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Bonta-Kun is a miniature AS designed by Sousuke Sagara.

Manufacturer GeoTron Electronics(mass produced model)(possibly)

Sousuke Sagara (Original)

Primary users Mithril

Mikahara Gang
Miami Police

Status Active: ?
Reserver: ?
Developed from Bonta-kun (Costume)
Known Pilots
Sousuke Sagara


The first Bonta-kun is a modified costume which Sousuke stole from an amusement park to protect Kaname Chidori whilst under disguise. It is made of what seem to be spare AS parts which Sousuke collected sometime in the events of Fummofu!.

It seems to work the same way as other normal sized AS. It is equiped with a Voice Changer which "translates" everything the pilot says through the mic into "Fummofu". The voice changer is also able to translate words of any language, even nonsensical ones (As with it, Sousuke is able to understands sentences constructed of the word "Pony" as well as other Bonta-kuns). The voice changer seems to permanently active (If it's on) as the machine crashes if the voice changer is turned off. Whether this problem only exist in Sousuke's machine is unknown.

It is designed to be able to use all kinds of conventional man sized weaponry, and has hidden pockets to contain them. The machine is also surprisingly agile despite its bulk, being shown to have the same level of flexibility as human body.


General Characteristics

  • Crew: 1
  • Height: 2 - 2.5 meters
  • Weight: ?
  • Power Source: ?



  • In the Super Robot Wars series Bonta-Kun is usually a secret character if the right requirements are met.