long Lemon blasted the one in charge of communications, he only keeps repeating "Cause unknown! Anyway we can't connect to the channel!"

"Is it alright flying like this!?"

Lemon yelled, scowling at the face of old man Courtney, replying "Like I know!".  From the side Colonel Seals interrupted.

"Don't worry, don't worry! Even if we get hit by the anti-aircraft cannons at this altitude we can make emergency landing with the Auto Rotation! Do you know about the [Deadman's Curve]!? It's on top of that last moment----" "The blast back then have no significance right!?" "Young one, don't worry about the details!" "But, if I knew we would be flying recklessly like this, I would have objected----"

The unit suddenly jolts, Lemon bit his tongue.

"~! Aah, dammit! I don't know about this!?"

After lemon hurled his abusive language, he glanced at the oriental girl sitting beside.
 Even with the terrible flying she didn't feel bad, with the girls bluish face, nodded with sulleness, side glancing at the crouching thing in the cargo bay at the rear.

"Don't mind. This guy can only be handled by that man." "Then, if Sousuke dies, this unit----<Laevatein>, what are you going to do with it!?" "Throw it away or destroy it choose what you like."

The woman muttered bluntly, calling out on her headset.

"....would that really be okay?"

And then a synthsized voice coming from the unit, replied in a clam tone.


A number of guards and <Alastors> surrounding the area, Kaname was taken into the corridor of the mansion.
 She understood that this mansion is in the maelstorm of the battle.  The sound of gunfire immediately coming near, and finally the sound of the engine of a 2nd generation AS and the sound of guns firing, and the fierce explosion echoing in the premises.  Impact and vibration topples the furniture, and the broken glass window is scattered in the floor.

"Where are we going?"

The guard did not answer.
 Even then she knew.  The Heliport----the one adjacent to the mansion's garden.  The large heliport.  Taking herself, and escaping from this place.

"Who's coming?"

As expected, the guards did not answer.  Instead another voice replied.

"It's him."

From behind Leonard appeared and told her.  With his wet black coat fluttering, he paced quickly beside her.  Like being chased, hurrying to someplace far away.

"Him....?" "that's right, him."

It's Sousuke----
 While halting reminiscently, Leonard strongly grabbed her arm.

"Let go." "I can't"

Even though sweeping it away, he did not let go.  Not any different from the disciplined Sousuke, it might be stronger than Sousuke, seeming a strength without any hesitation.

"I....I---" "What would you do if you see him? Embrace each other and run away?" ".........." "You are hesitating. You turned you back on him once, will you still go back to him now. He risked his life coming here, yet your still hesitating."

What Leonard said was true.
 Even though he came here, she was still indecisive.  Why didn't she shake her hand off much more violently, won't she run towards the direction of the gunfire?  Don't she want to see him?
 Don't she want to plunge into his chest?
 That's not it.  She wants to see him, and wants to embrace him.

"You still don't fully understand yourself right."

Without saying any word casting her eyes downward, Leonard silently looks at her.  Coming out of the passage, they arrived infront of the heliport.  There was one Helicopter equipped with ECS, already standing by ready to take off.  The Defeaning sound of the thundering engine resounding.
 Will she be riding on that helicopter like this?  And then going to another place.  Towards some place where his hands could not reach.  That is not good.  Then why is she continued being led with her arms like this?
 Close to the ears of Kaname asking herself this, Leonard told it to her face.

"Then do you want to gamble on it" "?"

He ordered his subordinates and <Alastors> to [go on ahead].  The <Alastors> immediately responded, but the subordinates hesitated.

"but...." "Just go"

Without any further protest, the subordinates headed towards the helicopter.  On the verge of the heliport, Both Kaname and Leonard remained on the entrance to the mansion.  He casually took off his black overcoat, and let it flew from the strong wind generated by the helicopter.  Like a crow flapping its wings, the overcoat disappeared into the dark night.
 That bullet proof suit has the ability to reflect bullets and edged tools, Kaname knows this well.  Rigth now she fully understands this mechanism.  Created from the Muscle Package of the 3rd generation AS----it is a bullet proof ability combined with Shape Memory Polymer that is a few steps ahead of a Super Aramid Fiber, and [Active] bullet proof suit incorporated with a Super compact Radar element.  Assasins that once attacked her, and Sousuke attacking Leonard, it completely stop all of those.
 Discarding that overcoat, right now, he is similar to an ordinary person, in a state of complete defenselessness.


After saying that, Leonard took out a hand gun.  Cocking it, turning it around with his hand, and handed it to her with the grip forward.

"Take this."

It is a cold silver gun.
 An old fashioned revolver----A gun with a rotary magazine, an elegant ornament is carved into it.  Leonard having the gun, the gun has this image of a western film----And above all this, Kaname first saw him with elegance, and was surprised by the awkward handling compared to an expert.


Being urged, Kaname spontaneously took the gun.

"What exactly do you mean----" "I told you I want to gamble on it didn't I? Why don't you try and shoot me with that gun."

Leonard standing in front of the door.

"Sagara Sousuke-kun is over there. If you want to see him, you have to shoot me to go. You have 30 seconds. That's where it will be decided." "....are you serious?" "I won't make jokes like this. 25 more seconds" "You think I won't shoot?" "That's why its a gamble." "I can shoot you in the legs. Then you'll still be here." "Good idea. Please."

He added a smile.

"10 more seconds"

Kaname held the gun with one arm.  With her finger on the trigger, with the gun pointed in before his eyes.
 This is a scheme easy to understand.
 Over there he is fighting.  Behind Leonard.  Going over there is simple.  Move the index finger a little, and take this man down.  Taking away many things, this man who had arrested her until now.
The fingers stiffened.  Elbows shaking.
 He should be hateful.  Killing him, he should be someone who she won't have to worry about.  Perhaps, this is her first and last chance.
And yet----

"5 more seconds"

She can't shoot.
 If it were to be strike with a kick, it would be fine.  She thought that she has already regained her vitality.  Wasn't she proud of it, Sousuke and those impolite boys in the class, she always strike them with a kick.
 But, She can't shoot.
 It was natural, the violence level is different.  The essential meaning, intentionally hurting people, she cannot erase their existence.  She can't commit murder.  She doesn't have the experience.  Kaname always [had it easy] from Sousuke.
 It's because she is a woman.  An ordinary one.
 She doesn't have the resolve to kill a person.  She doesn't posses it.
 That is why, she can't shoot.
 Sousuke is over there.
 She can see through this man, although regretful there is nothing that can be done.
 No, can she really see through it?  Why is it that right now immediately, she could not see the scarred smile in his face, with this old hand gun she could not see with her eyes----

"Zero. Time is up"

Leonard said with his quick true character.

"I would have shoot" "........." "He fights in order to see you, going about killing people. Even then, you can't even shoot a [conceited bastard] like me. In the end, your resolve is only up to that degree." "Your mistaken."

Taking hold of the gun without any strength, Kaname drew back.  Leonard extended his hands towards her.

"Let's go. I told you I wanted to show you something right?" "that's...." "You lose. ----come on" "Stop it...."

She did not think of anything.  Her body only becoming stiff, only shaking off he grabed hand.  Making a fragile sound.
 ----that's why
 ----That was not her intention
 the muzzle pointed up, putting the finger on the trigger pulling with full power.  Quickly by little.  Causing the firing hammer to cause the single action pistol to fire, even with that amount of strength would be enough.
 A dry gunshot.
 the flame of the discharge twinkled before her eyes, the vision becoming completely white, the dull recoil in the right hand trembles.  The rapid splattering of blood flies around, soaking wet her cheek red.


The prepared weapon----a small mechanical cannon slips its way into the hand, Kruz hurls abusive language in the cockpit.
 Kruz, Mao and Clouseau- those three are being pressure into a hard fight.
 Fowler's three AS unit equipped with Lambda Driver, are pressing hard their attacks toward the 3 units of M9 with overwhelming power
 Mobility, Power and also cooperation and combat tactics----these are completely different from the enemy <Codarl> type from before.  They could not get hold of a chance to have a good attacking condition, on the contrary they are being restrained from getting killed, putting them in a situation to run from place to place.
 The Black AS----Fowler's unit is equipped with monomolecular cutters on both hands, persistently challenging in close combat.  Clouseau who was unparalleled in melee, was being overwhelmed by  Fowler.  On top of losing one hand, his opponent is equipped with a Lambda Driver, although having numerical inferiority he did not consider Fowlers ability to be that big.
 The White AS is equipped with two giant gattling cannon, from mid distance the shells shed like the rain.  In spite of it being clumsily armed, the movements of that White AS are somewhat graceful, suggesting that is was female.  Mao's unit bears the full brunt of its attack, and is being nailed down into the shadows of the shelter.  Mao often draws the short straw, her comprehensive piloting techniques would not lose to Sousuke.  She could not make any move.  She doesn't know who the pilot of the White AS, but it has suitable skills.
 And then the Red AS----
 Equipped with a sniper cannon.  He was a sniper, in other words similar type like him.
 In the first contact, the sniper cannon of Kruz' M9 was shot into two equal parts.  Not intending it to be a shield to protect its body.  The enemy was aiming for his weapon to destroy it.
 If the cockpit was aimed at one shot would have taken him down, even then the weapon was purposely shot.  Could it be that Fowler ordered them to "send their greetings and avoid killing them"?
 No, he doesn't need to worry about their intentions.
 That guy----the Red enemy AS was harassing him.  Looking at the sniper cannon, being also a sniper he fully understands this. Firing that weapon precisely, ridiculing him.

"Aren't you very good...."

After muttering that, at the same time Kruz secretly shudders at the ability of the Red AS' pilot.
 What skill.
 He's no idiot.  When he took the first shot, he was vigilant on the snipe and sufficiently maneuvered.  On combat maneuvers of a 3rd generation AS, aiming only with the weapon, and sniping from that distance, in common sense it was not possible.  A pilot capable of that feat, there are only a few in the world----


The doubt that floated in that instant, was erased by the enemy snipe.  A precise shooting from the aim barely hidden in the crevice of many trees, rock and slopes.  The Femur armor of Kruz's unit, has taken a hit from a shell.


The AI reports about the damage.  The drive system of the left femur was seriously damaged.  Mobility greatly declining.  Continuing in combat maneuvers would be difficult.
 He will be killed like this.
 Not being able to use the sniper cannon, sneering, he can't do anything but to die here.


He resigned himself in a posture to take the next shot.  But the shot never came.  .....3 seconds, 4 seconds, after 10 seconds there was not snipe.
 Still harrassing?
 That's what he thought, but it was different.  The enemy withdrew.  Not only the red enemy AS that drove Kruz into a corner, but the remaining two as well.


Not making any abandoning speech, Fowler and the others departed from them in high speed, disappearing into the mountains of the raging winds of the night.

"They ran away. What exactly is----"

Clouseau said over the wireless radio.

"What's the meaning of this?"

Mao said with a sigh mixed with relief

"I don't know, but seems like we narrowly escaped death"

Kruz said with disgust.
 Kruz and the other's battle which was pressured into a hard fight, was postponed in a quick form.
Sousuke running was being chased inside the mansion, the men are persistently attacking him.  Continually splashing bullets in the surrounding area, chasing him away to a single direction.
 There was no pardon in the enemy's gunfire.
 The attack rhythm of the drawing enemy.  With training, the scent of the cooperation in the enemy's movement, Sousuke knows this well.

(Lieutenant Commander----)

There is no mistake that is this Kalinin's command.
 That man who was schooled by adversity in many battles, was not a type of commander that would rely on clever schemes.  In the operations of <Mythril>, the stand of the surprise attack operation dealing with equipment variation and information variation was not set, but he originally chooses a solid tactics.
 He would not recklessly use diversionary tactics and ambush.  His unit was giving pressure from the right, there is no mistake that the right wing was the real threat.  Outdoing the makeshift interaction, it was not a sort that is trying to gain time.   Making proportion the necessary figures for the necessary fire power, definitely tearing up this place apart.
 This is ordinary to such a tactician----but the commanding officer that does not see the practicality of this is Kalinin.  If you look at baseball, without anticipating a homerun you reliably earn points through hits and steals, a type that limits points via well pitcher.
 Kalinin's tactics, Bit by bit Sousuke was being cornered into the southern tip of the mansion.  Having complete knowledge of Kalinin's habits, he can't be done here fully disadvantageous.  Even if he tries to head into another direction, he can't.
 Even with this kind of enemies movement, Sousuke recognizes this.

(Lieutenant commander was serious)

At any rate it is solid.  From before the battle started, the match was already decided, he can't move like that.
 Of course the psychological shaking is effective.  The temptation to easy victory and observation of wishful thinking, he has no use for these.
 Until the battle is finished and he returns home to take a sip of tea, he has to be careful and stay sharp.  When it is time to win he will definitely win.  When it is time to lose he will definitely skillfully lose.  He is that kind of a man.
Kalinin at that time, certainly said it himeself.  "Try and stop me".  Then, he felt no even a single presence of mercy.

(Why is it)

He really don't know.  He body automatically counterattacks, making repeated precise firing, but in his head the betrayal of Kalinin keeps swirling inside.


He's not that kind of man.  Cool-headedness, clam, sometimes he is definitely heartless, but he couldn't think of this.  More than this, he must be double crossing them.
 I am disturb----
 That self-consciouness is a godsend.  Think later.  Now he has to fight.
 Surpressing his feelings, walking like sliding, he adds a restraining shot at the right hand enemy.  Moving to the nearby room, a few seconds before a number of hand grenades where thrown inside.
 Together with the impact white smoke hangs around, even under normal circumstances the bad field of vision has become zero.  riding on this opportunity, he stopped about going out the nearby window.  If it were the Lieutenant Commander there would definitely be a number of persons waiting outside.
 He walked to the opposite direction.
 There are also enemies in there.  Being aimed with infra red scope, he fires the sub machinegun.
 He was not able to twist his body in time.  The enemy gunfire hit Sousuke.  There was a dull pain in the upper left part of his body.  He took a high caliber bullet.  The AS pilot suits stops all the bullets.  If it were a larger rifle bullet then he might have died.
 He immediately fired back.
 Although it hit the body, they immediately retreated in the hidden passage.  They also have body armor.  A small abusive language can be heard.

(Where's Chidori.....?)

He concealed himself in the wooden bookshelf that fell, changing his magazine, Sousuke nimbly patrolled the surrounding.
 If she was around then she must have headed to the heliport.  But, how does he break through the siege, and then go to her which was rigorously protected....?
 There was a short time of hesitation.  Magazine changed, he immediately moved, then he was attacked with the biggest shock.  A few meters beyond----enemy soldiers hidden in the wall was blown off, separated Sousuke also felt the blast, together with the scattered debris, he hits the floor.


Buzzing in the ears.  Raising his body, the detailed rubble and large dust piled up his back, scattered down.  Beside him was a big hole, with the sea breeze of the night entering the room.

(The attack just now....)

It was not an attack aimed at him.  The destructive power is too great.
 It was not an explosion used by infantry, and more than that of an AS and Helcopter.  He sees throught the large hole in the wall, a number of helicopters circling the skies.  The 3 units of maritime <Behemoth> that he saw, was closing in towards him, with a rocket launcher equipped in its shoulders sporadically firing.
 It was attacking this mansion.  Both having the influence of <Amalgam>, the two sides are fighting?  He really doesn't know the reason.  The American Military that is fighting in the north mountain district, this raid, exactly what is happening?


The maritime <Behemoth> fires it cannons.  Tearing off the corner of the mansion 30 meters away like a piece of paper.  The debris and flame rain incessantly in Sousuke's position.
 No matter what the situation is.  Riding on this confusion, he has to chase after kaname.  He somehow broke through the siege of the enemy, if he can quickly go to the heliport----
Lenard Testarossa fell down at the feet of Kaname.
 Right half of the body under, lying down powerless.  From the head the blood flows into the puddle of water twinkling, the wavy silver hair dyed.


Knees falling, kaname who was absentmindedly listening to the gunshots from far away, peeps sluggishly at Leonard who lay there motionless like sleeping.  The bullet of the pistol that was unexpectedly discharged, bore deeply in the forehead of Leonard.
 Is he dead....?
 In an instant, a hand that is colder than ice, gripped at her heart.  But placing her trembling fingertips in his nape, she felt a faint pulsation.
 He's not dead yet.
 Certainly he was hit but the bullet, but the angle was shallow.  Kaname shakes Leonards elbow, knowing that there would be no response, looking around for something that might help.
 What now?  Shall she stop the bleeding?  Shall she sterilize it? Shall she do Artificial respiration and heart massage?  She can not guess.  With AS and other weapons, communication system and artificial intelligence she know this well, but she can't think of anything about emergency medical treatment.  With her state of her unusual knowledge, she could not realize.
 Kaname returned.
 In the first place, why would treatment be necessary?  Originally, she was suppose to shoot him and move forward.
 The guards who sensed an accident, got out of the helicopter and headed to her direction.

(I have to run away....now)

This was what she was thinking.  There was a distance from the heliport to here.  if she is to run away now, the guard would not be able to make chase....!


One of the guard cried.
 Kaname changed her mind, to jump inside the mansion.  Then run straight.  And then shout with a loud voice [Sousuke!].  if she did that, he----
 But, her foot won't move.
 Like from the opposite side of her foot----the sandals are glued strongly clinging to the ground, and can't move.


She took a glance at Leonard who was still collapsed.  Blood flowing, Leonard was lying down in the middle of the rain.  His eyes faintly opened, in that place looking up at Kaname who was standing still in shock.  Why was there calmness in those eyes, at the same time an awful pity.
 Was it because of the pain in the injury, or could it be something else.
 ----I violated a rule
That fact, she could not tear off from her location.  Carrying isolation, the struggle of giving him the final blow, spitting at the guilt of running away.
 How long was there hesitation.  The moment she noticed the guards are already a few steps away.  With gun in hand, aiming at her.
 Hesitation is the fatal shackles.

"Drop the pistol. Hurry."

A man said, Kaname only now realized that he is still gripping the pistol of Leonard.


Kaname who unintentionally pivoted her shoulders, thudding her large breast.  Looking over the shoulders, Andrei Kalinin's large frame was beside the door.

"Where do you plan to go" "I----"

The pistol kaname is holding, looking at the profile of Leonard who was lying down, there was a sadness to the indifferent eyes of the Russian.  But that was only in an instant, kalinin immediately returned to his usual expressionless, casually taking the silver pistol.

"We're escaping. Take her."

The guard pushed kaname, kneeling beside Leonard.  With a state of being injured, there was whisper.  What he said was not heard.


There was a downpour of incessant rain, the exploding sound of the helicopter, the fierce gunshots, and flames of explosion here and there.  Kaname was being taken into the vortex.
 3 AS appeared from nowhere, guarding the heliport and transport helicopter from 3 directions.  There was black, white and red coating.  The black one was probably Fowler, the White one Sabine was piloting.  The one piloting the red one was unknown.
 Kaname is familiar with those units.  There was data about those units in the PC Notebook, the type called <Erigol> is equipped with a Lambda Driver.  The basic frame is the <Codarl> type, but the generator and engine was reinforced, it was an unsatisfactory electronic device performance that was pulled from the level of an M9.
 Kaname was being carried by the male guards, and was thrown into the guest seat of the helicopter.  The injured Leonard was also carried by Kalinin.
 The engine of the helicopter roared, slowly taking off.  The 3 AS was repeatedly making return fire, exchanging hostilities with the [enemy military] from somewhere.  Before long the 3 AS also departed from the heliport, accompanied by the leaping from the ground, started to move in high speed towards the northwestern direction.
 Kaname was looking down from the window of the rising helicopter.
 Thereupon she saw one person running off in the heliport.  the violent wind blowing on the surrounding flames, because of the thick black smoke and the darkness of night, she could not see the face clearly.
 Black hair.  Entering into a red line, black AS pilot suit.
That along was not clear.  But it was enough.


In a twinkle far away, a very small Sousuke was calling out something.  She couldn't read the movements of the lips.  Even then what he said, she can clearly guess.
 A more simple word.


That's was what he was shouting.  At least in that level, she must have been thinking how stupid she was, and have a strong regret.
 She can't run away anymore.
 Why didn't she run away immediately.
 She even had the chance.
 Why did she hesitate.
 Why----being in a corner of the guest room glancing at Leonard who was recieving medical treatment----can't she leave him behind and run out....?
 More than that, why wasn't she resisting and crying "No! Let me off!"....?
 The Helicopter is accelerating.  Sousuke's appearance disappeared into the black smoke.  His appearance of falling into his knees pounding on the surface with his fist, fiercely shakes her heart.
 The <Behemoth> that landed on the coast did not fire at the helicopter.  They most probably wanted to capture her and Leonard alive.
She can't do anything anymore.  This is the same as before, being obedient like a doll----
 No.  That is not it.
 It is certain that she was not able to meet him, but there is still something that she can do.  In preparation for that, she has already done that recently.

(That's right, just a little more----)

Kalinin was having a discussion with the cabin crew.  The other men also were did not see Kaname.
 She'll try.
 She took a glance at the pistol holster at the hips of the soldier who was seating nearby.
Sousuke kept chasing the helicopter that flew away with his eyes.  Over the lines of the mountain it's form disappears, still continuing to glare at the Northwestern sky.
 It's already useless.
 Although he only said it to himself, he permitted himself to let out an abusive language.


Kaname was in that Helicopter.  He saw her once in the window.  He didn't know who that short person with Long blue hair, but she was looking over here.
 If I meet you there are a mountain of things I want to say to you.  If he I rejected, then that would be fine.  But, I want to talk to you.  That is why I, going this far----
Sousuke standing still in shock at the center of the Heliport that lost its power, was surrounded by soldiers.  They were not the subordinates of Kalinin.  They are the company which invaded the mansion together with the <Behemoth>.
 As far as he can see there are at least 10 men.
 Having a good outlook of this place, there is absolutely no way of resisting.  In the surrounding there was a large scale of troops deployed, and 3 units of <Behemoth> in the sea. Even if Kruz and Mao were alright, they can't possibly get near dangerous place like this.  Thinking of a way to escape was stupid.
 Won't they be able to meet anymore, Chidori.
 Feeling of fruitless effort and despair weight heavily on his shoulders.

"Are you Sagara Sousuke?"

The man said who was apparently the commander.

".........." "Drop your weapons. We have mountains of questioning for you. But if you want to die then now would be a good time. because we are very particular in the treatment of Prisoner of war."

the surrounding soldiers made a short laugh.
 Sousuke slowly looks around at the vulgar smile, and said something to cast aside.

"Do as you wish"

At that time.
 A few hundred meters away from the heliport, a single large helicopter suddenly appeared, the exploding sound of the engine and rotar roaring.


MH-53.  It's the one that Old Man Seals carried the M6, that helicopter.  The large helicopter quickly gets close, turning its portside deeply.

"Sousuke, duck!"

From the exterior speakers Lemon's voice shouted.
 Exposed from the port side of the helicopter, a Mini gun----Vulcan machine gun showered the soldiers with violent shots.  The surrounding water splashes wildly, the soldiers dropped, falling down, and ran puzzled.
 Lemon and the others came running in.  But this is reckless.  Hovering in this point blank range, the enemy <Behemoth> would attack at once.  Of course, being an ordinary helicopter, it has no capability of attacking the <Behemoth> or an AS.
 Running past the chaos in the confusing raid at the heliport, Sousuke called out at the wireless radio.

"That's enough, Lemon. Get away immediately! The operation is a failure!"

And then with the voice of old Man Courtney, disciplined him with the wireless radio.

"What are you talking about! Don't you understand, can't you wind up your ass before giving up!" "What are you talking about----"

Then another voice----a sound of a girl which he remembered interrupted.

"Sagara! We're dropping the <Laevatein> now! Use it as you like!" "Laeva....what?"

That person, was an agent belonging to <Mythril's> intelligence group, Wraith.

"Laevatein! That's what he calls himself though!" "At this height----I don't care!" "Just drop it!" "Yeah, geez!"

The cargo hatch of the helicopter in the sky opened.  Inside that hatch is a large black lump slipping down.  With the darkness of night and smoke it can't be seen, most probably an AS.
 The helicopter turning, was hit by the multiple shots made by the enemy, fire suddenly blowing out.  Showing its rear, the smoke scattered like a spiral, the helicopter started to stall at once.
Over the wireless radio, he can hear the fierce noises and Courtney and the other's screams and jeers.


Lemon and the other's transport helicopter pass over Sousuke's head, sinking left and right, making an emergency landing in the garden.  A loud thundering sound.  The rotor that broke off turns in the sky, blowing up a cloud of dust.  His friends inside being in that state might no be alright.  And he didn't know about the two elderly.
 And then----
 The other object that dropped----an unidentified AS that Lemon and the others delivered, being very light while in mid-air, before Sousuke's eyes, landed approximately 10 meters away.  A smooth and secure landing.

"..........." The whirled up splashes of water are very clear, Illuminating in the burning flames in its surrounding, he can now clearly see the whole detail of the kneeling AS that just landed. (This unit is....?)

Armor wet from the rain.
 A smart and tightened silhouette.  It is a third generation AS similar to the M9.
The closest unit would be----<Arbalest>.  His favorite unit that was destroyed in Tokyo, <Mythril's> only Lambda Driver equipped AS, it has a sharp resemblance on the ARX-7 <Arbalest>.  But this unit has more volume than the <Arbalest>.  Its arms and feet reassuring and audacious, that power and sudden exploding ferociousness are legendary.  Above the shoulder armor there are large cannons equipped.  Its a size that ordinary AS would not be able to carry----that's right, like a tank which is equipped with heavy equipment.
 The armors color is white.  No, it's basic coating is white, but there are some points that are coated red.  A little dark, but it is a bursting like blood red.
 Compared to the white and blue coating of the <Arbalest> which suggest wind and ice, this unit's red color in various places, is like the burning flames.
 Flame of anger.
 Flame of battle.
 A color that governs with the strength of energy and attack.
 Sousuke instantly forgot that he was in a battlefield, dumbfounded looking at that unit.

"it's been a long time, Sergeant"

A very nostalgic voice informed him from the exterior speakers.  Lacking intonation, a short male voice.  A synthetic sound created by the units AI.

"....is that you Al?" "Affirmative. However this unit is called ARX-8 <Laevatein>. Sergeant Sagara, requesting permission to return to your war."

That's right.  The fighting hasn't started yet.  He can still make chase.  If he were to be paired up with this guy----

"Of course. Permission granted." "It is my honor. Let us save the details for later. First get on board"

That unit----the <Laevatein> extended its left hand.  A number of enemy were shooting their way.  Armor being hit shells and sparks flying.  Sousuke jumps into the hand of the AS, turning to the back side of the unit without difficulty.

"A new armor and it is immediately damage. Somehow, I wanted to have a more elegant first campaign." "....your chattering is the same as usual" "It's been months, I haven't talked to anyone and it was boring." "Really....."

What pride.  Not worrying about disadvantages.
 Sousuke snorted his nose, sliding into the opened hatch.  There was no change in the cockpit from the M9 or <Arbalest>.  Gripping the stick a number of times and listening, he confirms the condition.
 The hatch closed.  Start up procedures initiated.  Master mode, establishment of the Bi-lateral angle, everything was completed quickly.

"Well then...."

On the front screen, the enemy infantry were persistently firing upon them, and then the the giant AS <Behemoth> noticed their existence and prepared to attack as indicated in the information.  The normal sized enemy AS, <Codarl> type was also deployed.

"Warning. Enemy AS. <Behemoth> type 3 units, <Codarl> type 3 units. Heavily armed infantry about 2 squads."

If it were an ordinary AS, it's combat power would be no match.  Even a single unit of <Behemoth> he would have trouble what more for three units.

"Firstly shall we go bersek?"

Sousuke breathed deeply, gripping the stick.
 This half year, this was an excitement that he hasn't felt.  No, this is an omnipotent feeling that exceeds theory he had after the battle in Hong Kong, the hidden power of the unit now responding.  From Tokyo, he had always been continuously fighting a hard battle.  But, now this brought about the equivalent standpoint.
 There are 6 units that are powerless?
 Fine.  Won't this become a bloodbath----
 The unit, the AI, and even his own blood, boils with the fearless fighting spirit.

"Alright. Let's finish this in 3 minutes." "It is impossible for three minutes. It is at least 4 minutes 12 seconds" "Shut up. Let's go...." "Roger, Sarge"

Battle Maneuvers.  Kicking the ground, evidently the sword of flame, the <Laevatein> leaps towards the enemy.
Chapter 5: Sword of Flame
That <Codarl's> pilot are harboring a discontent at having no enemy present.  These troops whose leader goes by the name [Mr. Au], he is a member of that.
 In the briefing before the operation, they heard that the mansion has at least 3 types of similar <Codarl>----Lambda driver equipped AS as a defense, and was explained that they may have a situation that they would exchange hostilities with a Developed AS <Erigol> which has exceeding capabilities.
 Aside from the equipment of the <Codarl>, their attack target are similar to their own <Amalgam> group of organization.
 Their allies so to speak, so there is no need to go easy on them.  It would be good to break the security of the acquired mission.  Even if it were to be called [cannibalism], the reward and safety of being a mercenary, if they can have the liberty to pillage, they would like that scenario.  The problem of taking medicine prior to the operation, they already stopped thinking about it.  And then, because of the overwhelming performance of their <Codarl>, they felt unsatisfactory on the recent one sided battle.
 However, if you open the lid there are no resistance that appears like any sort of resistance.
 The enemy unit anticipating the hostilities appeared somewhere, a set of difficult opponents---- the appearance of the <Erigol> type unit can be seen for a short amount of time, and immediately retreated.
 How boring, there's nobody to kill.
 Their spirit whose agitation and concentration being heightened at the same time, can feel a kind of hunger.
 At that time, a single unidentified helicopter flew around.  The helicopter tried to attack to scatter the infantry, arriving at the target position rather quickly, the allied giant AS <Behemoth> shot them down.
 Their hunger swelled up more.
 How boring.  Give some more prey.  Give something to kill.  Desperately running, prepare an opponent that can resist.  Swinging a steel and polymer limbs, a helpless enemy that gallantly fires a powerless 40mm barrel.....!
 The sound of alarm.
 The units sensor captured a single AS on the edge of the mansion.  It was thrown off from the shot down helicopter.
 Night Vision mode.
 It's silhouette can be distinct to be a 3rd generation AS that is close to the M9.  It was nothing.  It's just an M9. It's no match for this <Codarl>.
 Infra-red mode.
 The heat signature of the kneeling unit, does not correspond to that of the M9.  And then, the assumed output of the rising generator of the unit is----


Estimated, 4800 Kilowatt.
 Two times the standard level of a 3rd generation AS. This is no longer the level of a ground weapon.  By far it is an output of a large scale fighter or battleship....!
 In the direction of the smouldering rain, the appearance of the white unit is slowly shown.  Various parts of the unit appear gloomy, feverish, and shines red like burning.  The surrounding atmosphere gets distorted by the heat, it's boiling appearance trembling and dances in the middle of the flame.
 There were orders from the command unit.
 "All units.  Attack the landed enemy AS in the heliport.  Use whatever means necessary.  Attack that enemy AS at once....!"
 Before they could answer "Roger", the enemy AS stirred.
 Glancing at them, with it's kneeling posture it sunks its light body, saving its energy.  With only mere movements, all the allied AS sensed something will be starting.

"....I repeat. Immediately attack that enemy AS...."

Bursting open like a burning flame, the enemy AS leaps.
 With the first leap, Sousuke's consciousness disappeared with uncertainty.
 With tremendous G there was a feeling that all his blood were pumped into his feet.  Field of vision narrowing, becoming totally dark.  Enduring the pain, he grips the stick.


His consciouness barely connected, he turned to glance at the G meter and altimeter above the screen.  The instant gravity acceleration is no less than 30G.  This is almost similar to the circumstances of an aircraft.  The body can endure the instant G, but it would not be easy.  His current height is 80 meter.  The heliport which was there just a few seconds ago was now under his eyes.
 What is this AS.
 What kind of power is this.
 He did not have the time to say those words.  He Draws quickly to the ground.  In a landing posture waving his limbs.  Landing on the outskirts of the mansion.  The pavement that was destroyed by the impact scatters in the surrounding like a land mine exploding.
 "What is this, this is....!?"
 Sousuke said breathlessly enduring the impact of the landing.

<Training Message. Please define the subject of "This">

Al said with an inorganic voice.

"This unit's Jumping ability and the established----" <Kidding. Quite a thing is it not?> "You.....!"

Sousuke smacks his lips.  Al put aside his non versatile common AI.

<Forgive me. Actually there as been no satisfactory test run and operation> "What was that?" <With a restricting environment, this unit was constructed in secrecy. I also requested operational test for ground maneuvering, but Mr. Hunter rejected with "we don't have the place or time for that"> "Hunter. Gavin Hunter?" <Affirmative> That man who was the Hong Kong branch head of <Mythril's> information deapartment put up with this unit, this is the first time that Sousuke knew about this. Since that female agent----Wraith had brought this unit, it seems that the construction of this ARX-8 <Laevatein> involves <Mythril's> information department.

The sound of alarm.
 The enemy AS, <Codarl> hurriedly gets closer.  It's weapon is the standard 35mm Rifle.


Sousuke prudently operates the unit.
 The <Laevatein> lightly steps to the left, evading the enemy attack.  The incoming shells splits in the pavement, pulverizing the nearby storehouse.

"Well, you can use that of course!?" <The Lambda Driver?> "Yes!" <who knows....>

Sousuke's movement that has an exhausted feeling and losing his own balance, the <Laevatein> shows an appearance of frank stupidity.  The enemy attacks.  He continues to make evasive maneuvers.

"What do you mean [who knows]!?" <No. At any rate there is nothing that can be used. I can not irresponsibly affirm---->

The enemy shell grazed at the femure.  The shoulders were also superficially shot.  Klunk, a fierce impact attacked.

"...........!" <Warning Approaching!>

The enemy unit takes out its monomolecular cutter, and immediately draws near. There was no time to react.  If only he can select a weapon----
 Sousuke smacks his lips and called out.

"I don't care, try it!" <By all means>

Immediately, two gravitational field stopped the opponents charge.  Atmosphere distorning, shrieking, the white smoke and fragment of the rubbles mixed up in a swirl.  The projected hand of the <Laevatein> stopped the monomolecular cutter of the <Codarl>.
 With only that he clearly understood.  The gravitational field created by the enemy, he can feel his own power pushing them back.  No, he can still go further.  He can counter attack.  With this overwhelming power----


The <Laevatein> seized the monomolecular cutter like a piece of wood, pulling it from the enemy unit with a jerk.  The units gets close to each other eye to eye----sensor to sensor.  The enemy unit's head moved, and can see a faint fear.
 He moved its right hand.  Pulling on the manipulator control wheel and made a fist, taking hold of the large hips, and punched through the enemy's abdomen.  An indifferent spark.  The <Laevatein> broke through the gravitational field of the <Codarl>, and tore up the abdomen armor.  Grasping the internal generator pulling it out.  A number of cables extend like entrails.  Gripping the nuclear fusion battery with sparks flying, he kicks the unit in the abdomen.  The <Codarl> that losts its power blew up into two equal parts.
 The fragments of the Titanium allow, the jet of water from the shock absorber, the burning flames, dances fiercely in front of the <Laevatein's> eyes.
 One unit destroyed.
 This destructive power with only its bare hands.

<Success. Managed to do something unexpected.> "But with such a cold sweat....!" <Starting enforced refrigirant>

The <Laevatein's> head sharply opened, from inside a volume of hair gushed out.  It is similar to the ponytail unit of the <Codarl>, but it's expansion is like "extending", it is a vigor like a large volume of boiling water gushing out from the water tap.
 The medley of rising atmospheric current swings from the "hair", particles of the dimly white light scatters.  The <Laevatein>, in a kneeling posture searches for a new prey.
 Reaction from the optical sensor.  Finally the 2 unit of <Codarl> draws close.

"What about weapons?" <There are all sorts. How about this for a start>

Indication from the equipped control panel.
 The unit's simple diagram, on both its knee were blue flickering.  The letters [GRAW-4/MMC].  Two pieces of large monomolecular cutter.  This was a developed model from the [GRAW-2] that the M9 uses.

"Fine" <Roger>

The two knee armor of the <Laevatein> that looks largely unbalanced, stowed the folded monomolecular cutter.  Both knee armor opens, sparks scattering from the two monomolecular cutter.  The <Laevatein> gripping the handle, reassuringly pulling it out, with its left and right stance like a giant eagle spreading its wings.  With only that movement there was a squall in the ground surface, the whirling mud painting a sensation of whirlwind.  The monomolecular cutter [GRAW-4] instantly opened from the storage, the sword blade making a short howl.

<M3 approaching. 10 o'clock, distance 1>

That <Codarl>----classified as M3 has a large monomolecular cutter on both hands, coming close with a skillfull battle maneuver.  The other unit M2 draws near from the blind spot at the right hand.  Coming at the same time----

"?" <Continue with the battle>

 There is no more room for conversation after that.
 Approximately in front is a unit with two sword.  Sousuke manipulates the unit, striking the enemy <Codarl> right in the front.  The gravitational field generated by the Lambda Driver clashes, the Plasma form of the atmosphere let out a shine.


 The other <Codarl>----M2 draws close from behind.  Both of <Laevetain's> arms are already plugged up, but from under both sides, the point where the weapons rack of the M9 series quickly expanded, from inside small manipulators appeared.

(Hidden arms....!?)

 Moving the entended limbs of the pilot in the current AS, in theory it cannot be done.  But this arm, it was like another pilot was controlling it showing a clever movement.  The pair of [hidden arms] grabs the hand grenade from the hips hard point, throwing them in succession to the <Codarl> drawing close from behind.
 Explosion.  The posture of the enemy from behind that was suddenly struck was pulled down, delaying the attack timing.  At that moment Sousuke's skillfully manipulated his original arms, handling the slash from the enemy up front, dropping its posture  and made a light foot sweep.
 No, it was not only a foot sweep.
 With the superfluous power of the <Laevatein>, it was a vigorous explosion that broke off the leg of the enemy unit.


 that <Codarl> made a half revolution with its abdomen as a center, its head rubbing on the ground sparks scattering, stopping nearby beating on a number of cars.
 He turns around with a light leap.  Towards the other unit which was ran incessantly with explosions from the hand grenade, pressing on a straight line.  In desperation the enemy unit fires.  Sousuke glares at the muzzle.  With just only that, the shells snap before his eyes.
 A flash on the right.  And continued to the left.
 Cutting the <Codarl> with an X mark.  The torn to pieces arm spinning and rotating, falling down to the ground.
 2 units destroyed.
 The remaining unit who was foot swept, was unsteady and raising its body in the corner of his field of vision.  Does he still intend to fight.  No, he intends to run----

<Please allow me>

 At the same time of Al's voice, the [hidden arm] on the left side pulled out an anti tank dagger from the elbow, letting it loose towards the front of his chest.  Having full knowledge of Sousuke's movement habits, it has a superb timing.


 Sousuke moved his unit snorting his nose, grasping the anti tank dagger in midair by the side, with a sharp motion throws it at the last <Codarl>.  The enemy unit's Lambda Driver's gravitational field stopped the single attack----but lost to the push of the opposing gravitational field.
 The anti tank dagger made a direct hit in the torso.  After the echoes of the crushing noise of metal, together with a flash the <Codarl> was smashed.
 3 units destroyed.
 Turning in its landing, it stood up.  Following the movement of the <Laevatein>, the radiation cord at the back of its head proceeded to make an arc, scattering the spray of light.

"What was that, these arms" <Support arms. Attack support, magazine change, please make use of these detailed functions. I will be the one controlling them.> "Four arms huh. How disgusting...." "............."

 The remaining main forces of the enemy are the 3 units of <Behemoth>.  The incredibly giant AS.  One of the unit, the <Behemoth> closer near the coast, was gazing at the <Laevatein>.

 By karma, the transport helicopter that Lemon and the others were one was unusually tough.  For more than 30 years, because its design was repeatedly forged and modified with actual combat, it's not easily damaged and destroyed.

"I told you didn't I!? We won't die that easily!"

 Hiding in the shadows of the damaged unit, Old man Courtney called out in a loud voice.

"Eeh, Geez!"

 Without losing to the surrounding gunfire and explosive sounds, Lemon returned the shouting.

"We're surrounded by the enemy like this, I don't see the significance as to why we're being killed bit by bit!"

 Lemon's lamentation were extreme.  After the emergency landing there were no casualties, even those who rode in their helicopter there were no fatalities.  Turning sideways in the garden, the crushed helicopter exposing the body were surrounded by enemy soldiers.  From the shadows of the unit, there were the gallant return fire from Lemon and the others, not finding the chance to escape, their ammunitions are slowly being reduced.

"No- Remember Kesan Base! Shoot, shoot! Wa----hahahaha!"

 An eccentricly high Courtney shooting a submachine gun.

"Kesan huh. That was a terrible battle"

 Offended with carbine gun in stance, Old man Seals muttered,

"Hey, I've been accompanying you because you said something about [transporting safely] but---- why are we in a large rural area in Mexico, and being opened into a desperate shoot out?"

 The Oriental woman whose identity is unknown is firing a sub machine gun with one hand.  Although she is called "Wraith", nobody really knows who she is, and to whose side she is affiliated with.
 The contact with Wraith, was immediately followed after Sousuke witnessed the attack of the US military.  Standing by in the extremeties of the deserted village, she was riding on a large trailer in a remote wasteland.  In front of Lemon and the others with vigilant guns, that woman----Wraith got out unarmed, and called out with the headlight behind her.  "Is Sagara Sousuke there!? I have something to give him!".
 It would be a strange request for a trap, and it seems that she knows a great deal about Sousuke.  Lemon and the others peeping in the container without completely understanding, the AS in the cargo----was a third generation AS which they have never seen before.
 Believe or not believe it's up to your own accord.
 If you are going then take this unit.
 Wraith informed Lemon and the others.  They asked her why she knows of this standby point, she answered "I didn't know.  [Al] said it was here."
 Without any much more consent, there is no reason to refuse.  Lemon and the others loaded the new AS in the Helicopter, accompanying Wraith, and then flew towards the mansion----

"I didn't know that there were that many dreadful enemy. We'll die. We will definitely die."

 Hiding in the shadows of the duralumin Lemon yelped on the night sky.

"You don't know that, young one!"

 Courtney said.

"Just watch. That Sagara, he already defeated three units."

"Ah, it's true."

 There was a big explosion in the corner of the orchard a few hundred meters from their crash point.  The enemy AS which was attacked by that red AS <Laevatein> was crushed by an anti tank dagger.

"I don't know if it's some sort of lamb, but I haven't seen such violent power from a unit before. But is has a good rhythm in movement. Is it really his first time getting on that unit? It looks like a favorite unit that he was accustomed to." "I guess it's like that. For Sagara, that unit is like an old wife"

 Wraith said cowering from the splashes of bullet from nearby.

"But, how will he fare with <Behemoth> as an opponent...."

 Glancing at the Super Giant AS <Behemoth> that is repeatedly scattering shots at the coast.  The <Behemoth> shakes violently in its giant size, started aiming at the <Laevatein> in the ground.  At the same time both shoulders, both arms, and all the fire power equipped in its head were fired.  Various sizes of machine guns, Rocket missile, anti tank missile, covered the Silhouette of the white AS.

"Oh no"

 With the barrage at that distance, there is no time to make evasive maneuvers.  Moving bit by bit the <Laevatein> lost its balance from the blast and shots, and can be seen toppling on its knees.  The <Behemoth> charged in with its giant size with unimaginable speed, taking one big step forward, trampling down on the <Laevatein> with its right foot.
 Thundering roar.  large amount of sand whirling up.
 It was like a child facing a tidal wave.  The <Laevatein> was by all means trampled by the <Behemoth>.


 Lemon let out a despairing noise, Courtney also concealed his brows and catch his breath.  However, Wraith was different.  She opened her slit eyes without a cloud of anxiousness, with an excited tone of voice leaking from her throat.

"No. Look carefully...."

 From the other side of the foot of <Behemoth> which trampled on the ground, light particles are revealed.  Like the roaring sound of the radiation system echoing, with the surrounding atmosphere flickering like a blaze.

"That's....?" "Ross & Humbleton, PRX-3000. An experimental super high output generator. Power exceeding that of a ground weapons level, if it were to increase the power of the Lambda Driver----"

 The body of the <Behemoth> leans.  Right foot about to swing, the form of the <Laevatein> hidden in the other side of the foot slowly appears.


 The <Laevatein> was not smashed.  Stopping the foot of the <Behemoth> with both arms, red light particles are surging throughout its whole body, slowly lifting the giant enemy.

 The unit howls and sound of alarm.  The generator's output is being pushed to the [MAX].  The cooling system is also functioning in its highest level.  The electricity running through the electromagnetic muscles are sparking, the whole body is surging like lightning.  Both stamped feet slowly sinking in the ground, all of the frame is screaming.

<The current estimated load, is roughly 1500 tons>

 Al informed with his usual voice.

<Although it is not yet referenced, this is approximately 30 times the standard load of a main tank. In other words the load limit on top of the design has already been exceeded. Sergeant, you have to escape at once> "Shut, up....!"

 Sousuke groans enduring the pain.  With the influence of the Lambda Driver, the feirce weight is giving feedback to his nervous system.

"If that's possible, I would have done so a long time ago...."

 Bearing the pressure with desperation, Sousuke draws a short breath, putting all his strength into his lower abdomen.


 The gravitational field that the <Laevatein> has tucked in shine red hot.  In an instant, creating an explosive strength, pushing the trampling foot of the <Behemoth> with all his strenght.  Impact.  The giants right ankle were crumpled and crushed.  The <Behemoth's> balance pulled down, overturned upwards.

"Let's finish it!" <Roger>

 Pulling out the monomolecular cutter housed on both knees, the <Laevatein> leaps.  Aiming at the <Behemoth's> head, he draws a short parabola in the air, thrusting violently the monomolecular cutter gripped in both hands into the nape of the neck.
 Tearing the armor that broke through the gravitational field,  encroaching the interiors with the sword blade.
 Then 2 strikes, 3 strikes.
 Sparks and oil scattering like waterfall.  The head cockpit torn and detached, the <Behemoth> lost power.
 The fourth unit destroyed.
 Al informed.  The remaining 2 units of <Behemoth> can be seen from the coast.  One unit is several hundred meters away.  the other unit is a few kilometers.
 The nearer <Behemoth> fires.  The <Laevatein's> body flutters, hiding in the shadows of the armor of the enemy unit it just defeated.  30mm shells and Plastic explosives hit his surroundings, violent flame and detonation appears.

"I don't want what just happened....! Are there any other weapons"

<Leave it to me. Here it is.>

 Indication in the control panel.  The symbol of the artillery mounted in the back flickers.

"Demolition Gun. 165mm....!?"

 It was natural for Sousuke's voice to be excited.  For the size of 165mm shell, it is unthinkable that this would be an AS'  weapon.  A standard AS used rifle is 40mm.  Sousuke's favorite [Boxer] shot canon is 57mm.  Kruz's largest Sniper smooth-bore gun used in sniping is 76mm.  And then the comparatively destructive artillery used by tank is 120mm.  It is a weapon that is fired from a level of a tank exceeding 50 tons.  What more, for a 10 ton AS.

"Is it not an artillery used by engineers?" The [Demolition Gun] was originally used to remove unwanted buildings and structures by crushing them, but having this unit equipping it, it was purely used for combat. <This firearm is for combat. The explosion and recoil is extraordinary please be careful. It cannot be fired without the Lambda Driver.>

 The arm established in the hardpoint in the back moves, short barrel large caliber Demolition Gun turns from under the right shoulder, moving into firing position.  Even with the size being reflected in the screen, it can be percieved as being extraordinary.
 However, can this Big Lug----

"Can it fire....??

 Operating the arm, Sousuke mutters while testing the condition of the Demolition gun.

<Unknown. No test shot has been made> "But, nothing can be done but to do it" <That is correct> "Fine"

 The <Laevatein> with demolition gun in stance, leans on the wreckage of the <Behemoth>, jumping towards where the enemy landed.
 Immediately the enemy <Behemoth> fires.  A number of flashes making the eyes dizzy.  The Lambda Driver repels the unavoidable enemy shells.

(Not that simple....!)

 Landing.  Immediately jumps.  Spinning in midair.  Anti AS missile are drawing near.  The gattling gun in the head fires at  full auto.  Ambush attack.  Shakes all the limbs.  With the power of the Lambda Driver converts to a sharp parabola.  Evading the enemy barrage.  The distance from the enemy, approximately 200 meters.

(If it can be taken in close proximity....)

 He Leaps a third time in the short rail.  The violent impact and the distant G.  The enemy unit's feet pushes out, passing through the lenght of its legs.  The battle at dawn, he shoots through the slit in the rear looking up----

"Not yet....!"

 The <Laevatein> made a forward somersault, kicking the sand on the coast making a perpendicular splash.  In the twinkling of the eye re-aimed overhead of the <Behemoth>, making a revolution midair.  Flying in the vicinity at the back of the head of the giant AS.
 The enemy's Lambda Driver howls, the <Laevatein> rushing on the gathered focal point of the gravitational field.  Normally the shockwave would blow you off in pieces.  However----


 Concentrate.  The gravitational field of the <Laevatein> stops the enemy's gravitational field, eluding like the wind.  The Demolition Gun in one hand, the muzzle breaks through the back of the enemy's head, pulling the trigger with full spirit.
 Flash and impact explodes before their eyes.  The high explosive broke through the armor of the enemy and penetrated deep, and explodes in the center.  The 165mm cannon created an absurd recoil, the unit floats away a few meters.


 Balance destroyed, the <Laevatein> tumbles down on the back of the <Behemoth>.


 Only the information of Al can be heard.  The limbs of the unit shakes quickly, lands on the sandy beach in a standing position.

"How was it....!?" <Like I said, success>

 Rising from the <Behemoth> are large quantity of black smoke spewing out from the upper part of the body, slowly falling forward.  Losing the automatic operation capability of the Lambda Driver's gravitational field, the enemy unit falls to pieces.  The collapsing unit swirls in an infinite number on the sandy beach, with a roar of a death agony tearing up the heavens.
 5 units destroyed.

"What a recoil"

 Sousuke muttered while reloading the Demolition Gun.

<It is beyond expectations. That kind of attack method was not expected.> "You should already know that I am rough. How many years have we been partners?" <Around 1 year 2 months. Not really that long.> "Now that you mention it, your right."

 Letting out a snort, Sousuke glances at the last remaining <Behemoth>.
 Right now, the <Laevatein> is kneeling at the coast in front of the mansion.  the last enemy unit is roughly 3 kilometers beyond the sea, and seems like it lost interesting in entering into hostilities.  Attempting an intimidating shot, and retreating at high speed.

<M6 is retreating. It seems he is withdrawing from the battlefield. Shall we make pursuit?> "Let's try if we can, it's no good at this distance right"

 This Demolition Gun is similar to the [boxer] that has a short gun barrel.  Effective in battle if it is only a few meters, with that kind of distance there is no accuracy when aiming at the enemy.

<No, it is possible> "What do you mean" <Operating spare arm D>

 The control panel blinks.  The last equipment mounted on the back----an attachment like gun barrel was taken in front of the unit, and connected into the Demolition Gun.  Gear sound and Lock sound.  The Demolition Gun being large it is rather short in size, equipping the gun barrel changes it into a long artillery reminiscent of a tank cannon.

<Switching to [Gunhowzer mode] complete. If it is a high angle ballistic then the maximum range is 20 kilometers.

 A Long barreled Howitzer in an Arm Slave?  It is utterly an amazement on common sense, this is what Sousuke thought.
 To begin with this unit defies all common sense.  As long as he has the functionality of the Lambda Driver, he can neglect the recoil and penetrating power.  This level of battle, the armor piercing power of the weapon is no big deal.  Then, even this ridiculously giant artillery, wouldn't it be an ideal weapon for the <Laevatein>?

"Fine. Let's try it."

 Sousuke muttered half hearted.

"Shut up"

 Leaning the unit on its knees, it switched the master mode to precise firing.  Sensor magnification to the maximum.  Changing on its heel, the rear form of the <Behemoth> withdrawing at full speed, jolts in the image of the night vision mode.

 There were display of various kinds of data.
 Atmospheric temperature, humidity, wind speed, gun barrel temperature, and others as well.  his sniping ability is ordinary at most, and impossible to imitate Kruz's miracles.  Al doesn't even have data regarding sniping, he only only rely on his intuition now.
 In the middle of the screen, the Target symbol and reticle being the main points.  A beep and a small alarm echoes.

<A solid lock. Shall we fire> "Not yet"

 He muttered, controlling the arm in the smallest ratio.  Just a little more.  That's right, just a little more....
 There was a terrible recoil like the one before.  There was a great fireball that even exceeds his height, the sand in front splashes from the explosion.  Even if he steadily braced himself his posture is still pulled down, the <Laevatein> fell flat on its buttocks.  The impact of the 500 pound bomb immediately explodes in front of him.
 Even then the Lambda Driver of the <Laevatein> is still functional.
 The bomb that was spit out of the muzzle carries the will of Sousuke, running past perfectly in the expected path, hitting the center of the back of the head of the retreating <Behemoth>.
 In the magnified field of vision, the head of the giant AS was blown off, fierce flame scattering.
 A little slower, follows the sound of explosion.
 Together with the muffled echoes, the last <Behemoth> slowly collapsed, sinking in into the sea in front.
 The 6th unit destroyed.
 After letting out a sigh, Sousuke asked Al.

"...Al" <Yes, Sergeant> "How many minutes?" <5 minutes 52 seconds> "............"

 An awkward silence.  After waiting a while Al moderately said.

<Although being stubborn, with that much opponent 3 minutes is expectedly unreasonable> "Shut up. The 4 minute 12 seconds you said was also impossible" <For a human you certainly remember clearly. Are you a type who holds grudges?> "Exactly, where did you learn to use those kind of language!?" <Unfortunately I was abandoned by my pilot for a number of months. I had the abundant opportunity to inspect broadcast and internet. "........." <If you wish, I can talk with a non-dignified way of speaking. What do you think of the likes of those low incomed Southern Americans?>

"Stop it"

 Really, rationalizing.  The gloominess in his chatter is like always.  After Sousuke let out a sigh, he said like complaining.

"But, well....it's good that you're alright"

 That was Sousuke's true feelings.
 Although it is a bit strange, for him this combat support AI, he holds a sensation like it is a comrade in arms.  Something different and strange about Al from the standard equipped AI of the M9 was already felt after the battle in Hong Kong, right now after the reunion that feeling was intensified.
 Althought Sousuke's intention did not fully understand it that much, Al answered.

<Yes, Sergeant. I too. I am saying that as my true feelings.> "Hmm"

 Being a machine, it has "true feelings"
 But, Why is it.  There was no ill mood.
 Sousuke standing up in the unit, watched out for the surrounding enemy, changing the sensor to active mode.  How are Kruz and the others doing?  And also he has to rescue Lemon and the others.  With the remaining infantry, controling them with this <Laevatein> is simple.
 About pursuing after Kaname, it must already be impossible...

In the cabin of the Helicopter that continues to fly away, Kaname was prudently inquiring that opportunity.
 Leonard's private army, the men in combat uniform, was already  completely loosen up.  The people seeing the situation of Leonard who lost to a heavy injury, and those who are looking out with caution in the window.  The dirt from the spurt of blood, the haggard-like Kaname was sitting in one corner, nobody was minding her.
 The man beside her leaning forward from the seat, was talking about something inside the cabin.  Although she doesn't really understand Spanish much, she seems to have heard the condition of Leonard.
 It has to be now.
 At the moment of that thought, a variety of conflicts was running through her.
 Will that recklessness be sufficient?  Will everything move as she expected?  Even though that Kalinin was in this unit?  And then about him----the poor Leonard right now, who was suffering like that because of her....?


 She shook her neck bit by bit.
 Didn't she already feel like that before?  The trivial sympathy becoming fatal, she would understand it herself right now....!
 Closing her tensed eyes, she let out a deep breath.
 Fastening up her lips, and then opened her eyes.
 From the hips of the soldier that stood up from the seat, there was an automatic pistol placed in the holster.
 Alright, let's do it----
 Kaname extended her hand towards the pistol, quickly extracting it, rushing from behind the soldier.  In an instant, the man reacted slowly to her extended hand, but Kaname barely got away at a fingertip, and pointed the muzzle to the opponent.

"Don't move! I'll shoot!?"

 It's been a long time since she let out that loud voice.  Pointing at the gather men in position, she finally shouted.

"Get the pilot immediately! Get this helicopter back!" "I understand. Wait"

 One of the soldier, and muttered something towards the head rest.
 Not before long, the one who came was not the pilot but Andrei Kalinin.  The pistol taken from one of his subordinate, even though he is looking at Kaname with the muzzle pointed at his chest, there was no sign of surprise.

"It seems that you're fine. I thought you'd still be in shock after shooting him"

 Kalinin said.

"Miss Chidori. Take your finger off the trigger, and give that gun back slowly. And then let this be over." "don't order me. I'll shoot." "Don't do something unreasonable."

 Kalinin said calmly.

"For people who has no intention to pull the trigger, they can't hold a gun. It's a waste of time, and unexpected trouble may occur. I thought you knew about that well enough already." "Intention to pull the trigger, huh"

 She firmly endured and made a deep breath.  Without tears.  Without losing.  Without anything, exceeding everything making light of this old veteran.  putting the tight strength inside, and immediately gazed at the opponents.

"Then are you going to shoot him? To Sousuke"

 With the relationship of Sousuke and Kalinin, there is a lot that she does not know.  Even with the conversation of the two, there is nothing much to look at.
 However, kaname knew.
 When Sousuke says something about "Lt. Commander", with that calm tone of voice, with that resolute trust.  "Mao", "Kruz", "Captain".  And then "Your Excellency Class President".  Similar to saying those----no, there was a stronger sense of security that fully reverberates.
 That Kalinin turning to be the enemy of Sousuke, will he be able to remain calm?  Will he be able to affirm to shoot?  In this manner, can he preach to me with a face like that?

"I will Shoot"

 Kalinin said without any reason.  That unconcerned reply, or rather a sense of subtle emphasis.

"Actually I already ordered that before. For only that reason, I have one. You who have a resigned resolution would not understand...." "Your lying" "If you want to think that, then think that. But if you continue in that foolish manner, I will let you feel the extremeties of that." "..........." "The compensation, is the life of the man who is in front of your gun. If you plan to shoot then shoot."

 Kalinin's words tightens into the heart of Kaname one by one.
 Really an amateur girl who had no training, managed to snatch the gun by a fluke, and thrust it in front of one of the passenger of the helicopter.  And then with an excited voice, demands to "get this helicopter back".  In front of this truth, how would the mercenaries in the cabin react, Kaname thought.
 There was no fear in their facial expression.  With no vulgar, sneering face visible.  Not even anger, and irritation can't even be seen.  Only expressionless looking at her.  If it was before then it would be like a dispatched place from her imagination, right now she can vaguely guess what they were thinking.
 Probably, they were already thinking like this.  Is this gun loaded.  To leave it this way, what is the bullet point.  They were not worried about their comrade having his gun stupidly snatched away.  If ever that Kaname fired, the bullet would pierce through his body.  The pierced bullet point would be a stray bullet, and might have the possibility of damaging the important equipment of the helicopter.
 That is why, there is no meaning in taking a hostage.  Their interest is not in their life.

"that's right. Then how about this."

 Kaname took the muzzle out of the man's way, and immediately aimed it in the cabin's ceiling.

 Immediately the mercenaries became stiff.  Right above this cabin is the engine's reserved system and hydraulics system, and also the main rotors drive system is situated.  Being a military helicopter, the cabin's interior is mostly not bullet proof.  Even if it were a pistol's bullet, if it were shot a number of times serious failure and fire would occur.

"How about this? It would be fine to shoot like this" "I see. Thrust towards something painful."

 Kalinin with a serious face, made a small groan.  for a teacher with abundant experience, he has a face like hearing a unique answer from a student.

"But the altitude right now is 300 feet. Speed is 120 miles per hour. If there were serious damage recieved, the Auto Rotation will have difficulty in making an emergency landing. First there is no mistake, that we would all crash to our death. If we were fortunate that the emergency landing were to be a success, and then be fortunate that you would be the only one uninjured, by chance that we managed to get seriously injured, on top of that the possibility of you getting away is zero."

 It is as what he said.  Right now Kaname fully understands that.  In this altitude and speed, there is no position energy and motion energy in the revolving wings.  Not having a seat belt herself, she would be thrown out of the unit in the moment of impact.

"if this is fine with you, then shoot." ".............."

 Those are not abusive words being hurled toward her.  Nor words that bore on her heart.  Nevertheless it was an indescribable feeling of defeat knocking her down.  Andre Kalinin, is not a skillful person who could manipulate someone using words.  He only speaks the truth.  A solemn truth.  And right now the truth that he is speaking of----even if a single pistol has been snatched, Kaname is really powerless.

 For all the cleverness and bluff that managed to get her out of a pinch, was her modest idea and daringness.  And with such----the conduct of a 17 year old girls mischief, was not an opponent you can easily pass by.  For this hero with a long military service.
 Why is this man right here in the side of the enemy?  Why didn't he say "Sorry for making you worry.  I will take you to Sagara"?  At least even if only she knows, a small wink would be alright.  Why is it with those severely sad eyes, only looks at her?

"You are serious right?"

 Kaname said.  Why is it extremely sad, that her eyes become bloodshot.

"Then tell me. Won't I ever meet him again?" "That's right. You won't meet again."

 Kalinin said.  She had heard such hopeless prediction.  How much longer will she struggle by herself, crying out with a strong desire, no longer able to meet him.
 At least, nobody will be hurt.  It is in accordance to what Leonard has gambled upon.  She wish herself for Sousuke, for freedom, how someone to surely die.  This is the circumstance in this helicopter, strongly fronting the dilema that can't be helped.

"It's enough already. Return the gun." "No....."

 Kaname finally, aimed the muzzle at her own temple.  The touch of the rough and dull metal.  Having the impulse to pull the trigger.
 That's right, she want's to pull it.  That would be better.  Just about everything, its too much.  Giving force to pull the index finger, and everything will disappear.  Insecurity and agony, and the ill feeling of sin of shooting Leonard, this defeated feeling and desperation.
 The bottom of her heart is screaming out "Absolutely not.  It's still too early", she uses her superhuman concentration to ignore this.  You can't have hope.  You cannot believe in hope right now.  You cannot see it.  Being devoted to despair, and not a performance, wishing for death from the bottom of your heart.    
 She has to think like that.

 Pulling the trigger would be that simple, without thinking of anything, prostrating----


 Kalinin restrained.
 This was the first time that he raised an impatient tone by a portion, with a serious anxiety in his facial expression.  A gloomy smell of death rises from Kaname, he can sensitively smell it.  It is because he has seen countless people die, he is capable of feeling this.

"Stop it. We will do what we can"

 He believed it.

"Return the helicopter"


 With her eyes absentminded and unfocused.  Kaname said with a dead voice.

"That is....difficult at the current situation. Leonard needs medical treatment. If we return then he will be in danger. That is why you need to be calm, get the muzzle off your head. And then aim it towards me."

 There were many words coming out.  It is the first time he flat-out tried negotiation, discussing.  Here comes the initiative.

"Then, let me say goodbye" "?" "Wireless radio. I want to say goodbye to him....and then I will give up...."

 The incessant rain that falls in the vicinity finally stopped, and silence control the mansion after the battle.  It was like power of the <Laevatein> wiped away the rain clouds.
 After exterminating all enemy AS, Sousuke cleaned up the remaining enemy forces.
 First he has to rescue Lemon and the others who were in a siege, and chase away the surrounding enemy.  There was really no enemy who would resist the <Laevatein> which defeated the <Behemoth>.
 Lemon and the elders, for the mean time are safe.  With the fruits of victory headed for the <Laevatein>, shaking their hands optimistically.  Among them is the woman from the information department----Wraith is also associated with them.
 Soon after Kruz, Mao and Clouseau's 3 units of M9 came around, cleaning up the remaining enemy and controlling the surrendered enemy.  One look from Kruz and the others on the <Laevatein>, they understood that this was derived from the <Arbalest>.  They were surprised by the wonderful battle of Sousuke and the <Laevatein>, and postponing the "detail after the withdrawal".
 However, at that chance Kruz complained.

"At that time, if that guy were in Melidia...." "? What about it?" "Kruz. Stop it"

 Mao interrupted across the wireless radio.

"There's a lot of things happened, sergeant. Well, we'll talk about it later."

 Clouseau informed them.

"Anyway that unit----is that the <Laevatein>? As much as possible don't let the prisoner of war see it. Disappear with the ECS."

 Clouseau's indication is right.  That combat power has been seen with the hearts content, that is why at this short distance there is no sense in letting them see it.  The disposition of the small unit, they have to avoid that analogy of its performance.

"Roger. ....Al, activate ECS. Invisible mode." <Impossible>

 Al said.

"What?" <It is impossible. At any rate this unit is not equipped with an ECS.>

"What was that? What do you mean" <What I mean, I will say this. With extraordinary output for an extraordinary condenser. An overbearing design of a drive system, a large capacity for a cooling system. And then the Lambda Driver. There was no allowance for uneccessary machine parts.> "............" <Informing you of additional reference, this unit not only lacks an ECS, it also does not have an ECCS. Radar is at a minimum, Laser Infra Red jamming equipment are also not present, we are extremely vulnerable on missile attacks.> "Wait a minute. Then isn't it just like a <Savage>?" <No, it is more than a <Savage>, it is more like an M6,> "What is this"

 He noticed that the electrical screen display have suddenly become blank, Sousuke was utterly amazed.  The optical sensor are the latest model similar to that of the M9, but the other machine parts are not.  This crude electronic equipment, how did it managed to survive the modern battle?

<Nonetheless, it is fortunate for the union with Lt. Clouseau. With their cooperation and the datalink function, the weakness were incrementally improved. Let us drop the mood and do our best, Sergeant> "...there is still an [unecessary machine parts]" <What would that be?> "You. I would rather dismantle you and throw you away as trash, in exchange for an attachment of an ECS" <Nonsense. If I were to be removed, this unit would be a dead weight that is like a [defective M9]> "Those impudent talks again. In the first place you----" <A new wireless signal has been intercepted>

 Al informed interrupting Sousuke's jeers.

"?" <129.22 Mhz. AM wave of the VHS band. An uncoded open line, it has been calling you for a while>

"Me?" <Affirmative. Shall I connect it to circuit 8?> "Aah. connect it." <Roger. Complete.>

 Feeling something stiring in his chest, Sousuke leaned his ears towards the voice in the digital wireless radio.
 It was a woman's voice.
 He knew it well, a really nostalgic voice was calling his name.

"...Sousuke. Can you hear me....?"

 The owner of the voice is Kaname.
 His heart is palpitating violently, with sweat spurting out from his back.  Just listening to her voice once again, Sousuke's heart feels like it was being tightly grabbed.
 There is no mistake that is it Kaname, that fragile, frail, and fickle.  It was not the Kaname that he knew.  No----it was the last girl who was at that school's quadrangle.
 Randomly replying, she was calling out.

"If you don't hear this....then, can the person hearing this wireless radio tell him. I repeat. .....Sagara Sousuke. Can you hear me? Right now I am----" "Chidori----"

 Before thinking his fingers moved.  Connecting the prescribed circuit, he pushed the communication switch, he called her name.


 the far away silence and noise.  Leaving behind a small period of time, she answered in Japanese.

"Sousuke? Are you listening?" "Aah, I'm listening. It's me. Where are you now? I'm going to pick you up. Tell me your location. No, more than that are you injured? Are you alright?"

"Un... I'm fine" "I understand. Then tell me your current location. I'm going to pick you up right now. Don't worry, the enemy has been taken care off. Al is---- no, there is also a new unit. I don't think I will lose anymore. Besides, Mao and Kruz are here. You no longer have to worry. I will definitely----" "Sousuke. Calm down"

 Kaname's voice was persistently indifferent.  But he did not mind that, and continued to talked on the head set.

"No, I'm calm. There are many things that I want to talk to you about. Different things. Things that I don't fully understand. Having hesitated a number of times. But I'm here. But not able to reach you. That's why, Chidori. Stop talking about this and that, tell me where you are. If you don't know your current location, then tell me the surrounding terrain. If there are enemy around----" "Sousuke. Stop."

 Kaname's voice interrupted.

"Why? If you don't know your current location, then I can't pick you up." "It's not that...."

 How difficult, the shallow voice echoing in the ears.

"Stop... coming after me already" "What was that? I don't understand." "Don't come after me. Right now, I'm with Kalinin-san inside the helicopter. With Leonard too. I, think I might have killed him. Poor Leonard..... And then I thought a number of times to get away, I understood that it is useless afterall. Those people, absolutely won't let me. Resist only if opposed, somebody might get hurt. That's why, I'm sorry. Really don't come after me. About me, I'm really happy that you managed to come this far. But, I guess..." "Chidori? What are you talking about?"

 A long silence.  A defeaning noise.
 He does not understnad what she was talking about.  why is she saying "don't come after me", he could not understand.
 It's a lie.  He really understood.
 With the face of Nami's death in his mind.  Of course, Kaname does not know about her.  It was the symbol of the death of Nami and the others.  In the journey of Sousuke chasing after Kaname, the number of deaths has increased.  Be it an enemy or an outsider.  At least that kind of simplicity, kaname already understood.  At the time of goodbye at the school's courtyard, it was eventually the problem.
 Don't come after me.
 Having her said that, it was already understood.  Struggling by himself, she would suffer.  Sousuke only averted his eyes on that truth.

"That's why.... Sousuke.....forget about me"

 His eyes were total black.  Like a feeling of being thrown out into space.  A subtle floating sensation, which spreads out like darkness.

"Wait, Chidori. I...." "Enough and understand already. We are, already...."

Not knowing what else to do, Sousuke tightens his grip on the stick sweating, listening to Kaname grumbling and muttering over the wireless radio.  That's right----like being delirious with a fever.

"I don't want that afterall"

 She said.

"I absolutely don't want that"

 The strenght in her voice secluded.

"Sousuke. Are you still listening?" "Aah." "I'm ordering you as the former student body vice president. alright?"

 A sound with a sip on her nose.  she was crying.

"Come and save me. I don't mind no matter how much is sacrificed. No matter how many died----hundreds, ten thousands, a hundred million died I don't mind. That's why, come and pick me up! Everything that you have---- that uselessness, mobilize that lack of common sense and annoying technical skill of a soldier, take down no matter what kind of opponent, and embrace me!! You can do this right!? Well!?" "Aah. I can"

 The inside of his chest a fierce heat can be felt, Sousuke strongly replied.  That's right.  What is he hesitating for?  A hundred thousand people dying.  There are many difficulties.  If only to take hold of her, exactly, what is he afraid of?

"I will definitely go. Wait for me" "Uhn..."

 Kaname said with a short voice.

"Sousuke.... I like you very much" "Me too. I love you."

 Having these words coming out naturally, he himself was also surprised.

"I'm happy.... then, let's meet properly next time, I will definitely give you a kiss. With all my strenght. No matter what the place. Alright? It's a promise okay?" "Aah, it's a promise."

 The noise is getting terrible.  The helicopter is getting out of communications range.  There is no longer any means of pursuing Kaname.
 Right now.

"No matter how many year, or hundred of years I will wait...." "Don't worry, I will definitely catch you." "Un. Also, search for the refrigirator inside the mansion. There's a Hard Disk----"

 What Kaname was saying was no longer comprehensible.  The terrible noise interrupts like a storm, and the circuit line fell silent.

 The wireless radio was cut, kaname taking off the headset, removing her index finger from pistol in her hand.

"It's done"


Returning the pistol to one of the mercenary. Kalinin who was the only one who understood Japanese, after listening to her communication, made a rigid close of his brow. "That was a surprise, as may be said."

 kalinin said.

"I thought that you were really in despair. Seriously thinking about pulling the trigger in your temple." "I was serious"

 Kaname said with a haggard face.
 If she allowed herself to be chased after, it would be seen through in kalinin's observation.  It was not an act or being serious, it was a psychological warfare inside her.

"Right now, I don't plan of letting you do what as you please. Getting away from this place. And then, I really did want to say goodbye to him. But----"

 She hanged her head in shame.

"That's right. I changed my mind. that's all"

 Saying harsh words to Sousuke herself, Kaname understood. Nothing can be done, saying "what can be done".  From now on he will be drawn to danger.  And there might be many victims.  That irresponsibility an arrogance, she surely understands.
 Even then she wants to meet him.
 These feelings do not lie.  Only these, it can't be helped.

"So you have resigned yourself." "yes"

 Staring at her, Kalinin said mixed with a sigh.

"He is no longer hesitating. Even if I were to stand in front of him, he won't hesitate and pull the trigger. You gave him such an unbelievable power. ....that's why I didn't want you to use the wireless radio. Giving in to your look of death, it is my defeat." "How sportsmanlike" "But about the hard disk that you entrusted to them, I must hear what this is all about." "Even if I tell you it will be useless"

 Kaname sounded straining her nose.

"Aside from me and Tessa, it is a subject that no one else would understand."


 The M9 landing on the storage deck of the <Tuaha de Daanan>, Kruz made a sour comment in front of Sousuke.

"[Sousuke I like you very much.]. [Me to, I love you]....as it came. You really did it, practically. Why don't you die already, die with all your strenght"

"Not seeing each other for half a year, it was sudden..."

 Sousuke muttered with a disheartened face.  The conversation with Kaname at that time, he forgot that they were on an open channel.  At the moment that the Peib Mare transport helicopter was being transported to <De Daanan> which has been a long time, his conversation with Kaname, Mao and Kruz has been locked up in ridiculing him.
 Lemon being the face of the DGSE, Old man Courtney and Old man Seals, and also Wraith accompanied <De Daanan>.
 Lemon also seems to have heard the wireless radio.  Wanting to meet him after the operation, he peeps into the eyes of Sousuke with a face of wanting to say something, a single word, and muttered "with your consent".  Although he doesn't understand Japanese, he managed to roughly guess the flow.

"I'm sorry, Lemon...." "No. Anyway, can you introduce me to your superiors. We've managed to make it this far, we wanted to make certain if the remnants of <Mythril> are enemies or allies."

 Lemon and the others who remained in the corner of the storage deck, were restricted to move.  Though imperfect this is the interiors of the Super latest weapon - submarine.  Although foreign intelligence members are freely walking about, the crew of the <De Daanan> were not strict.

"Aah. I think she's busy in the bridge, but I think she'll come immediately."

 He hasn't met with Tessa yet.  On the two days of noise in Guam, he'd spend it with the old soldiers.


 He turn his head from the voice behind, there stands Tessa.  She must have left the bridge to Mardukas.  She came to this place faster than he thought.

"Captain...." "It's been a long time"

 She gave a gentle smile.  She was originally slim, but now she looks skinny.  Although the he hasn't heard the details yet, it must have been difficult for her after Melidia island suffered a general attack, exactly what happened then.

"....yes. Captain also, it's good that you're safe" "Eeh. A lot of things happened....but, we are alright now. It is also good that Sagara-san is safe."

 Quite a calm attitude.  It was not because she was indifferent, even thinking of a flood of emotions at the same time, there was no clinginess in her voice.  Only the pleasure of one of her many subordinates returning.  That's it, that's the only attitude.  Is she restraining her emotions in front of everyone, or is that how she really feels.  Sousuke was not clear with this.

"Well.... do you want to reinstate yourself?" "About that....eeh, that is my intention but, there is still a lot to sort. Please let me think for a while." "I understand. Let us discuss that again."

 Tessa did not show any appearance of disappointment.

"And then, there are these people who cooperated with me. Mitchel Lemon from the French Intelligence department, and the Border Admiral who were you friend----" "Tessa-san!!"

 A shout echoed from the storage deck, the two old men rushed towards Tessa.  Being a little agile, the guards of Tessa was a little delayed in restraining them.

"C..Courtney-san and Seals-san?"

 Tessa who has become stiff from their appearance like a grizzly in the forest, inquired Sousuke with her eyes.

"Why, why are these people here?"

 the two person standing there with the "We wanted to see you" and "why are you here" or "were you going after me", the soldiers were desperately pinning them down.

"No, well....they managed to have good connections...." "I already know that. But why did you bring them along?" "It would be heartless to leave them right" "You're right but...."

 Completely rethinking, Sousuke continued to introduce Lemon.

"Anyway, this is Lemon. An agent of DGSE and has useful information. He also is smart, and the benefactor of my life, he can be trusted. ....Lemon. This is my----"

 He returned to look at Lemon.  He stood there like an idiot, with his mouth half open, looking at Tessa with his temperature rising.

".....Lemon?" "..........." "Lemon. She is my superior----" "Eh? What?" "I told you I would introduce you didn't I" "Eh, but. But. Really? this girl, you're introducing me to her?" "Hey...."

 Kruz, Mao and Clouseau who saw the appearance from behind, whispered "He's fallen for her" and "how easy to understand" and "another has joined the fan club".
 Then, the ship's phone called for Tessa.  It was an announcement from Mardukas.  After a few response, Tessa informed all who are present.

"Well then. Althought I can't give you greetings, the ship will be in silent cruise and retreat to safe seas. For the time being, please be quiet. <Tuaha de Daanan> welcomes everyone"

 Then the AS being carried out of the storage of the Paib Mare----the <Laevatein> spoke on its external speakers.

<Speaking of welcoming, does it include me? Miss Testarossa> "Of course, Al. It's also good that you are safe" <Thank you, captain.>


 Gavin Hunter who has regained consciousness on the medical room inside the hospital, immediately noticed a girl sitting beside him.
 With a short hair wearing a baseball cap low on her eyes, a rough character with jeans and trainer.  Age is around 16~17 years old.

"Miller huh...."

 Her smile was unfriendly, at most her lips were not stiff.

"Don't push yourself"

 She gently said.

"Just a while ago, there was a communication from Wraith. That kid was safely delivered into his hands. And displayed power which are beyond expectations." "Is that so...."

 Nothing but a coarse voice came out.  Lightly getting up, he looks around the medical room.  Immediately near is the electro-cardiogram monitor, playing a systematic electronic sound.


"....that's good. I didn't think that we would actually complete it. We made it. Thank you. it was because of you." "No. It's a debt to that person----Sagara-san for helping me. if he didn't arrive, I still might be somewhere in Siberia in a state of trance." "Well, that's true" "But, I only helped. In the end it was because that kid----Al himself. he designed his own body, an ordinary AI would not be capable of that. That person called Bunny sure is incredible." "I see. The [strongest AS] huh"

 Hunter muttered, looking absent minded at the ceiling.
 Even if it is false, to raise a personality and instinct for an artificial intelligence, it won't fail in its own bodily function.  By only connecting into a network, its creativity, and its compatibility will not be given birth.  Standing on the ground, feeling the heat and wind, exposing itself to the utmost limits in combat is important.  That is why that AS----is the most advance artificial human body, would it not be necessary to put in something.
 Hearing of it this far, the [experimental] ARX-5 is not only an AS.  The ARX series thus far, was manufactured in the research room, assembled with special materials.  And then they have not heard of a [super natural phenomenon] occurring while measuring with a high precision measurement device.
 Dramatic variation was shown starting from the ARX-6.  The first pseudo [human body]---- loaded into a remodeled M6, that system functioned squarely.
 Then towards 7.  Next towards 8.  With fierce vigor the completion advances.
 That strange gravitational field generation ability, that itself is already important for the military, thinking of the geneology of this ARX series, is there a connecting element here?
 That's right.  The late Whispered Bunny Morauta, did he notice anything?

"I don't know about that"

 Having asked this question at another whispered in front of his eye, Miller's dark face nodded.

"Being able to help build the ARX-8, I gradually understood. Could it be that, what Bunny was aiming for was...."

 She cut her words.  Hunter waited patiently for a reply, but she did not say anything after that.
 Having arranged for the rehabilitation, he took notice of the burden on her mind, he changed the topic.

"It seems that you were attending on me" "Eeh. It's because I was worried." "I'm alright, Miller. Why don't you go to a safer place."

"Yes. If just for a little while, I will do it"

 She lightly stroke Hunter's worn out face, and made a small smile.

Extra pages of the volume:

<Image="19_378.jpg"> text 1: Normal mode. Having similar design to ARX-7, it has a sharp and massive evolution with it's [fiery] image in it's entire body. The folded state of the monomolecular cutter is stored in it's knee block, prepared device for it's use. text 2: <Laevatein> Mecha diagram

<Image="19_379.jpg"> text 1: GRAW-4 MONOMOLECULAR CUTTER Folded state of the monomolecular cutter. Design considered for melee.

text 2: Variable sensor. Collected in the head block for anti infantry weapons, having a much more Spartan Image than the Arbalest.


*Total Height : 8.7m

*Tatal Weight : 10.3t

  • Generation : Palladium Reactor / Ross & Humbleton PRX3000
  • Maximum Combat operating hours : 30 hours
  • Maximum Propulsion Speed : Unknown
  • Maximum Jump Altitude : Unknown
  • Fixed Armament :

 GAU-19/S 12.7mm Gattling Gun X2
 XM18 Wire Gun X2

*Original Carried Weapon :

 Seward Arsenal 165mm Multi-purpose Demotion Howitzer
 Geotron Electronic GRAW-4 Monomolecular cutter
 Royal Ordnance M1108 Anti Tank Dagger
 Alliant Tech Systems M1097 AS use Hand Grenade
 Oto Melara [Boxer-2] 76mm Shot Cannon

<Image="19_380.jpg"> text: Full Equipment State. There are parts equipped in the shoulder, but currently details are unknown. Perhaps it has a special ability....

<Image="19_381.jpg"> text 1: 165mm DEMOLITION GUN A short barreled Demolition Gun. A special size for an AS to handle.

text 2: GUN-HOWITZER MODE An optional gun barrel attachment. Long range, high altitude "Gun Howzer" Mode

text 3: M1097 AS-GRENADE A highly trusted standard level AS Hand Grenade

text 4: M1108 ANTI-TANK-DAGGER A highly trusted standard level Anti Tank Dagger

<Image="19_382.jpg"> Chapter 1 It is unimaginable to have an appearance of ordinary intelligence, an absentminded Tessa, in that body of hers, what exactly is happening?

<Image="19_383.jpg"> Chapter 2 Tessa looking up with fearsome eyes. Behind her, draws Clouseau and M9 displaying the wellness of the <De Daanan squadron>

<Image="19_384.jpg"> Chapter 3 The injured body being wrapped in bandage, the eyes of Sousuke being full of fighting spirit, Codename Urz 7 - has come back!!

<Image="19_385.jpg"> Chapter 5 Drawing the impression of Sousuke and Kaname moving, their feelings though apart are surprising. Even in suffering, even in not finding the exit, they run!!

<Image="19_386.jpg"> Chapter 6 Male characters with coolness. Different in Race, Nationality and Age, the fighting men are drawn together, undying old soldier, the fight continues.

<Image="19_387.jpg"> Chapter 7 Sousuke inside the cockpit of the M6. Expressing the tension before landing. Heading to where Kaname was taken, Mission Start!!

<Image="19_388.jpg"> Chapter 8 Kurz, Sousuke and Mao. The comrades finally meet. Trio revives!! The cruel counterattack begins-

<Image="19_389.jpg"> Chapter 9 The pistol that Kaname took hold of, points it immediately at Leonard. Will she pull the trigger? A breath taking scene

<Image="19_390.jpg"> Chapter 10 Finally the new AS appears. ARX-8 <Laevatein> and Sousuke, cutting down the strong enemy, to save kaname!!

<Image="19_391.jpg"> Chapter 11 Sousuke and Kaname - clumsily confessing their feelings, will their hands be able to touch again?

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