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 can be seen on the table of weapons in a terrorist hideout. The designation AK as in part of the Kelashnikov series of rifles S referring to Skladnoy or folding, 74 referring to year of introduction for the main family 1974 and U for Ukorochennyj Or Short in Russian. However this is in fact not the True Russian Designation which is 6P26

The AKS74U is a compact version of the AK74 created by the Soviet army as a PDW ( Personal Defence Weapon). The Weapon fires the Russian standard 5.45x39mm from a 30 round magazine. It features a 210mm long barrel and side folding skelitonized stock with gas block mounted front sight and fixed rear aperture. It is also notable for it's unique muzzle break. As with all PDW class Arms these weapons were intended for vehicle crews, support personnel, Airborne infantry and Special forces. The Short size, light weight folding stock makes them very easy to carry in the tight confines of an armored vehicle like an Arms Slave. They are quite popular in portions of the middle east and was first encounter by Western eyes in Afghanistan during the Soviet Afghan war.

The Abreviated gas system of the AKS74U however has two trade offs It results in exceptionally high rate of fire and has a tendency to heat up very quickly.

AKS74U were seen in FMP in a photograph of Garon during the pre mission Brief for The Wind blows at Home, And by a Guerrilla group during Mao's recollections of her first meeting of her Future team mates in Engaging Six and Seven

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