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Amalgam ( アマルガム , Amarugamu ) is the primary organization that opposes Mithril. Amalgam in many ways is the exact ideological opposite of Mithril, as it supports terrorism, proliferates drugs and causes general chaos, such an example is Amalgam supplying the Terrorist group A21 with the Plan-1051 Behemoth. It employs mercenaries, criminals and various people of dubious nature. Besides Mithril, Amalgam is the only organization in the whole series to operate third generation Arm Slaves, which comprises the majority of its forces. As well as having access to highly advanced Black Technologies and possesing Whispered in their ranks, by the novel "Continuing on my Own" Amalgam's AS technology surpasses Mithril's.

According to Gauron , Amalgam's primary objective is Research & Development of the latest weaponry and its practical trials. It is for this reason they engage in terrorism and stir up regional disputes.

Amalgam's highest ranking officers adopt code names from the Periodic Table of the Elements such as Ag/Silver, Au/Gold and K/Potassium. Leonard Testarossa , for example, is known as Mr. Silver within the organization.

Amalgam Operated AS:

Plan-1211 Alastor

Plan-1055 Belial

Plan-0601 Leviathan

Plan-1051 Behemoth

Plan-1065 Eligor

Plan-1059 Codarl-m

Plan-1058 Codarl-i

Plan-1056 Codarl

Zy-98 Shadow

Rk-92 Savage

List of members of Amalgam: