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Belfangan Clouseau (ベルファンガン・クルーゾー) is an AS pilot and mercenary for Mithril. His call sign is Urzu 1 and he leads the Special Response Team in replacement of Gail McAllen who was killed in the first series. He was originally in Mithril's Mediterranean Sea Fleet. He appears in Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid. He is of African and Arabic ethnicities. It is heavily implied that he is muslim in the End of Day by Day novel when he says no to an alcoholic beverage while talking to a Merida Island bartender.

Belfangan and Gail McAllen are old war friends and he asks Melissa Mao not to mention this to Kurz or Sousuke when he insults McAllen in order to get a reaction out of the two in preparation for assessing their abilities before training them. Melissa Mao and Belfangan are also friends prior to the events of The Second Raid but it is not mentioned how they know each other.

Belfangan is also a otaku as he is shown in The Second Raid to have ordered a few DVDs of anime. When lost, he ran into the Tessa in the lost and found while trying to find them. He was horrified when she suggested that he should stop watching them if he was afraid about being found out.

He is an expert martial artist, easily overpowering Kurz Weber in one move and giving him a concussion when they first met. Kurz and Clouseau have never quite gotten along well since as evidenced by Kurz messing with his anime DVDs in the Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid OVA. Belfangan also showcases his martial arts skills in his arm slave during the duel he set up with Sousuke in order to test Sousuke's fighting skill with the ARX-7 Arbalest. Sousuke is so impressed by Belfanga's fighting in his M9D "Falke" that he initially assumes that the Falke is equipped with a Lamda Driver , only to be told by Belfangan that he did not need a Lambda Driver in order to defeat Sousuke in combat. Belfangan recognizes Sousuke's hatred for the Arbalest during their duel and tells Sousuke this is why he lost. As skilled an AS pilot Sousuke is, Belfangan won because he fights as if his AS is actually an extension of his own body. Belfangan orders Sousuke and Kurz for retraining after Sousuke loses the duel.